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Terms & Conditions
The terms and conditions of this site are the rules that have to be followed on the site. By being on this site you have agreed to obey them at all times. If you are under 18 please make sure that your Parent or Guardian has read and accepted them before you play the site. Failure to follow the rules at ANY time will result in Account Penalties or permanent loss of your account.

Rules about number of Accounts

You are only allowed ONE account per player and only you should play or use your account. Pets, items and/or currency won/gained on your account are for your account only. Many features of the site have a timeout or maximum play/use to keep the game balanced and these are for your account only. For the same reason, there are limitations to what items/pets/currency can be given to other players.

If you are sending items/currency/pets you have gained from your account in excess to one or a few players, you are effectively using features/dailies that may have a timeout/max use for them, giving those players an unfair advantage to other players and therefore cheating.
If you want to give away all of your items without restrictions, you should use the Pot of Gold. If you want to give away all of your pets without restrictions, you should use the Pound and if you want to give away all of your currency, you can do so at the Giveaways feature in Lowlyhood.

If your logs show you were using more than one account these will be deleted by staff. You MAY be left with one account to play on, but don't expect it to be your main account. If you are left with one account it will be the account that has the least value.

When several family members all play Marapets from the same computer/IP address we prefer you use separate email addresses but if that's impossible then that's fine too. It is also fine to give gifts to each other occasionally.

However players cannot use family/friends accounts to gain items and points whether the account active or is no longer used by the account owner. Such accounts will be treated as multiple accounts.

To keep the game balanced and fair for all, all trades of items/pets/currency must be fair and evenly balanced. If not, they will be classed as a 'giveaway'. It is very important that you read and understand the rules on giveaways below.

We advise that where several family members play marapets from the same computer/IP you send a Support Ticket to let us know. You may also add a note on your profiles for staff. This does not guarantee that your accounts will not be frozen if your logs prove that other accounts on your IP address were being used to cheat.

If you have made multiple accounts by accident or have a spare account from before there was a rule about it let the staff know by sending a Support Ticket FROM the extra account(s). The extra account(s)will be deleted with no penalty to you UNLESS the extra account has been used to gain items/points.

Rules about Accounts

Players are not allowed to share accounts. For your account security, never let anyone else use your account for any reason. Do not share your password with anyone and do not make it something easy to guess.

In the case of two people from the same household sharing an account (for example two sisters, or husband/wife), this is also disallowed as it is unfair to other users to have to compete against an account used by two people. Please play fair! We have no problem however with an account being shared with a young child who isn't able to play the site by themselves as long as you are watching them.

You may not log into or use any other player's account for any reason. Anyone found logging into or using any other account WITH or WITHOUT the account owner's permission will result in the accounts in question being frozen immediately without warning.

Selling or trading accounts for points or items (or real money) is NOT allowed, you may also not give your account away if you are leaving. The account being sold or given away will be banned permanently.

You cannot create an account on behalf of another person. Everyone creating an account needs to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. You cannot do that for them. If you create an account for another person it will be deemed to be a multiple account of yours and your own account will be deleted. You will be left with the new account to play on.

Stealing accounts by hacking or scamming is forbidden. The account will be returned to the rightful owner and your own account will be deleted.

If you want to make a new account and transfer pets, items and points to the new account you can do so. Before you move anything to the new account you must send in a support ticket advising staff of your new account name and that you are starting to transfer. You cannot move "fixed" things like avatars, referrals, stamp album, wardrobe, etc. Once you have finished transferring you must contact staff again from this account and let us know you have finished transferring and to freeze the account. Since you are only allowed one account you must get the old account frozen as soon as possible and you must not use both accounts to do dailies, etc. After transferring to the new account you WILL NOT be allowed back to the old account later if you change your mind so make sure you really want to transfer before making the new account.

