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Marapets is mobile friendly
22nd October 2020
17 hrs & 38 mins ago
Even more Ghost Pets have been updated for Maraween! The Ghost Ercuw, Fasoro, Knutt, Lati, Mordo, Tasi and Yakubi have their new design.

Everyone knows that Undying Woods is the home of all things Maraween. Players who have completed all 30 Stamps on the Undying Woods 2 page can visit this page of their Stamp Album and receive 10 new item prizes, a medal for their profile and 25,000MP.

22nd October 2020
17 hrs & 42 mins ago
Another new event for Maraween 2020 is the new Terrified Time Machine promotion

Use the Time Machine between now and October 31st, 2020 and you can choose between the current prize list (that changes automatically every Saturday) or a special Maraween Prize List. Select the Maraween prize list to win one of 131 retired halloween themed items.

21st October 2020
1 day, 19 hrs & 39 mins ago
Elger has taken the time off from doing quests during this holiday season. Instead, you can visit her with your pet dressed up for Maraween to go Trick or Treating for FREE once every 20 minutes - Halloween, Devil and Evil Clown Pets can visit once every 15 minutes!

All you need to take part is a pet wearing a Halloween, Mad Scientist, Nefarious, Bug, Skeleton, Ghost, Cursed, Witch, Dark, Zombie, Vampire, Wizard, Voodoo, Phantom, Goblin, Rotten, Midnight, Insideout, Gothic, Eleka, Killer, Headless, Mutant, Evil Clown, Mummy, Werewolf, Nightmare, Monster, Poison or Devil costume. These prizes will retire when the Elger Trick or Treat ends November 9th.

20th October 2020
2 days, 16 hrs & 22 mins ago
EDIT - The Halloween Oglue was missing from this original news update and this has now been added.

It's our 16th Year of Maraween celebrations and with each year getting bigger and better, the number of Halloween themed pet costumes has grown to a whopping 32! But the first released, original costume for Maraween was the Halloween Costume.... and it's back for 2020! A new Halloween Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new halloween themed items, a retired Halloween Costume and either an Halloween Enchanted Plushie or Halloween Potion. This set is on sale until November 9th.

You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Halloween Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Kujo instead of an Azul, Bolimo, Crindol, Fasoro, Grint, Ideus, Jessup, Kidlet, Knutt, Leido, Newth, Paffuto, Reese, Tantua, Xoi or Zetlian.

19th October 2020
3 days, 13 hrs & 37 mins ago
The Snowman has taken Halloween a little too seriously AGAIN this year! He is now only asking for Halloween Treats and he is giving out these 24 new prizes. If you're really lucky, you might even win a Halloween Snowman Costume or Vintage Halloween Snowman Costume from his quests - both are approved costumes for the Character Trick or Treat event!

All of these prizes will retire when the Halloween Snowman quests end November 7th.

The Halloween Treats shop will be restocking DOUBLE STOCK at every single restock from now until November 7th.
18th October 2020
4 days & 11 hrs ago
The new Costumes Boutique today randomly selected the Fat Costume to be on sale today until midnight. If you haven't already entered our new Social Media Contest, enter and follow Tweetly on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Tumblr and you'll never miss when the Account Upgrade and Premium Costumes stock here!

The Ghost Chibs, Osafo, Phanty and Snookle have been updated to their new design.

It wouldn't be Maraween without Beelzebub causing chaos around Marada. Hate him or really hate him, he's been back just a few days and has supplied the Halloween Treats shop in Undying Woods with 33 new gourmet Severed Heads.

17th October 2020
5 days, 16 hrs & 20 mins ago
The 2020 Pumpkin Hunt event has started

Our annual Pumpkin Hunt event is now running until November 9th. As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Pumpkin in a box. When you find it, click it and you may get an item or MP prize. The are 22 new gourmet Pumpkins and 20 new item prizes you can win and they will all retire at the end of the event. If you're really lucky, you may also win a Cursed Costume or Fake Cursed Costume each time you find a pumpkin. The more pumpkins you find, the more prizes you will win!

At the end of the event, 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,500,000MP and a limited edition Jasper Trading Card. The next 250 will just get a Jasper Trading Card and 100,000MP

10 random players who will collect 100 pumpkins or more will win £10 AU, 15 will receive £5 AU and 20 players will receive £2 Account Upgrade Credits

Remember that any player caught adding fake pumpkins to their profile, signatures, clubs or anywhere else on the site will have their account banned for the rest of Halloween and be fined for doing so.

16th October 2020
6 days, 18 hrs & 55 mins ago
One of the oldest Maraween costumes, the Ghost Costume, is the latest costume to be revamped. The Ghost Addow, Gonk, Jessup, Poera, Walee, Willa and Zoink have been updated to the newer design.

