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Every item has a use but sometimes it is nice to collect items just for show. Your Gallery is where you can organise and display your items. Browse all items and create your own Wishlist. If you are looking to buy an item you can create a Wanted Ad for sellers to find you. The Greedy Fairy rewards you for your gallery.
Rebo (Gallery Size 428)

Welcome, !
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3D Printer
50 collected

Black Gaming Mouse
138 collected

Black Laptop
66 collected

Black Mouse Pad
71 collected

Black Wireless Router
38 collected

Blank CDs
301 collected

Blue Laptop
61 collected

303 collected

Computer Cables
455 collected

Computer Tower
85 collected

Desktop Printer
109 collected

Ethernet Cable
497 collected

External CD Drive
220 collected

External Hard Drive
95 collected

Floppy Disk
276 collected

Floral Mouse Pad
59 collected

Gaming Graphics Card
31 collected

Glowing Mouse Pad
39 collected

Graphics Card
137 collected

Green Headset
100 collected

Hard drive
83 collected

80 collected

38 collected

LCD Monitor
88 collected

Laptop Battery
70 collected

Laptop Cooling Pad
51 collected

Memory Stick
61 collected

105 collected

28 collected

354 collected

Orange Headset
358 collected

Pink Headset
328 collected

Pink Laptop
136 collected

Power Supply
117 collected

Purple Mouse Pad
53 collected

SD Card
165 collected

685 collected

Silver Laptop
169 collected

62 collected

USB Cable
330 collected

USB Flash Drive
51 collected

Web Camera
343 collected

White Gaming Mouse
59 collected

White Wireless Router
35 collected

Computer Geek Trading Card
19 collected

Excavator Trading Card
145 collected

Explorer Trading Card
74 collected

Hellhound Trading Card
7 collected

Knutt Knight Trading Card
22 collected

Leprechaun Trading Card
28 collected

Kamilah Traveller Game
16 collected

Leprechaun Game
20 collected

Simerian Excavator Game
32 collected

Simerian Explorer Game
3 collected

Circus Ticket
1,974 collected

Yuni Brows Coupon
1,660 collected

Corned Beef and Vegetables
2 collected

Crab Fritters
1 collected

Duck with Sauce
1 collected

Ice Cream and Candy
1 collected

1 collected

Lemon Fish Steak
1 collected

Squid Soup
2 collected

Can of SPAM
1 collected

Fried Breakfast
1 collected

Handmade Layered Jam
1 collected

2 collected

Royal Wedding Stamp
2 collected

Wedding Cake
1 collected

Wedding Pearl
1 collected

Wedding Potato
1 collected

Digital Spell
3 collected

Earth Spell
1 collected

Shadow Spell
3 collected

Bunny Hoodie
1 collected

1 collected

Chickle Plushie
1 collected

Deluxe Carrot Cake
1 collected

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If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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