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Marapets is mobile friendly
29th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 3 days ago

A new mission has been released, this time in the City. Tarquin's Library allows you to complete 30 missions for different prizes. Whats different about this mission is that you need to collect books for Tarquin and read them to one of your pets! It may seem hard but if your pets read all of the books, you cannot fail!

The Pet Exchange will be down for a few days for maintenance.

Just a reminder that you only have a few more days until the October Account Upgrade is no longer avaliable. If you would like to purchase one, you will need to do so before February!
29th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 3 days ago

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. ppbum is the winner of the Three Dukka Coin and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 8947! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 5MP per ticket!

28th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 4 days ago

The latest costume makes some very creepy looking changes to your pets. Introducing the Shaved Chibs and Shaved Walee!

How do you get the Shaved Costume? You will find out tomorrow...
26th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 6 days ago

The 29th Marapet has been discovered! Poera is now avaliable as a pet but it is limited edition. How can you get this pet? You'll find out this weekend...

The default Poera avatar is now part of everyone's avatar collection.
25th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 7 days ago

Just a quick update for you about Maintenance Week so far. Around 60% of reported bugs and glitches around the site have been fixed so far. Every avatar around the site now works properly. We would like to apoligise to all those who have been trying to play the site throughout the past week and have experienced annoying problems as we have been carrying out the maintenance. We are scheduled to be finished by Sunday and could experience some downtime on Saturday as we complete the maintenance.

As most Marapets just love to learn, 26 new Encyclopedias are avaliable around the site. With all of the recent book releases, I wonder what is being released this weekend...
22nd January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 10 days ago

Sorry for all of the Server Errors around the site today. We started a huge re-code of many parts of the site that were just really messy and difficult for us to work with. It will take a couple of weeks to complete and with each script that is re-coded, known glitches and bugs will be fixed. We will continue updating the site with regular news, but remember that most of our time will be dedicated to fixing the site.
22nd January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 10 days ago

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. draik1 is the winner of the Three Dukka Coin and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 18030! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 5MP per ticket!

21st January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 11 days ago

The Male Clothing has now opened on the island. 27 clothes are now restocking.

Five new Books are restocking.
19th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 13 days ago

Anyone who is still waiting for an Account Upgrade, we would like to apologise for the delay. The script that sends them is broken and will be fixed this weekened.

Four new Books are restocking.

MaraUploads is now up and running again. Sorry for the downtime.
16th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 16 days ago

The Digital Yakubi has been revamped.

Sorry for the hour-long downtime earlier. The server company were fixing one the Servers for us.

13 new Spell Books have been released for each of the spells you can use in battle.
15th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 17 days ago

Your Characters now have their very own Wardrobe where you can collect clothing. Once clothes are added they cannot be removed, but you can change your character's clothes any time you want. If you want to change your character's features, the default rags will return.

The Female Clothing store has finally opened on Mini Pet Island. 24 new basic clothes have been released and are now restocking! Sorry guys, the male shop will be opened later in the week!

15th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 17 days ago

The Pet Exchange has finally been released on at Mini Pet Island. You can now safely trade pets with other users, simply by paying 5,000MP to send a pet. Please remember that disowning a pet with the pound means that you have lost all ownership rights of that pet. Also remember that we are strictly one account per person now, so if you have any other accounts, please move pets or items you have stored to your main account and contact a staff to have the others frozen.

We have succesfully installed 3 of the 6 new Servers we have ordered this month. You should notice a lot less server errors now, as the avatars, search and forum servers were over loaded before. The load has now been spread accross more servers making it much less glitchy. Thanks for all of those who have donated.

The Pirate Yakubi has recently been seen in Dukka Town.
12th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 20 days ago

Two new albums from the Huthiq rock band Huffix are restocking in Ziranek.

One of the six new Servers is now set up and running on the site, making profiles and the search load much better. The other 5 will be set up this weekend.

Can you find the Rusty avatar we have hidden?

We have updated the Server Error pages on all of our different servers, colour coding the font on each one so that you can report errors to us much easier. But more importantly, they shouldn't load as often and you can refresh them now if they do!

The latest minipet Vikee is now avaliable in five different colours.
11th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 21 days ago

Do you know about some of the great prizes you can get with our Referral System? Show your support for Marapets and help us to grow by adding your Referral Banner to your own website, blog, signatures at other sites or even your email address. Lots of members use MySpace and similar websites so why not add your referral URL and refer some new people to Marapets? You could even tell people on your msn or your friends at school to join using your referral url. For more information, please go to Dukka Caves and read about the referral system. Help Marapets Grow!

Four new Books are now restocking.

The Murfin is the latest pet to try on the Starry Costume.. and it looks good in it!
10th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 22 days ago

Profiles have been improved. We have updated the icons and added a link to your Gallery and your Wardrobe.. which should be out this weekend!

We are scheduled to have 6 new Servers installed tomorrow. If they are ready in time, you may experience some minor problems such as Server Errors around the site for a few hours. After that, profiles, search, maramail and the forums should load much faster.

This is the latest minipet to be seen restocking on Mini Pet Island.
8th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 24 days ago

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. XdoreX is the winner of the Three Dukka Coin and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 13398! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 5MP per ticket!

