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Deep under the Maradan sea, offshore of Mini Pet Island is Jenoa - a world of marapet mermaids and fish. Jenoans are peaceful and care very deeply about the safety of their world, and try to prevent any littering or polluting of their environment. You can bring your wounded marapets to the healing pit here, and perhaps play a few games of keno or write in your journal before a trip to the sushi shop to feed your hungry pets. Finally intrepid maradan explorers have discovered where all those missing paffutos and equilors vanish to - Jenoa! Deep in the bowels of the ocean the Jenoan sushi shop chefs can be heard sharpening their knives...
Play Game  
Feed these hungry fish and you may receive a scholarship for university.

Complete a Aquarium quest now
You can buy armour for MP at this shop in Jenoa.

Armour may restock new items in 1 minute
Play Game  Blogs
Create your own free blog on Marapets that other players can comment on.
Play Game  Bubble Pit
Heal your pet's health for free at the healing bubble pit to prepare for battle.
Play Game  Clam
Complete the jenoan Clam missions for a limited edition Kronk pet.
Completed Level of 30 

You can visit Clam now
 Cleaning Products
You can buy cleaning products for MP at this shop in Jenoa.

Cleaning Products may restock new items in 4 minutes
Play Game  Goals
Complete these goals related to Jenoa and receive a prize at each level.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Keno
Play Keno and win higher prizes depending on how many numbers you match.
Play Game  
Merman rewards each of your pets for training their stamina stats.

 Millionaire's Lodge
You can buy special items for MP at this shop in Jenoa.
You can buy pearls for MP at this shop in Jenoa.

Pearls may restock new items in 51 seconds
Play Game  Scratchcards
Buy a random scratchcard for a Five Dukka Coin. Scratch to win amazing prizes.
You can buy sushi for MP at this shop in Jenoa.

Sushi may restock new items in 51 seconds
Play Game  
Water Fairy 
The Water Fairy rewards each of your pets for the CDs they have listened to.

Play Game  Whirlpool
Complete the Whirlpool Treasure Map and swim in the whirlpool for free.

Big Money Bingo
in 4 minutes
2,008,355MP Prize

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