If you want to take a break from Marapets you can self-ban your account by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of the page and submitting a Support Ticket. Please only self-ban if it will be for a period of at least one month. To get your account unfrozen you should email You should not make a new account. Self-banned accounts will only be returned if you have not used any other account since self-banning. A much simpler alternative is to hit the Log Out button and don't log back in.

If you decide you want to quit Marapets and give away your pets, items and currency, please send a Support Ticket to get permission from Staff before giving anything away. When you have given away everything you should then contact Staff again to have your account frozen. In the case of quitting and gifting the contents of your account to other players YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK ON YOUR ACCOUNT if you change your mind so think carefully before making this very drastic decision. Your account will be frozen permanently. You will need to start over on a new account if you want to play Marapets again.

Rules about Games and Dailies

You can only play games and dailies on your own account as often as permitted. You cannot get someone else to do these for you or do them for someone else. This includes the use of timed features, restocking, the completion of missions etc. on behalf of another player.

The use of "bots" or "auto refreshers" is prohibited as this gives you unfair advantage over other players. We log every time a game or daily is played and can easily notice players abusing this rule and cheating will result in the loss of your account.

Rules about Usernames

Offensive or inappropriate usernames will be deleted by staff without warning. Names are considered to be inappropriate if they have any racist, alcoholic, illegal drug or illicit substance, sexual references, or anything else that is deemed inappropriate by staff. If you used a Username Certificate it will only be refunded to you for a first time offence. After that you should have learned that inappropriate names are not allowed. It is not considered cool or funny to have an inappropriate username. Common sense plays a large part in picking a name for your account. We assume if a player is old enough to be on forums then they are also old enough to know if a name may be inappropriate. If you need to ask if a name is going to be allowed, that should probably tell you that it is not.

Rules about pets

Pets can not be bought, sold or traded for items or points. This includes selling a costume that is on a pet, and trading a pet for a pet potion or enchanted plushie. Pets may ONLY be traded for other pets.

You may not discuss the buying or selling of a pet to another player using Forums, Maramail or any other communication. If you are found to be buying or selling a pet, the pet will be removed from your account and frozen.

Pets with offensive or inappropriate names may be either deleted or have their name changed by staff without warning. Names are considered to be inappropriate if they have any racist, alcoholic, illegal drug or illicit substance, sexual references, or anything else that is deemed inappropriate by staff. If you want your pet back you will need to send a Support Ticket and provide a naming certificate, a staff member will then change the pet's name and return it to you. Common sense plays a large part in picking a name for your pet. We assume if a player is old enough to be on forums then they are also old enough to know if a name may be inappropriate. If you need to ask if a name is going to be allowed, that should probably tell you that it is not.

You may not increase pet stats for a pet that belongs to another player. This includes portal, whirlpool, etc. as well as Gyms and using Boosters.

You may not add items to the collections of any pet that belongs to another player.

Any pets that are placed in the pound or die and go to the graveyard are available for anyone to adopt. Once you place a pet in the pound (even by accident) you immediately lose all rights of ownership to that pet. This also applies to pets traded in Pet Trades or sold in Pet Auctions. As soon as a pet is in the possession of another player it belongs to them. The new owner does NOT have to return the pet to you. You may Maramail them ONCE to ask politely if they would return the pet, anything more is seen as harassment.

Pets may be loaned (for avatars etc) for a tip. By this we mean a small item, a photo, plate or a diamond is an acceptable tip, not currencies. If you wish to use the 48-hour account protection to claim back a pet that was stolen while lending you must have Maramails to prove that the person borrowing the pet knew it was a loan and agreed beforehand to return the pet to you by a certain date/time.

You should keep the Maramail from the borrower until your pet/item/points have been returned. If the borrower does not return the pet/item/points by the agreed time you can contact staff by Support Ticket to recover the pet/item/points.

Pets may ONLY be traded for other pets. All pet trades should be done through the proper pet trades at Eleka's Castle. All pet trades should be simply trading between 1 - 5 of YOUR pets for 1 - 5 of the OTHER PERSON'S pets. Any complicated twists on this to try and technically get around the no trading for items/points rule are not allowed.

You may NOT:

- Trade a pet for items or points. This includes trading for pet potions or enchanted plushies, even if they are immediately used to create a pet when you get them.
- Have someone send you their pet to use a potion etc on, then trade that pet for another pet of theirs
- Sell a costume that is on a pet.
- Offer to make a pet to order (with a potion etc) specifically to trade with another person's pet (ie trade NIY pet)
- Trade a pet plus a name certificate (or plus specified minipets/weapons) for another pet.
- Pay someone a fee/send them a gift to thank them for trading pets with you.

Rules about selling and trading

Marapets currency and items can NOT be sold for real money or traded for currency of other pet sites etc.

Marapets currency can NOT be used to pay for anything that is not part of the Marapets site.

The use of Marapets images or any reference to can NOT be used for financial gain in the form of real money or currency of other pet sites.

No 'autobuying' programs, scripts, shortcuts etc of any shape or form are to be used when restocking or questing. You can expect your items and points to be confiscated at the LEAST for using them.

When selling or trading items you may not lie about the value of those items in order to drive the price up. This includes making outrageous bids on Auctions then banking your marapoints, either to help friends get more mps or to deter other players from bidding. Anyone found to be doing this will be fined the full amount that they bid on the Auction.

It is primarily up to the other player to check prices, however outright scamming to sell or trade at inflated prices is against the rules and you may be penalised for doing so.

This also applies to buying up items that regularly restock in main shops, so that none are available in user shops, to make them appear worth more than they actually are.

Example: You may charge 1 million mp for an item that is worth 500mp. However, you may NOT tell someone that a 500mp item is worth 1 million mp, that everyone charges that much and that you have already sold 2 at that price.

You should only use the trades for items you are willing to trade. It is against the site rules to list items that are 'not for trade'. These items should instead be in your Gallery if you would like to show them off. It is also against the rules to advertise anything other than the trade lot you have listed in the trades description.

Once an item Trade Offer is accepted and the Trade is completed the item no longer belongs to the seller. If you change your mind about the Trade you can Maramail the buyer once to politely ask if they will trade back. The buyer does not have to Trade back with you.

When sending currency to another player you must use the Currency Exchange. It is against the rules to use "junk" trades or Instant Sale trades for the purpose of transferring currency between accounts. Anyone found doing so could lose the currency being transferred or their whole account.

Rules about Contests, Competitions and Give Aways

We do not define any fair, like for like trade as a 'giveaway'. Giving away items/currency/pets to other players is fine but please use common sense. If one account seems to be gaining an unfair advantage or if there is a suspicion of multiple accounts, both accounts risk a permanent ban.

You do NOT need prior permission to donate items to the Pot of Gold. This is the fairest way to give away items and is how we recommend giveaways to be done. Please note that we have undisclosed security measures in place that may temporarily restrict or delay any Pot of Gold donations to protect any accounts that may be compromised. You can continue to donate to Pot of Gold and an Admin will review any donations that may be restricted.

Frequent contests, competitions and giveaways should be limited to a Club. If you do not have a Club you can create one to hold these using the Club Quiz, Raffle and other features. We are not responsible for any items won in a Club from players who join, win and leave. You should make sure that the Club Rank/Club Points system is in place to limit this. Creating a club to hide/share/cheat or move items is against the rules and will be treated as multiple account abuse.

You cannot hold contests in your shop or gallery or anywhere on your profile or blogs - create a Club!

You may have contests on the Word Games, Dress Up and Graphics forums only. You may NOT require an entry fee in the form of points or items from the users in order to enter your contest. All prizes are to be supplied yourself and must be items; currency is not allowed. You cannot ask for donations from other players. All forum contests must end within one week.

You can hold Giveaways on forums but the items or pets you are giving away must be your own. Currency may not be given away on the forums. Instead you may donate marapoints to the Giveaways feature in Lowlyhood.

Once started a giveaway must be completed. If staff have to complete the giveaway on your behalf you will be fined for this.

Excessive or very large giveaways will need prior approval - please open a Support Ticket.

Players who are quitting cannot give away everything in their account at once. You will need staff approval for a fair giveaway. You can return later for another giveaway. These rules are required to stop the unbalancing the site. They will also safeguard the accounts involved from being regarded as multiple accounts. It will also help us to determine if a giveaway is genuine OR the result of a compromised account.

If the intended accounts involved do appear to be multiple accounts, giveaways will be reversed and the multiple accounts will be banned.

Rules about Forums, Maramail, MaraTalk and Club Chat

You may not ask other users for their password.

You may not ask other players for, or post your own, personal contact information, through Maramail, MaraTalk or on the Forums. This includes information such as surnames, addresses, phone numbers, and instant messenger and email addresses or any other social media contact information.

You may not claim to be Marapets staff or working on behalf of Marapets staff unless you are Marapets staff. You can identify Marapets staff members by their username being in colour and having a star next to their name. Check the online list if you are unsure if the person contacting you claiming to be staff is actually a Marapets staff member. Marapets staff will NEVER ask you for your password or access to your account for any reason.

No swearing, obscenity, or any other inappropriate language is allowed.

No using abbreviations etc for swearing (for example putting an F in OMG or LMAO) everyone knows what it stands for.

'Milder' words such as damn, hell, crap are acceptable within reason. You shouldn't use them in topic titles, and you'll get into trouble if you use them in every other post you make.. Use common sense!

No talking about sex, religion, drugs or alcohol.

Discussions of other pet sites are not allowed. This includes posting referral links.

You may NOT ask other players for items, pets or currency on Forums or through Maramail. If you wish to ask for donations you may do so on your profile, shop or gallery.

Forum posts have to be suitable for all ages. Subjects not suitable for our younger members should be avoided. You can write about these in journals. Please keep content PG13 at all times unless in a forum where adult content is allowed.
Non-English Languages cannot be moderated and should therefore not be used, this includes foreign language video clips.

Though not recommended, you may post pictures of yourself, but they must not contain any other person. You should be prepared for negative comments.

Forum topics must include everyone on the site. This means that topics aimed at a particular person or group of persons exclusively is not allowed. You can make topics aimed at a specific group (for example 'chat for adults') but you can not stop others posting there if they wish.

Spam (pointless and annoying messages), chain letters, etc are not allowed, as is posting pointless messages for the sole purpose of making mp.

No bullying, harassment, or insulting of other members is allowed under any circumstances. This includes staff members. These will result in forum and/or mail bans, having your account set to an under-13 account (complete ban from all mail, forums and clubs) or in extreme cases contacting your Internet service provider.

Signatures containing inappropriate images or text will be removed. Staff decisions on whether certain images or text is inappropriate are final.

Linking to sites outside IS allowed providing the site linked to is none of the following:

-Other pet sites and online rpg's
-Sites with forums, shout boxes or other chat features (as they are not moderated by us and therefore may not be suitable for younger users)
-Sites not suitable for all ages
-Sites with paid advertisements
-Sites requiring a login feature using a username or password for each user (can be used in scamming to steal accounts)
-Any other clearly inappropriate sites, for example those containing information on cheats etc

You may not post on Forums suggesting that other players mail you for links to any sites that contain any of the above criteria.

Please remember that the staff can and will delete any posts or topics that do not adhere to the rules or are not appropriate. Marapets is a friendly place where people come to relax and so topics containing argument for the sake of argument, or otherwise are not against the rules but are felt to not be suitable are likely to be deleted. Your help in keeping the forums clean by reporting inappropriate topics (via the report link on posts) is much appreciated.