7th January 2006
15 years, 1 month & 25 days ago

With a slight delay, the January Account Upgrades are now avaliable. This month, once the bills have been paid we will be saving for 5 more servers for areas of the site that need it, such as the site search, the forums and maramail. All other money will be saved for new Marapets Flash Games which are being worked on this month. Here are some of the rewards avaliable:

A rarity 19 Rusty Trading Card that will never restock in the main shops. Battle the easiest opponent today!

A rarity 28 Erto minipet...

A rarity 29 Armoured Costume that can already be used on the Equilor and Feliz.

And finally, the return of the Five Hundred Dukka Coin. You can spend Dukka Coins in Dukka Caves, at Dukka Town and the Pirate Ship. More items will be added to all of these places throughout the month.

Finally, the Enchanted Sindi Plushies have not been given out during the week because we have had many server problems and it would be too unfair to give them out. All 35 will be given out today and tomorrow! Good luck!!
1st January 2006
15 years, 2 months & 1 day ago

Happy New Year from everyone at Marapets! As you have already seen, we released our new layout and one of the latest features of the site. You now have to create a customisable character you will be in the game. The character is you as you play the game and as you are the owner of now up to 12 pets. As always, it is only new and is still unfinished. Some of the new features for characters include brand new profiles where you can adjust your mood for your character, showing different expressions, new shops such as male and female clothing, funny costumes, jewellery, shoes and much more for you to dress your character with. Your character will soon also load with your Maramails and in the upcoming MaraTalk. Even though 2005 was a great year for Marapets, 2006 will be even better! Thanks for playing!

To celebrate 2006 in style, you have the following to look forward to all this week.
The Slot Machine in Dukka Caves will have 2,000,000MP added to the Jackpot everyday this week.

It is Half Price Week for the rest of the week in the main shops!

Everyday this week 5 Enchanted Sindi Plushies are being awarded randomly to a member who is online. But this time, the five will be divided up fairly into age member groups so that it is both old and newer members who get the prizes!

The Slot Machine in Enpiah will have 1,000,000MP added to the Jackpot everyday this week.

The January Account Upgrades will be released later in the week, most likely tomorrow. Until they are released, the Anuriah and Seasonal Stamp are avaliable with any Account Upgrade and the September Gold Account is also still avaliable until then. Get them while you still can!

December Trophies have now been awarded. This means the Arcade scores have been reset and this month quests highscores are different as they reset each month too!

And possibly the best news of all, the Raffle is no longer daily but weekly! This means that annoying Raffle news will only be once a week for a huge jackpot of 100,000MP. Great for only 5MP a ticket!

1st January 2006
15 years, 2 months & 1 day ago

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. LilMizzMegan is the winner of the Three Dukka Coin and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 623! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 5MP per ticket!

24th December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 9 days ago

As it is already Christmas in many countries and is only a few minutes away in the UK, we would like to take the time to wish all members a Merry Christmas and we hope you have a great day - and get all the presents you asked for! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still enjoy the free gifts from our advent calendar!

IMPORTANT - we would like to make it very clear that you can only have one account per person and if you use multiple accounts to get free advent gifts, you will lose all of your accounts forever. Do not take the chance - we log everything.

We have a new Christmas Costume restocking! The Addow and Newth are already avaliable in this colour!
23rd December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 10 days ago

The Quell is the latest pet that comes in Digital form.

New Ideus Potions are now restocking!

You can finally complete the Volcano Map.

Even more Avatars have been released for collectors to try and find...

22nd December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 11 days ago

The Anuriah you can get with Account Upgrades until January 1st now come in more colours!

We have a Winter Layout on the site until the 28th of December to get you all into the Christmas spirit!

The Candy Shop in Candyland is now restocking 14 new Candycanes!

The Prison Ideus and the Zombie Ideus poses have been completed.

22nd December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 11 days ago

As it is nearly Christmas, we have decided to release 2 limited edition items that are being given away with all Account Upgrades until January. We hope you enjoy this extra gift from us! They will retire on January 1st.

The Zombie Huthiq has now been released.

We have enabled Seasonal Adverts which are loading on the site. You may have noticed them already though!

With all of the recent changes to the Restocks and Missions, it was time that all of our Quests were changed.
Elger quests now pay double MP, crystals more often and there is also a chance of getting a Haunted House Stamp.

The Farm Quests now pay on average between 1,250MP and 5,000MP but can pay upto 25,000MP!

Garage Quests now pay between 2,500MP and 5,000MP but can pay upto 50,000MP if you are very lucky!

The Snowman Quests now pay more MP and different items. We have retired all Snowballs and you can now get 1 of 27 pet Ice Sculptures!

The Candy Tree pays a lot more MP and you can now win a Chocolate Costume too. Before the chances were set too high it was almost impossible - now it is possible!

And finally the Computer Repair now allows you to pick the pet you would like to get the magic stats - making it much better!

We reached 300,000 Members today!!!!
20th December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 13 days ago

Sorry for the Problems with the servers yesterday, we were testing out what needs to be upgraded next to keep us running fast. More servers have been ordered.

A new Slot Machine has opened in Enpiah to compete with Dukka Town. They only accept Restock Points and you can win anything from 100,000MP to White DNA! Winning Line Winning Line

Completing level 30 of Ublish or Blitzen Missions now also rewards 100,000MP aswell as the potion.

The Security Codes have been updated on all login pages throughout the Marapets Network. Sorry for the problems they had.

18th December 2005
15 years, 2 months & 15 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. Nicole12345 is the winner of the 930,400MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 3, 14, 23, 11, 25 and 19! Congratulations!