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The Peasant Fairy is the stepsister of the Royal Fairy. Her stepmother doesn't like her at all and made her clean the royal palace all day and night. One day the Peasant Fairy escaped and decided to start a life of her own in Vortex Park. She spends her time completing missions and rewards you for the number of missions you complete.

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You have completed a total of 0 Missions

Missions Prize
2 Peasant Fairy Potato
5 5,000MP
10 Peasant Fairy
15 10,000MP
20 Pleasant Peasant Parade
30 20,000MP
45 Peasant Gumball
60 25,000MP
90 Peasant Socks
120 27,500MP
150 Peasant Fairy Booster
180 30,000MP
210 Peasant Fairy Contact Lenses
240 32,500MP
270 Ingi
300 35,000MP
330 Peasant Fairy Pearl
360 37,500MP
390 Peasant Fairy Gloves
420 40,000MP
450 Peasant Fairy Cupcake
480 42,500MP
510 Peasant Fairy Apron
540 45,000MP
570 Peasant Fairy Top
600 47,500MP
630 Peasant Fairy Wig
660 50,000MP
690 Peasant Fairy Doll
720 52,500MP
750 Peasant Fairy Wings
780 55,000MP
810 Brown Potato Chips
840 57,500MP
870 Peasant Fairy Trading Card
900 60,000MP
930 Hobo Potato Chips
960 62,500MP

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