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Kaylesha Suggestion for Attic Category: coupons. It would have Lush Lake, haircut coupons, circus tickets, tanning salon tickets, surgery tickets, Yuni Brows, and others!

Good idea! All of the tickets and coupons are now in their own new category called 'Tickets' in Attics and Wishlists.
21 Jul 04:15

zit Can you fix the glitch where if you play with an item and nothing else is in your inventory the item doesn't show up even if it didn't break?

This has been fixed now.
20 Jul 10:21

kewais Can the goals page be updated to show how many goals each world actually has?

Oops! This has been fixed now and the counts have also been fixed on profiles.
20 Jul 10:18

gennie Could the university stats on pets profiles be listed alphabetically?

Ha! I never noticed that before.. now it stands out everytime I look! I made it alphabetical now.
20 Jul 10:14

Badger Could we have a quicker way to view all our minipets that are attached to our pets?

This has been added to the home page above all of your pets under the 'Minipets' link.
20 Jul 10:01

Millie Will the treasure chests be re-released in account upgrades?

Yes, one day and at random, certain older Treasure Chests may be put back on sale for a limited time only.
20 Jul 10:00

Birdie Could you put a countdown for Vending Machine please? <3

Sure! The Vending Machine layout has been update to match the newer features of the site now and this includes a countdown.
20 Jul 09:57

TheBrokenAngel Is there a way to make the checklist goals have links? That way we could just click on words like "Olympics" and "Gym" so we can go straight there to complete the tasks?

This has now been added to the Monthly Checklist page.
20 Jul 09:48

Meanie Neither ferris wheel nor fasoro falls takes you to the direct minipet page - would it be possible to get this fixed again?

This has been fixed now! The minipets were integrated into Pet Profiles and the links changed. There is also a new feature where you can view all of your Minipets at once. Visit the home page of Marapets and above all of your pets there is a 'Minipets' link.
20 Jul 09:00

Hyrule Can we get some new capsule machine items?

There are new Capsule Machine items ready for release and should be out next week.
20 Jul 08:35

Lilacbreeze76 Could mission timers be longer?

I've been considering this for a while now and have just increased the time limit for all missions levels to 90 to 120 minutes. This will give everyone more time to try and trade/swap/buy any rare items.
20 Jul 08:28

Jo Is it possible to have it show our previously sent score in games so we don't try to resend the same score? Or even let us resend the same score?

Thats a good idea! I've added it to each flash game. Under the "Plays Today" it will show all of the scores you have sent today.
20 Jul 07:51

Equilor Can we have a timer on the Whirlpool so we know when we come back to?

The layout of Whirlpool has now been updated to match the newer features and has a countdown.
20 Jul 07:31

karrnic Could the same be done in club shops that was recently done for user shops, where after you buy an item, it keeps you at the same page rather than taking you back to the first page?

Sure! This has now been added.
20 Jul 07:15

Twisted Can we have a quick link to dentist in wardrobe too?

I have added a link to the dentist too now in your Wardrobe under the clothing you character is currently wearing.
19 Jul 16:03

squinki Could we have a 'back to shop' button after we purchase an item from a shop?

When you click on the shopkeeper image it brings you back to the shop!
24 Apr 03:39

Calculus Since forum posts are now restricted by 1000 characters, can we have a character counter to see how many more characters we can type left?

Forums are restricted to 3,500 characters... just like they always have been!
24 Apr 03:10

Za Would it be possible to have a feature in the wishlist to browse items that are currently restocking by shop?

This has been added to Wishlists. You can browse all items from shops - even retired items!
24 Apr 03:07

Birdie In the video games shop, is it possible to show how much game points we have instead of having to go to the games page to check everytime?

Sure! This has now been added.
24 Apr 02:58

Detain Can you make it show what pets are offered on a pet trade lot in alerts?

This was recently added to the new Pet Trades system.
23 Apr 16:24

buck2772 Can you add a timer to Gumball Machine?

The Gumball Machine now has a countdown timer.
23 Apr 16:23

kolopl Could you add a price check option to items when creating a trade?

This was added with the new and improved Trades released recently.
23 Apr 16:17

Kyrae Can we have a button in the wardrobe to remove ALL items at once instead of having to individually click everything?

I've added a link to remove all clothing under all of the clothes you are currently wearing. It also has quick links to change your nose, hair, eyebrows and skin colour.
23 Apr 16:15

Rue Could we have a longer text limit for pet trades please?

The new Pet Trades have the same limit as normal Trades now - 250 characters.
23 Apr 15:48

Alarum Is it possible to make it so that you can see whether you own an avatar or not when doing Slater Stalker quests?

Thats a good idea! I've now added a red tick icon next to the Hidden Avatar that Slater Stalker asks for if you have already found it.
23 Apr 15:43

SplatterColor It says, theres a total of -1 Ice Eyru in marada. Why?

The Marapocalypse caused it as many pets changed and all of the counts messed up. I just forced it to recount all pets, species and colours and now those counts are 100% accurate.
23 Apr 15:32

medieval_sun Can there be an option to search for items by rarity? It would be really convenient for Poison Pit!

There is a new 'Browse by Rarity' option of all items at the Wishlist. You can also browse all items in your Attic by rarity.
23 Apr 15:22

Rob Can you have it so that when you are replying to a mail, you can see the mail you are replying to also on the same page?

