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City of Marada
Pets of all ages go to School to learn. An education is very important for mara pets to be successful at their life in Marada. As their owner, you are responsible for educating your pets to gain new skills and knowledge needed to get a job in the future. A school day lasts six hours and therefore you should make sure that your pet isn't hungry, thirsty or too unhappy to go to school.

Each day at the School you can select one subject to study per pet. Each subject teacher charges a different tuition fee each day. You will also be required to bring some School Supplies to take part in the lesson for that day. Each successful day of learning increases that subject's stat by one. There are many Rewards for training school stats.

Visit more Pet Dailies

All pets wearing the Magenta Costume will receive Double Stats every time they use the School and University
Vote for next week's costume! Changes in 34 minutes

Wise Walee offers FREE EDUCATION to different pets each day

Grades Subject Level School Supplies Required
U 0 1
F 1-3 2
E 4-8 3
D 9-15 4
C- 16-25 5
C 26-40 6
C+ 41-65 7
B 66-100 8
A 101-150 9
A* 151+ 10

Which pet would you like to use the School?

If you add the School Giftbox to your collection, all of your pets will finish their lesson at the School in half the time - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect