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  • Mara Goals     ~13 Mar 2018
  • Mave Missing Poop     ~12 Mar 2018
  • You are missing 154 Glowing Eg...     ~28 Feb 2018
  • Goals ^.^     ~17 Nov 2017
  • My Starry Pet Collection <3     ~17 Oct 2017
  • Gunnie// Missing Music     ~17 Oct 2017

  • Mara Goals

    Posted on : 13th Mar 2018 11:42   Posted by : hailed
    Baspinar- level 10 troll
    Biala- level 8 blitzen
    Candyland- feed @ gingerbread house
    City Sewers- level 2 sewer cleaner
    City of Marada- level 20 tarquin
    Dukka Caves- book of swords from double or nothing
    Eleka- magic stat at eleka fountain
    Enpiah- change color @ operations portal
    Gigantic Paradise- leprechaun pet
    Jenoa- buy fishing treasure map piece
    kamilah- 25 hump races
    Lowlyhood- level 4 priscilla
    Lush Lake- ultimate level olympics
    Minipet Island- finish fishing treasure map
    Nimbus- cloud nine x5
    Puchalla Village- level 10 bumpkin
    Simeria- simerian pet
    Slater Park- level 2 circus
    Undying Woods- nefarious pet
    Ziranek- 300 computer repair quests

