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Shops are where you can buy items with your different Currency. There are 3 different types of shop. There are shops in each world in Marada that may restock with new stock every five minutes, there are shops in each world that are always fully stocked with each item they currently sell and there are Player Shops. You can price items in Your Shop but you must first move items there from your Inventory or Attic.
buy my stuff Em (Shop Size 151)

Congratulations! You found the 'Hoarder' Hidden Avatar (4.5.19)

now .. selling it all..

1000 Leagues Up Book

Marapoints 33,794MP
1 in stock

Angel Book

Marapoints 240,060MP
1 in stock

Azul Day Off Book

Marapoints 58,413MP
5 in stock

Azul Magazine May 2019

Marapoints 499,977MP
2 in stock

Bad Shoes

Marapoints 380,717MP
2 in stock

Balloon Popper

Marapoints 496,367MP
2 in stock

Banana Pizza

Marapoints 498,814MP
5 in stock

Baspinar Castle News Sep 2019

Marapoints 14,801MP
1 in stock

Beige AA Battery

Marapoints 26,774MP
1 in stock

Beige Dapple Plate

Marapoints 238,527MP
2 in stock

Biala News Aug 2019

Marapoints 5,404MP
1 in stock

Bite Sized Sausage Pizza

Marapoints 95,546MP
3 in stock

Bitten Chocolate Book

Marapoints 149,942MP
1 in stock

Black Bow Easter Dress

Marapoints 269,403MP
2 in stock

Black Reese Potion

Marapoints 20,100MP
1 in stock

Black Renat Potion

Marapoints 495,775MP
1 in stock


Marapoints 499,580MP
1 in stock

Blue Figaro Cracker

Marapoints 34,470MP
1 in stock

Blue Kusil Plate

Marapoints 74,999MP
4 in stock

Blue Newth Potion

Marapoints 298,787MP
1 in stock

Blue Tantua Potion

Marapoints 213,988MP
2 in stock

Blue Xoi Plushie

Marapoints 867MP
1 in stock

Bolimo Magazine May 2019

Marapoints 499,911MP
4 in stock

Book of Love Stories

Marapoints 497,148MP
1 in stock

Brown Murfin Potion

Marapoints 429,295MP
1 in stock

Candy Mysteries Book

Marapoints 32,742MP
4 in stock

Candyland Stamp

Marapoints 70,563MP
3 in stock

Card Raider Instructions

Marapoints 163,490MP
1 in stock

Cheese Crikey Photo

Marapoints 500,000MP
2 in stock

Cheese Poera Stamp

Marapoints 53,235MP
4 in stock

Chibs Stamp

Marapoints 39,755MP
3 in stock


Marapoints 99,686MP
1 in stock

Clam Attack

Marapoints 247,577MP
1 in stock

Colourful Tunes

Marapoints 149,367MP
2 in stock

Concerto Plate

Marapoints 249,034MP
2 in stock

Coral Xoi Potion

Marapoints 449,049MP
4 in stock

Coral Yakubi Potion

Marapoints 36,843MP
2 in stock

Countdown Book

Marapoints 92,205MP
2 in stock

Crindol Stamp

Marapoints 43,458MP
3 in stock

Cyan Striped Worm

Marapoints 11,756MP
1 in stock

Dark Chocolate Ike

Marapoints 35,241MP
2 in stock

Devil Hot Dog

Marapoints 17,670MP
14 in stock


Marapoints 199,301MP
10 in stock

Digital Adorab Plate

Marapoints 249,791MP
2 in stock

Digital Noises

Marapoints 399,230MP
1 in stock

Dumpling Plate

Marapoints 149,975MP
1 in stock

Earth Songs

Marapoints 298,404MP
1 in stock

Easter Egg Shells

Marapoints 119,473MP
18 in stock

Eleka Castle Stamp

Marapoints 47,787MP
2 in stock

Eleka Era Book

Marapoints 71,943MP
4 in stock

Empty Skull Juice

Marapoints 96,523MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Aqua Grint Plushie

Marapoints 498,698MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Beige Addow Plushie

Marapoints 58,997MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Beige Paffuto Plushie

Marapoints 17,881MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Brown Addow Plushie

Marapoints 491,600MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Green Knutt Plushie

Marapoints 274,239MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Pink Speiro Plushie

Marapoints 11,141MP
1 in stock

Enpiah Space Music

Marapoints 297,616MP
1 in stock

Exchange Rates Book

Marapoints 34,294MP
3 in stock


Marapoints 142,017MP
1 in stock

Fade Arso Plate

Marapoints 249,043MP
2 in stock

Fast Food Dilemma

Marapoints 149,508MP
4 in stock

Fire Charm

Marapoints 17,937MP
9 in stock

Fire Hits

Marapoints 44,257MP
2 in stock

Flaming Hot Summer Songs

Marapoints 194,607MP
3 in stock

Flitter Plate

Marapoints 199,485MP
1 in stock

Floral Crikey Photo

Marapoints 500,000MP
2 in stock

Flying with Walee Book

Marapoints 19,147MP
2 in stock

Freya 02

Marapoints 243,358MP
2 in stock

Freya 05

Marapoints 39,698MP
2 in stock

If you add the Shop Pricer Giftbox to your collection, you will be able price all items in your shop automatically to the cheapest on the Shop Search - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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