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For those who have asked WL is up to date.


*Yes I do lend my Cotton Candy, Daisy and Rainbow Pets, please see blog for details*

Yes that's me.

Hi I'm Dannie I am 31 & I live in Arizona. I'm usually around...doing something. I have a purple gallery, and I really want all the wardrobe items so I'm always up for items I don't have. Check my wishlist for items I'm looking for!

When I'm not on you might be able to find me on Goodreads, if you are a Goodreads junkie like I am send me a MM to friend me. If you are looking for a BOOK RECOMMENDATION MM me too. I love recommending books, but just know I stick to particular genres.

Player for 14 years, 10 months & 6 daysJoined 31st Jan 2005 13:04
Wanted: Gift Boxes check W/A
Player for 14 years, 10 months & 6 daysJoined 31st Jan 2005 13:04
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