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The University is where pets go for an advanced education. These explorers have centuries of experience in Simeria and around ancient Marada. There are 8 different courses your pet can take part in and after each session, you gain a level in this course. The courses are modern but as the tutor is not so modern, he sometimes teaches your pet ancient Hieroglyphics which can help you in the Simerian Transmogrification Temple. The Light Fairy rewards you for university stats.

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All pets wearing the Staff Costume will receive Double Stats every time they use the School and University
Vote for next week's costume! Changes in 3 days, 19 hours and 34 minutes

Duration Subject Level Scholarships Required
1 day 0 1
2 days 1-5 2
3 days 6-10 3
4 days 11-15 4
5 days 16-20 5
6 days 21-25 6
7 days 26-30 7
8 days 31-35 8
9 days 36-40 9
10 days 41+ 10

Which pet would you like to use the University?

If you add the Double Hieroglyphics Giftbox to your collection, you will receive two hieroglyphic items instead of one whenever you randomly win these completing a university course - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect