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Marapets is mobile friendly
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Account Protection Guarantee

48 Hour User Protection
At Marapets we do not tolerate any form of scamming and work with you to keep your account protected at all times. We log everything that a member does, from items purchased at specific times to time password and email address was last changed.

As we have comprehensive logs, if anything happens to your account, such as you being scammed out of an item or MP, your password being guessed or you giving away your password after a scam to you lending items or pets, or other users and them not returning them, we can help you.

If you think you have been scammed you have 48 hours to contact us. For best results send a Support Ticket as soon as possible and we can guarantee that we can resolve your problems. Not only are we very easily able to return your items/pets/mp/etc that you had lost, we are easily able to catch and punish the scammer too. If you think someone else is on your account and changed your password you will need to email us at from the email address registered to your account, so it is very important to always keep your email address up-to-date. Having an invalid or out-of-date email address will mean you having to prove account ownership before we can help you.

Remember that you only get to claim twice a month, so if you do not look after your account better, you will lose out. You also only have 48 hours after the loss to claim, after this time you cannot. If you have not been on your account for a while and come back to find the account has been hacked it will be too late to make a claim because after 48 hours we can no longer guarantee recovery of any stolen items, points or pets.

As our 48 Hour User Protection policy works so well, we can assure you that your account will never fall for a scam!
Account Penalties

Follow the Rules
It's really that simple!

At all times, you must follow our Terms and Conditions that you agree to by playing the site. Our Account Penalties Policy below explains how we deal with those who break the rules.

Only One Account
One of the most important rules is that you are only allowed one account per person. Players who cheat by having/using more than one account to gain items and points will have their accounts frozen permanently, without warning. This includes players who gain items and points from other family members/friends accounts who are mostly inactive where the logs show that the accounts are mainly used just to send items and points to the other account. There are many reminders of this around the site so nobody can say they did not know it wasn't allowed.
Remember that we log everything and can so easily catch cheaters, scam attempts and any rule breakers.

Account Penalties
It is important to read and follow our Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. Punishment that we give will depend on the rule you break. We deal with each case individually and punishments can be anything from loss of MP, loss of items, pet stats being reset, etc. Under extreme circumstances, we will simply remove your account access permanently.

Chat Bans
These rules relate to Forums, Blogs, Maramail, Club Chat, MaraTalk or any other chat feature.
In normal cases anyone breaking the chat rules would first receive a 1 hour chat ban. A second offence would result in a 24 hour chat ban. Third offence earns a 48 hour chat ban. After that, it would normally be 1 week chat ban, 2 week chat ban, 1 month chat ban. After that, if a player has not learned anything from these chat bans their account will be permanently chat banned.

Creating a new account to get around a chat ban will result in all accounts being frozen under the multiple account rule. You cannot have your old account back if you make a new account. If you have a permanent chat ban it will also apply to any new accounts that you make in the future.

Any player caught scamming or attempting to scam another player out of any items, pets or points will normally be sent a warning and receive a fine or removal of items or pets, depending on the severity of the scam. Asking another player for their password will result in an instant and permanent freeze of your account.

Players who continue to attempt to scam players, after being warned and punished, will have their account frozen permanently without warning.