    Mave Missing Poop

    Posted on : 12th Mar 2018 21:49   Posted by : hailed
    Addoth Poop
    Agatha Poop
    Alen Poop
    Alyee Poop
    Aphid Poop
    Applex Poop
    Aristocorn Poop
    Aura Poop
    Azeido Poop
    Azlian Poop
    Azow Poop
    Azulor Poop
    Baline Poop
    Banalphin Poop
    Bearger Poop
    Beetle Poop
    Bitty Poop
    Blissaur Poop
    Blooble Poop
    Bonbon Poop
    Bop Poop
    Breakfast Poop
    Brocklee Poop
    Bubbles Poop
    Bunns Poop
    Bush Poop
    Cactoo Poop
    Cactus Poop
    Candipeed Poop
    Cantoo Poop
    Chagon Poop
    Charley Poop
    Chepiz Poop
    Cherg Poop
    Cherii Poop
    Chevron Poop
    Chibi Poop
    Chibimo Poop
    Chibzul Poop
    Chidder Poop
    Chillsaur Poop
    Choat Poop
    Choi Poop
    Christmas Poop
    Chubley Poop
    Clovite Poop
    Coddle Poop
    Crabs Poop
    Crafly Poop
    Crush Poop
    Daffy Poop
    Damaged Poop
    Dandylion Poop
    Daniel Poop
    Dantiz Poop
    Dapple Poop
    Dapurtle Poop
    Dazmo Poop
    Decadonk Poop
    Deci Poop
    Delayed Poop
    Dew Poop
    Doomed Poop
    Doon Poop
    Doyow Poop
    Doyzul Poop
    Drab Poop
    Dracone Poop
    Dragula Poop
    Drenched Poop
    Dumdo Poop
    Dune Poop
    Dusty Poop
    Earwig Poop
    Elf Poop
    Ember Poop
    Erto Poop
    Experiment 667 Poop
    Fasorul Poop
    Fild Poop
    Flaydor Poop
    Flayee Poop
    Flea Poop
    Flicker Poop
    Flighty Poop
    Flip Poop
    Flow Poop
    Flub Poop
    Fluffy Poop
    Flutterbull Poop
    Foxicle Poop
    Frolan Poop
    Frolic Poop
    Fropa Poop
    Frump Poop
    Fwidman Poop
    Gargrunt Poop
    Gazillionaire Poop
    Gingerbread Poop
    Gladie Poop
    Gleam Poop
    Gobby Poop
    Goobie Poop
    Goop Poop
    Gremble Poop
    Grinido Poop
    Grinow Poop
    Gummi Poop
    Hammy Poop
    Hauntling Poop
    Helloth Poop
    Hick Poop
    Hodge Poop
    Holly Poop
    Horus Poop
    Houlab Poop
    Hund Poop
    Huthimo Poop
    Iggy Poop
    Inferno Poop
    Ingi Poop
    Irkette Poop
    Ivor Poop
    Izzy Poop
    Jacko Poop
    James Poop
    Jessido Poop
    Jessutt Poop
    Jezebel Poop
    Juju Poop
    Justala Poop
    Kidala Poop
    Kitto Poop
    Klik Poop
    Knoro Poop
    Knuzul Poop
    Kronos Poop
    Kumbha Poop
    Lark Poop
    Leaflit Poop
    Legendary Poop
    Leidow Poop
    Leidunda Poop
    Lela Poop
    Lemonse Poop
    Leon Poop
    Leprechaun Poop
    Leto Poop
    Liam Poop
    Lidge Poop
    Limoose Poop
    Lindsey Poop
    Lishon Poop
    Lost Poop
    Lovebird Poop
    Lucky Poop
    Lunash Poop
    Lush Poop
    Lustress Poop
    Maeven Poop
    Magic Carpet Poop
    Makara Poop
    Marguerite Poop
    Marie Poop
    Mato Poop
    Mina Poop
    Minnoth Poop
    Miort Poop
    Mistake Poop
    Mr Rabbit Poop
    Mugen Poop
    Murfow Poop
    Murfzul Poop
    Myer Poop
    Nebbi Poop
    Neemi Poop
    Neil Poop
    Nerd Poop
    Nicky Poop
    Noot Poop
    Nude Poop
    Nuttler Poop
    Oogle Poop
    Ottra Poop
    Palm Poop
    Parpy Poop
    Peak Poop
    Peppa Poop
    Pixel Poop
    Plague Poop
    Plake Poop
    Pliger Poop
    Pocano Poop
    Poco Poop
    Popo Poop
    Prancer Poop
    Pucci Poop
    Pulika Poop
    Pumkin Poop
    Pumpkin Ed Poop
    Pumpkin Wiz Poop
    Punk Poop
    Purtle Poop
    Quiln Poop
    Reginald Poop
    Rejected Poop
    Renuw Poop
    Rocket Poop
    Roflow Poop
    Rudolph Poop
    Ryan Poop
    Salvus Poop
    Scarabi Poop
    Scavange Poop
    Schmog Poop
    Scorpion Poop
    Selene Poop
    Serri Poop
    Sewage Poop
    Shaggy Poop
    Shamrock Poop
    Sheepbow Poop
    Shilpy Poop
    Shroom Poop
    Skelebat Poop
    Skiddy Poop
    Skullington Poop
    Slicker Poop
    Sneaky Poop
    Snoogle Poop
    Snooty Poop
    Soleo Poop
    Spectra Poop
    Spidly Poop
    Spirit Poop
    Splish Poop
    Sprite Poop
    Starbert Poop
    Stoolie Poop
    Strawbri Poop
    Strawbun Poop
    Stray Poop
    Succubus Poop
    Sue Poop
    Sugarmites Poop
    Sunflower Poop
    Sunny Poop
    Swoop Poop
    Sycamore Poop
    Syotto Poop
    Taffy Poop
    Tantow Poop
    Tearex Poop
    Tepee Poop
    Terra Poop
    Tinsel Poop
    Toppy Poop
    Torall Poop
    Totette Poop
    Toxic Poop
    Tres Poop
    Trigaro Poop
    Tut Poop
    Tween Poop
    Twindly Poop
    Twinkle Poop
    Tyras Poop
    USB Poop
    Valentine Poop
    Vampry Poop
    Vamps Poop
    Viondol Poop
    Viper Poop
    Volum Poop
    Vorto Poop
    Wassup Poop
    Weep Poop
    Weiji Poop
    Wiik Poop
    Wisp Poop
    Witchlet Poop
    Wonion Poop
    Wookle Poop
    Yakuow Poop
    Yakuth Poop
    Yeti Poop
    Yoop Poop
    Zarplet Poop
    Zetlee Poop
    Zetoro Poop
    Zointy Poop
    Zorg Poop
    Zound Poop