15th October 2020
7 days, 5 hrs & 51 mins ago
Follow Tweetly on our offical MaraPets Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram pages and you will find our newest post about the Ghostly Graves event. It has a special link you can click, from our social media pages, that will give every player an extra play of this game today!

Our second Maraween event has started. The Pot of Gold has been magically transformed into the Pumpkin of Gold. Until November 9th, only Halloween Treats can be donated. You can pick up one item from the Pumpkin of Gold every 10 minutes. New prizes will be donated randomly throughout the day to the Pot of Gold. Remember, the Pot of Gold will tell you have many items are currently donated to it and these items are released randomly thoughout the day now rather than all at once - so keep checking back and you'll see the items appear there!

There are 5 new prizes that will randomly be donated to the Pumpkin of Gold. These items will retire November 9th.

There will also be lots of Halloween Treats donated and the chance to grab some old retired Pumpkin of Gold prizes!

For a very limited time only, the Account Upgrades Shop has all of the old retired AU Trick or Treat Costumes on sale. You will receive a random costume and this offer will all automatically end October 31st. The costumes avaliable are listed below.

Black Skeleton Costume, Vintage Werewolf Costume, Lycanthrope Costume, Nefarious Fairy Costume, Nefarious Cloak Costume, Speechless Ghost Costume, Evil Ghost Costume, Grim Reaper Costume, Graveyard Keeper Costume, Supergirl Costume, Criminal Costume, Gremlin Costume, Sinner Costume, Teenage Sorcerer Costume, Teenage Witch Costume, Superboy Costume, Zombie Fairy Costume, Mr Skeleton Costume, Mrs Skeleton Costume, Undead Groom Costume, Bloody Barber Costume, Loose Mummy Costume, Tight Mummy Costume, Red Death Costume, Black Death Costume, Nurse Costume, Doctor Costume, School Uniform Costume, Headless Horseman Costume, Teenage Vampire Costume, Vampire Girl Costume, Onryo Costume, Death March Costume, Killer Sindi Costume, Beelzebub Costume, Vintage Witch Costume, Vintage Devil Costume, Vintage Pumpkin Costume, Pumpkin Costume, Dracula Costume, Undead Bride Costume, Mutated Costume, Mutant and Skeleton Skin
15th October 2020
7 days, 9 hrs & 1 min ago
Our first brand new event of Maraween 2020 has started

The Open Graves game of Undying Woods are the Ghostly Graves until November 1st

You can play the Ghostly Graves for FREE once per day but the prizes during the Ghostly Graves event are different. Find the grave with Tremble the ghost Bolimo inside during Maraween and you'll win one of 90 special ghost themed Prizes. Prizes include the new Ghost Balloon for your wardrobe and if you're really lucky a Ghost Costume, Ball of Ghost Yarn, Ghost Photos or retired ghost themed items from past events! Even if you pick the grave without Tremble in, you'll win MP.

Already visited the Open Graves today?
Follow Tweetly on our offical MaraPets Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram pages and you will find our newest post about Ghostly Graves has a link you can click that gives every player an extra play of this game today!

15th October 2020
7 days, 12 hrs & 49 mins ago
M A R A W E E N   S E A S O N   H A S   S T A R T E D

We have SO much happening from now until October 31st

Our annual events include Character Trick or Treat, Free Training, Terrified Time Machine, Pumpkin Hunt, the Halloween Snowman, Ghostly Graves, Phantom Four Extra Gore, Cursed Clock Tower, limited edition Account Upgrade items, Elger's Trick or Treat, Beelzebub, Pumpkin of Gold, the Halloween Alien and much more!

Are you ready?

A certain Halloween devil has been seen lurking around the site again. We all know how much Beelzebub loves Halloween. As usual Beelzebub has all sorts of Halloween goodies to give away to members who are getting into the Halloween spirit and have a halloween-themed character or profile. There are 4 new prizes for 2020 and he will also be giving out limited numbers of retired prizes from previous years.

Follow MaraPets on Social Media for extra fun this Maraween!

Your halloween themed pets, dolls, fan art, memes and more could also be made shared on our new Spotlight Saturday, Meme Monday, Transformation Tuesdays, Wardrobe Wednesdays or Fan-art Friday - there will also be a special new profile medals for winners!
Follow us now and you could win a Decadal Potion or £20 Account Upgrades Credit in our new Competition

You dont have to have a Halloween costume for your character, just use your imagination and dress your character in some appropriate clothes and makeup to make yourself look appropriately spooky - just be creative!