Private Maramail or MaraTalk conversations should not be shared with other players, privately or publicly, without the consent of the player concerned. To do so can be harassment and is not allowed.

Discussing or debating the actions or abilities of Marapets staff is not allowed. Sharing of any Message from Staff or Support Ticket response on Forums, Club Chat, Blogs or Marasites is also not allowed. What is said between Staff and a player is private. If you feel that a situation needs to be taken further you should send a Support Ticket.

Rules about Roleplay Forums

Posts on the roleplay forums must follow the general forum rules, in addition the following applies:

Real life roleplays are allowed, but try to find ways to be creative with them rather than just going to school and living daily life. However, plots involving things such as abuse are not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Romance is now allowed, but it absolutely must not go past kissing, holding hands and cuddling. Kissing descriptions are not to be extremely in depth; there's no need to know all the little details of a kiss. There is also to be no sexual interaction whatsoever. This includes leading up to a sexual encounter and cutting off before direct mentions are made. If this rule is not strictly adhered to, we will revoke all romance entirely.

In addition, users posting on a roleplay should follow any rules set out by the roleplay starter given in their first post.

You may NOT limit roleplays on the forums to specific users, however you ARE allowed to limit them by literacy. For example requiring all posts on a roleplay to be written with proper attention to spelling and grammar and to be long and descriptive rather than single line posts is allowed.

Rules about Marasites and Blogs

Content on marasites must be appropriate for all ages. Blogs are intended for a slightly older audience and therefore the rules concerning them are more relaxed, but the general spirit of the rules still applies (ie obscenity, outright offensiveness, etc)

Covering the ads on marasites is not allowed.

You may not have your own paid advertisements.

Linking to sites outside IS permitted providing the site linked to is appropriate (see Forum rules section for a list of inappropriate types of site). If you are unsure whether you are allowed to link to a specific site then please send a Support Ticket to ask.

Rules about Graphics and HTML code

Marapets is a game and is not a marketplace for artwork. Therefore, the rules for the Graphics forum have been updated. Please read them to familiarise yourself with the changes.

* No charging for graphics. All graphics are to be made for free. Tips are allowed but should follow the standard site gifting rules.

* No unbalanced trades are allowed on the site. Therefore you may not try to pay for a graphic through a junk trade.

* Likewise, you may not buy an overpriced junk item from a user's shop nor can you put an overpriced junk item in auctions.

* Live auctions are no longer allowed.

* No advertising for commissions.

* No offsite graphics. All graphics made here are to be used on Marapets (blog, marasite, profile, signature) and nowhere else.

* All artwork offered here must be the artist's own work. Using another artist's work without permission is considered theft and is, therefore, not allowed.

Marapets images may be used and altered freely within the Marapets network sites (, etc). If you wish to use marapets images on another website then you must include a copyright notice such as 'Copyright All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission'

Rules about Referrals

Referrals are to be gained from inviting other people to the site only. You may not cheat them by creating multiple accounts yourself.

You may not gain referrals by 'referral scamming'. For example, telling people that signing up to marapets will get them money or currency from other pet sites etc.

Buying and selling referrals for points or items from Marapets or any other website, or for real money is NOT allowed.

Other Rules

You may not abuse any glitches on the site. If you notice any glitch or loophole that allows you to do something in a way that was not intended please report it to the staff. Do NOT attempt to 'test' it first or continue to 'test' it until it is fixed as that will be considered abusing the glitch.

No form of hacking, scamming or otherwise misusing the site is allowed. Anyone found to be doing so will have their account deleted immediately.

Account upgrade credits may be traded for other currencies or given as gifts through the Currency Exchange. It is of course perfectly OK to sell the items you receive from an upgrade, but you may not go onto another users account with their permission in order to buy them an entire upgrade.

Rules about Rules

These rules are NOT subject to discussion, optional, or applying only to some members.

Additional rules may be added as it becomes necessary. Any major changes will be posted in the news.

Last Updated 2nd Aug 2021