We used to have this and I don't know what happened to it. It's back now anyway!
23 Apr 15:11

AmyMarieXD Can you add the 'quest again' button on the failed quest page?

Sure. I've now added the 'Quest Again' button when you run out of time on all quests.
23 Apr 14:59

peregrine Would it be possible to release a foxfire pond giftbox?

This has been requested SO many times I've added it! The Foxfire Pond Gifbox allows you to visit every 6 hours instead of 12 hours.
15 Apr 01:07

playgyal1990 Could we search by rarity in our attics?

This has actually been a hidden feature for many years that was never released because the cache made it too complicated. I have edited the the many hundreds of places that items are added/removed from Attics and now this feature is a permanent part of Attics.
14 Apr 18:49

vikki91 Can we please have a feature where when we get a Trade offer we can see how much it was up for, and you can't see the price of things when you are creating trades so I had to keep going to my inventory to PC everything :(

The new Trades system has a new and improved 'Create Trade' and 'Make an Offer' page with price checks. You can also view and price check the trade you are offering on from the 'Make an Offer' page!
14 Apr 18:18

Eleanor Did the Stapler retire like it was supposed to? It's not on the Retirement Planning list anymore but when price checked it still shows that it stocks in the School Supplies shop.

Some items that are really new shouldn't be retiring straight away. The retirement feature has been edited many times since and that item was put back on sale.
14 Apr 01:17

ItsJake Could the sword in the stone get a 'last won by' bit like dukka dash, sugar stack etc

From now on any player who wins will be shown at the start of the game, just like Dukka Dash and Sugar Stack.
14 Apr 01:07

Hack Can you apply the change you made to user shops (when you buy an item, you still stay on the same page) to club shops?

Sure! Done :)
14 Apr 00:53

beccadod Can Sultan go on our dailies somewhere so I don't keep forgetting to pay him.

Sultan is on the 'Rewards' page but is technically as 'Pay to Play' daily too, so it has now been added to this page too with a countdown. I hope this helps!
14 Apr 00:50

Spiceoloidmime Can you please add page numbers for wishlist to the bottom of the page as well. Similar style to our shops so that I don't have to scroll back up to view a different page?

Sure, all of the wishlist pages now have page numbers at the top and bottom.
14 Apr 00:39

AbsolutNormal Can you please make Banned Members in Clubs a Different color to be deleted easier?

When you visit the 'Club Members' page of your club (as an admin) it will now show any member that has been banned from playing Marapets in red, italic and underlined. This should help you to remove them easier.
14 Apr 00:34

Badger Could you add the 'cancel trade' button for when we search for our trade, or add a feature where we can search for and then cancel the trade? For people with lots of pages it's a nightmare to find one specific item!

Good idea! Now when you search or browse trades and your trade lot shows up, it has a 'Cancel Trade' button instead of a 'Make an Offer' button.
13 Apr 22:11

Florence Can we also get a timer for the magazine stand and news stand?

Sure! I have improved the layout of both places to match some of the newer features of Marapets. They also both now have a countdown feature.
13 Apr 08:09

Roadagain Would it be possible to have the option for trades to only show people that are online? Could be useful during those desperate dashes to get an item for a mission.

I have actually been working on this for a while. There is now an option when you search trades to show only Trades from players currently online. I have also added a new feature 'Recent Trades Online' that will show all trades added in the past 24 hours where the owner of the trade is online right now.
11 Apr 17:08

maramara780 Can you add a Price Check on the items for the Fates like the other missions/temples have?

Sure, its now added to Fates mission.
11 Apr 07:25

valetiff Can the names of private clubs be grayed in the club list? There's no way to recognize them before clicking and getting and error now. Thanks!

I've made all private clubs on the list show differently with (private) at the end of their names.
10 Apr 16:52

SofistiCat Could there be a countdown clock in the temples and pyramids similar to missions?

Sure! I have edited all 7 Temples, both Pyramids and also Fasoro Falls with a countdown.
10 Apr 13:24

Fork "Quest Personal Trainer again" for Personal Trainer Quest seem does not workable compare to Computer Repair Quest.

You're right! I just fixed it, it now quests again automatically selecting the same pet you used in the previous quest.
10 Apr 10:05

Ray Can you make it where we can create/buy clubs again?

You can now create and buy Clubs again.
8 Apr 14:56

Anamya Can the new smart search be applied to Auctions as well?

It has been added to Auctions now.
6 Apr 13:02

Walker Would it be possible to change it so that when you buy an item from user shops, that it keeps you on the same page you were buying from? Some users shops have 10+ pages in their shop and if you notice another item on a page that you want to buy i often forget what page i was on and have to search through the pages again.

This has been added. It used to have this, not sure what happened there...
6 Apr 11:33

gennie Any chance we could have the red collection check mark in Price check added to giftboxes?

It has been added now for all Giftboxes except for the Extra Pet Giftbox.
6 Apr 11:29

Halloween For trades, can a link to a user's wishlist be added?

If the user has written a text wishlist on their trade, you can click on this and it will link to their Wishlist. There is also a link to a user's Blog for those who add their list there instead.
6 Apr 11:23

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