Although this is mostly a forums-based event, there will also be prizes rewarded randomly to members who are online and have something spooky about their profile, so you may still win something even if you dont have forum access.

12th October 2020
10 days, 7 hrs & 26 mins ago
The pirates of Dukka Town have opened a Wheel of Fortune game for you to play. You can play once every 16 hours for only 10,000MP per spin of the wheel. If the wheel lands on a bronze, silver or gold dukka coin you will win a Dukka Coin item prize!

You will win a random MP Prize whenever the wheel stops on the treasure chest and no prize for stopping on the skull. A random pet will gain Gym Stats whenever the wheel stops at the sword or School or University Stats by stopping at the diamond. If you have the Pet Stats Giftbox in your collection, you can also select which pet will receive the stats before you play!

If the wheel stops on the treasure map you will unlock one play of the Treasure Map Bonus game, where you can win random item bonus prizes, Dukka Coins, MP or Account Upgrades Credit. If you are really lucky and find the one plot on the Treasure Map where the jackpot treasure is, you will win the current Wheel of Fortune MP Jackpot which is always over 1,000,000MP

9th October 2020
13 days, 11 hrs & 24 mins ago
On September 16th, MaraPets was taken offline for emergency maintenance for 10 hours. The server company had a rare fault with their power supply and they brought our servers offline without warning for 30 minutes while they fixed the issue. When the servers came back online they unfortunately had a few issues that needed repairing so that we continue to run without other problems, lag or downtime in the future.

We worked through the night of September 16th to repair everything and bring MaraPets back up as fast as we could without any loss of data or serious problems we may have had in the past. This was a success - we had invested in the past to make sure data is always protected here and that was our main priority.

Having 10 hours where Marapets was offline was not good enough for us and since then, we have negotiated a great deal with our server company to DOUBLE our server capacity. This doesn't mean we'll never have any issue ever again but it will keep us open and running whenever small problems, like what happened September 16th, happen. Our goal has always been to protect data no matter what - if something broke or went wrong, a day or so of downtime wasn't a problem so long as nothing was lost - but now we have double the capacity to still have this protection and stay open and running while we are fixing the problem and shouldn't need to close for 10 hours again for such a minor fault.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience and to the Account Upgrade buyers who have helped keep Marapets constantly improving over the past 16 years!

Kwazikujo has new items on sale at his shop in Eleka's Castle for Restock PointsRP
By coincidence, the new Costume Boutique also has the Ghost Costume on sale today for Restock PointsRP and with the Halloween Events coming very soon, this is a great chance to grab a costume that is approved for Elger's Trick or Treat event!

6th October 2020
16 days, 6 hrs & 15 mins ago
With Maraween around the corner, the retired Haunted Treasure Chest from 2016 and Halloween Treasure Chest from 2015 are back on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. They will automatically retire again October 26th.

All Evil Clown pets will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University until October 18th.

The Crindol, Hump, Jessup, Kidlet, Speiro, Troit and Vlad can now wear the Fade Costume. This means all 78 species of pet can now wear this costume!

2nd October 2020
20 days, 11 hrs & 47 mins ago
The new Costumes Boutique today randomly selected the Anime Costume to be on sale today until midnight. This means that only one more AU themed costume will appear in the shop this month, at any random day before the month ends.

The Zombie Costume is the latest costume to be revamped. The Zombie Reese, Rusty, Sindi, Snookle, Speiro, Sybri, Tasi, Troit, Viotto, Willa, Yuni, Zetlian and Zoosh have been updated to the newer design.

1st October 2020
21 days, 14 hrs & 29 mins ago
The Wacky Workshop game in Enpiah now has 25 new High Score Rewards to be won each time you reach a high enough score in this game. Remember you will win the Level Rewards the first and only time you complete a level of a game and the high score rewards are won after this. Prizes include 25 new gourmet Brews and an Empty Brew that can be recycled.

These new drinks and any previous drink items that are named Brew now also have an Empty Brew trash item you will receive whenever your pet drinks these. These 'Empty' items can then be recycled for Recycle Points

There are also new Trophies for your profile for Wacky Workshop. Complete all 60 levels to earn a gold trophy. Complete level 55 for a Silver Trophy or level 50 for a Bronze Trophy. Once you have completed these levels, visit the game again and your trophy will automatically be added to your profile!

30th September 2020
22 days, 12 hrs & 7 mins ago
The Pyramid Solitaire and Triple Pyramid Solitaire games in the Kamilah Desert now have new bonus prizes that can be won at random. Some item prizes were previously won from our retired Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell and Blackjack flash games.

