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Shops are where you can buy items with your different Currency. There are 3 different types of shop. There are shops in each world in Marada that may restock with new stock every five minutes, there are shops in each world that are always fully stocked with each item they currently sell and there are Player Shops. You can price items in Your Shop but you must first move items there from your Inventory or Attic.
Goodies chloe2414 (Shop Size 85)

thank you for stopping by, hope you find something you like!

Advent Calendar Stamp

Marapoints 8,849MP
1 in stock

Ant Hill Stamp

Marapoints 8,828MP
1 in stock

Arinya Jumbo Pencil

Marapoints 8,744MP
1 in stock

Baby Willa Stamp

Marapoints 66,596MP
1 in stock


Marapoints 446,055MP
1 in stock

Balloon Glowing Egg

Marapoints 9,766MP
1 in stock


Marapoints 8,888MP
1 in stock

Beige Paffuto Plushie

Marapoints 42,233MP
1 in stock

Biala Shield

Marapoints 18,248MP
1 in stock

Birthday Bike

Marapoints 28,814MP
1 in stock

Black Andy

Marapoints 498,291MP
1 in stock

Black Bottled

Marapoints 464,506MP
1 in stock

Black Feliz Potion

Marapoints 230,110MP
1 in stock

Black Hund Femur

Marapoints 24,709MP
1 in stock

Black Hund Skull

Marapoints 238,186MP
1 in stock

Blitzen Stamp

Marapoints 29,302MP
1 in stock

Blue Bunny Balloon

Marapoints 196,971MP
1 in stock

Blue Hand Clapper

Marapoints 9,425MP
2 in stock

Blue Huthiq Pen

Marapoints 9,571MP
2 in stock

Blue Oglue Pen

Marapoints 8,798MP
2 in stock

Blue Party Doh

Marapoints 29,616MP
1 in stock

Blue Phanty Pen

Marapoints 8,886MP
1 in stock

Blue Snowflake Cookie

Marapoints 32,750MP
1 in stock

Brocklee Poop

Marapoints 298,520MP
1 in stock

Bronze Kaala Plushie

Marapoints 99,487MP
1 in stock

Brown Dracone

Marapoints 249,492MP
1 in stock

Bubbling Hits

Marapoints 499,671MP
1 in stock

Bunny Balloon

Marapoints 257,978MP
1 in stock


Marapoints 449,301MP
1 in stock

Butterfly Cut Dress

Marapoints 498,797MP
1 in stock

Cake Shorts

Marapoints 192,416MP
1 in stock

Candyland Potato

Marapoints 11,916MP
1 in stock

Cheese Gumball

Marapoints 100,697MP
1 in stock


Marapoints 8,724MP
3 in stock

Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Marapoints 9,317MP
2 in stock

Christmas Gauntlet

Marapoints 69,243MP
1 in stock

Clam Burger

Marapoints 9,884MP
2 in stock

Clamshell Plushie

Marapoints 30,926MP
1 in stock

Clovite Poop

Marapoints 490,028MP
1 in stock

Clown Stamp

Marapoints 8,788MP
1 in stock

Coconut Lemon Water

Marapoints 74,852MP
1 in stock

Colourful Tunes

Marapoints 349,770MP
1 in stock

Crikey Magazine Nov 2018

Marapoints 498,708MP
1 in stock

Cupcake Tattoo

Marapoints 38,828MP
1 in stock

Dakota Stamp

Marapoints 84,779MP
1 in stock

Dawn Butterfly Sleeves

Marapoints 424,985MP
1 in stock

Decadal Notepad

Marapoints 30,310MP
1 in stock

Delayed Poop

Marapoints 494,259MP
1 in stock

Desert Fairy Booster

Marapoints 107,789MP
2 in stock

Digital Booster

Marapoints 196,257MP
1 in stock

Easter Egg Key Chain

Marapoints 48,975MP
1 in stock

Egg Muffin

Marapoints 98,562MP
3 in stock

Enchanted Aqua Bolimo Plushie

Marapoints 499,263MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Beige Equilor Plushie

Marapoints 324,168MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Blue Addow Plushie

Marapoints 10,877MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Blue Crindol Plushie

Marapoints 63,016MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Bronze Azul Plushie

Marapoints 493,464MP
2 in stock

Enchanted Grey Azul Plushie

Marapoints 229,065MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Grey Osafo Plushie

Marapoints 92,965MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Invisible Leido Plushie

Marapoints 491,913MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Leido Dip

Marapoints 149,830MP
2 in stock

Enchanted Maroon Speiro Plushie

Marapoints 323,684MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Pink Feliz Plushie

Marapoints 498,806MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Purple Renat Plushie

Marapoints 99,735MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Silver Xoi Plushie

Marapoints 89,191MP
1 in stock

Enchanted White Addow Plushie

Marapoints 98,407MP
1 in stock

Enchanted White Grint Plushie

Marapoints 139,763MP
1 in stock

Ercuw Magazine Nov 2018

Marapoints 248,565MP
2 in stock

Evil Bunny Stamp

Marapoints 8,805MP
1 in stock

Farmer Shield

Marapoints 9,695MP
1 in stock

If you add the Shop Pricer Giftbox to your collection, you will be able price all items in your shop automatically to the cheapest on the Shop Search - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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