There are also 60 Mummy Plushies to be won - 30 from each game! You will win a random one of these items each and every time you complete a game of Pyramid Solitaire or Triple Pyramid Solitaire.

Both games also now have a new High Scores List

30th September 2020
22 days, 19 hrs & 58 mins ago
In 2017 we finally discontinued the Marahomes feature and all of the old Furniture and Appliance items became Toys. Over 70 of these items have now changed into these cute new pet Figurines. The full list of items that have changed is below. If you owned any of these items before they changed (or have added them to your collection) you still have these items, they have just changed to a new item!

Here is full list of items that have changed:
Wild Back Wallpaper to Decadal Figurine, Rainbow Wallpaper to Zola Figurine, Tiki Brown Wallpaper to Wallop Figurine, Camouflage Bed to Echlin Figurine, Camouflage Cooker to Gobble Figurine, Camouflage Dishwasher to Vlad Figurine, Camouflage Refrigerator to Willa Figurine, Camouflage Sofa to Straya Figurine, Camouflage Toilet to Rofling Figurine, Checkered Bed to Raulf Figurine, Checkered Cooker to Sybri Figurine, Checkered Refrigerator to Tasi Figurine, Checkered Dishwasher to Limax Figurine, Checkered Sofa to Hump Figurine, Checkered Toilet to Zoosh Figurine, Dark Bed to Zoink Figurine, Dark Cooker to Yuni Figurine, Dark Dishwasher to Rusty Figurine, Dark Refrigerator to Oglue Figurine, Dark Sofa to Snookle Figurine, Dark Toilet to Huthiq Figurine, Love Bed to Lati Figurine, Love Cooker to Kujo Figurine, Love Dishwasher to Troit Figurine, Love Refrigerator to Eyru Figurine, Love Sofa to Viotto Figurine, Love Toilet to Chibs Figurine, Old Bed to Pucu Figurine, Old Cooker to Poera Figurine, Old Dishwasher to Quell Figurine, Old Refrigerator to Lorius Figurine, Old Sofa to Nino Figurine, Old Toilet to Mordo Figurine, Cooker to Zetlian Figurine, Dishwasher to Newth Figurine, Refrigerator to Daisy Figurine, Dryer to Gizmo Figurine, Computer to Azul Figurine, Flat Computer to Yakubi Figurine, Super Computer to Grint Figurine, Apple Shaped Computer to Phanty Figurine, Television to Ike Figurine, Antique Television to Basil Figurine, Widescreen Television to Crikey Figurine, Portable Television to Arinya Figurine, Fire Cooker to Leido Figurine, Fire Dishwasher to Ushunda Figurine, Fire Dryer to Crindol Figurine, Fire Refrigerator to Astro Figurine, Icy Cooker to Domino Figurine, Icy Dishwasher to Ruth Figurine, Icy Dryer to Sleuth Figurine, Icy Refrigerator to Booth Figurine, Cheese Bed to Murfin Figurine, Cheese Toilet to Flab Figurine, Red Round Table to Feliz Figurine, Brown Round Table to Doyle Figurine, Green Round Table to Knutt Figurine, Yellow Round Table to Osafo Figurine, Moon Sofa to Bolimo Figurine, Triangle Wardrobe to Kidlet Figurine, Cheese Table to Jessup Figurine, Moon Chair to Kaala Figurine, Broken Bath to Xoi Figurine, Water Table to Equilor Figurine, Water Bed to Paffuto Figurine, Furry Table to Tantua Figurine, Furry Toilet to Gonk Figurine, Flower Bed to Ideus Figurine, Funky Bed to Speiro Figurine, Mushroom Toilet to Renat Figurine, Furry Wardrobe to Dakota Figurine
25th September 2020
27 days, 13 hrs & 2 mins ago
The Spy Costume was first released in October 2010 in Account Upgrades and the costume has been retired and neglected ever since. It was never popular and we tried several different 'spy' options to revamp this costume - the Traps event was supposed to be a way to catch one of the King's spies. We already have Mafia, Detective, Ninja and a few other costumes that would be similar to any decent alternative to the spy costume and what does a spy look like anyway? A real spy wouldn't wear a spy costume, they'd want to be annonymous and blend in! We therefore decided to change this costume into the new Evil Clown Costume. This costume will be an approved Halloween Costume for next month's Trick or Treat event and Evil Clowns are coming to Marada....

A new Evil Clown Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new evil clown themed items, a retired Evil Clown Costume (those who already owned a Spy Costume will now have an Evil Clown Costume instead) and either an Evil Clown Enchanted Plushie or Evil Clown Potion. This set is on sale until October 26th.

You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Evil Clown Plushie or Potion.There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Sybri instead of Bolimo, Doyle, Ideus, Reese, Renat, Speiro, Xoi and Yakubi.

24th September 2020
28 days, 10 hrs & 54 mins ago
The Mahjong game in the Kamilah Desert now has 3 new bonus prizes that were previously won from our retired Mahjong flash game that you can randomly win playing this game.

There are also 45 Mahjong Tiles to be won. You will win a random one of these items each and every time you complete a game of Mahjong. These items are toys that your pet can play with but will also be needed for a new Pyramid feature coming next year.

The Mahjong game also has a new High Score List

24th September 2020
28 days, 19 hrs & 8 mins ago
Rapunzel's Tower has 10 new items on sale. The retired Pastel Costume has also been added to her shop for Baspinar Points300,000BP

The Kamilah Codes game also has a new High Score List

23rd September 2020
29 days, 17 hrs & 36 mins ago
A new Poera Prey feature has been released in Eleka's Castle. Complete the Poera Prey Treasure Map to permanently unlock this feature. You can then play this for FREE once every 16 hours.

This map is currently in the Devil themed Account Upgrades set.

Move around the floor of Eleka's Castle to eat as much of the fruit as you can. Eat the fruit for your score to increase and your Poera to get longer. Watch out for the other snakes as you are Poera Prey and they will get you! If the snakes bite the end of your Poera, the score and size of your Poera decreases. The higher your score, the more Restock PointsRP you will win!

Find and eat any of the special snake eggs that may randomly appear and you will win prizes from the Prize List. Prizes include gourmet Poera Meat, Poera Eggs and special one use Venom items.

You can equip and use one Venom item per pet, per battle and they will remove between 50HP and 1000HP from any opponent AND block their attack. This will help earn extra BP in a battle really help any players who are stuck trying to pass any Goals or earn any Hidden Avatars that require you to win a battle against a very hard opponent! These venom items and magnets from Gizmo Gravity game cannot currently be equipped for battle but will be later this month.

The game will end whenever your Poera is caught by a snake. Just like in Venomous Victory, a venomous attack will earn your pet a random transformation, without risk of it ever changing! Your pet will only change to a random colour and/or species and then change back. If you have the Pet Stats Giftbox in your collection, you can also select which pet will receive the transformations before you play.

There are also 33 new gourmet food Poera Meat and Poera Eggs you can win whenever you find and eat any of the special snake eggs that may randomly appear while playing this game.

21st September 2020
1 month & 13 hrs ago
The Red Panda Costume is the latest costume to be revamped. The Red Panda Doyle, Gonk, Lati, Walee, Willa and Xoi have been updated to the newer design. This costume was last released as a prize from the Thanksgiving Gobble War event in 2013 but will be released again as a prize for a new game in November.

18th September 2020
1 month, 3 days & 14 hrs ago
The Word Shark game on Minipet Island now has 8 new Bonus Prizes and 3 old items previously won from our retired Fropa Attack flash game that you can randomly win playing this game.

There are also 32 High Score Rewards to be won. You will win one of these each and every time you reach a certain score - with prizes from a score as low as 200 up until those who manage to score 10,000 or more! Prizes for this game include a Shark Tooth Necklace and Visor for your wardrobe, Enchanted Injured Flab, Equilor and Paffuto Plushies, gourmet food, glowing egg and more!

The Mine Marada game also has a new High Score List.

17th September 2020
1 month, 4 days & 13 hrs ago
We'd like to apologise for MaraPets being offline for around 10 hours yesterday. As soon as it was bed time for us in the UK, the server company sent an email about a fault with their power supply. They had engineers working on the issue and they fixed it within 30 minutes. The problem for us is that MaraPets is very complex and is open 24 hours a day, only ever closed when we plan Maintenance and for the power to be switched off suddenly while over 800 players are playing and hundreds more 'guests' are browsing can cause issues.

Even though the servers were back online within 30 minutes, we were not happy with the way they came back online and through 16 years of experience dealing with every kind of problem imaginable here, we were not taking any chances! We stayed up through the night to reinstall five of the VMs (virtual machines) where the operating system was not performing the best or would only start in recovery mode and ran tests on all of the disks to make sure there we no issues. This obviously takes time and we opened as soon as we could, bringing back the most important parts of the site first. Without doing this, we could've opened sooner but if there were any problems, they'd still be there but could cause more serious problems later. We're back now and everything is up and running as normal.

Doyle, Equilor, Kaala, Quell and Zola can now wear the Devil Costume, which is currently part of the most recent Account Upgrades set.

All Devil pets will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE LESSONS at the School and University until October 1st.