    You are missing 154 Glowing Eggs

    Posted on : 28th Feb 2018 15:48   Posted by : hailed
    Acorn Glowing Egg
    Angelic Glowing Egg
    Anime Glowing Egg
    Arcade Fairy Glowing Egg
    Battle Fairy Glowing Egg
    Beach Glowing Egg
    Beelzebub Glowing Egg
    Black 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Black Damask Glowing Egg
    Blood Glowing Egg
    Blue 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Blue Candy Glowing Egg
    Blue Easter Glowing Egg
    Brown 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Brown Fleshy Glowing Egg
    Candy Corn Glowing Egg
    Candycane Glowing Egg
    Carrot Glowing Egg
    Celebrity Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Black Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Blue Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Brown Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Green Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Pink Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Purple Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Red Glowing Egg
    Corrupted White Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Yellow Glowing Egg
    Cotton Candy Glowing Egg
    Cursed Blue Glowing Egg
    Cursed Glowing Egg
    Cursed Green Glowing Egg
    Cursed Marapets Glowing Egg
    Cursed Pink Glowing Egg
    Cursed Purple Glowing Egg
    Cursed Red Glowing Egg
    Cursed White Glowing Egg
    Cursed Yellow Glowing Egg
    Dagger Throw Glowing Egg
    Daylight Fairy Glowing Egg
    Demonic Glowing Egg
    Desert Fairy Glowing Egg
    Devilkini Glowing Egg
    Digital Fairy Glowing Egg
    Dragon Glowing Egg
    Drake Glowing Egg
    Earth Fairy Glowing Egg
    Eleka Glowing Egg
    Extremely Scary Glowing Egg
    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg
    Floral Glowing Egg
    For Sale Glowing Egg
    Forest Fairy Glowing Egg
    Free Cell Glowing Egg
    Frostfire Glowing Egg
    Frosty Glowing Egg
    Geek Glowing Egg
    Glitched Glowing Egg
    Glowing Fairy Glowing Egg
    Gnome Glowing Egg
    Golem Glowing Egg
    Gravestone Glowing Egg
    Green 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Green Candy Glowing Egg
    Griffing Glowing Egg
    Gumball Machine Madness Glowing Egg
    Hairy Glowing Egg
    Harpy Glowing Egg
    Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Homeless Fairy Glowing Egg
    Injured Brown Glowing Egg
    Injured Ivory Glowing Egg
    Injured Tan Glowing Egg
    Insideout Glowing Egg
    Island Glowing Egg
    Item Collector Glowing Egg
    Ivory Fleshy Glowing Egg
    Kirin Glowing Egg
    Krampus Glowing Egg
    Lilac Glowing Egg
    Mafia Glowing Egg
    Mara Glowing Egg
    Marapets Candy Glowing Egg
    Melted Glowing Egg
    Memory Pets Glowing Egg
    Merman Glowing Egg
    Millionaire Glowing Egg
    Mini Fairy Glowing Egg
    Moonlight Fairy Glowing Egg
    Naga Glowing Egg
    Native Fairy Glowing Egg
    Newth Snowboarding Glowing Egg
    Nightmare Glowing Egg
    Nimbus Glowing Egg
    Obese Fairy Glowing Egg
    Orange 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Orange Candy Glowing Egg
    Ornament Glowing Egg
    Pale Bikini Glowing Egg
    Panda Glowing Egg
    Phanty Rescue Glowing Egg
    Pink 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Pink Candy Glowing Egg
    Pink Easter Glowing Egg
    Pumpkin Glowing Egg
    Purple 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Purple Candy Glowing Egg
    Purple Easter Glowing Egg
    Queen Eleka Glowing Egg
    Rainbow Glowing Egg
    Recycled Glowing Egg
    Red 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Red Candy Glowing Egg
    Red Damask Glowing Egg
    Santa Glowing Egg
    Sea Salt Glowing Egg
    Sea Water Glowing Egg
    Seasonal Fairy Glowing Egg
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg
    Skull Glowing Egg
    Slime Boy Glowing Egg
    Snowflake Glowing Egg
    Snowman Glowing Egg
    Space Fairy Glowing Egg
    Space Glowing Egg
    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Stonage Glowing Egg
    Sugar Cookie Glowing Egg
    Sultan Glowing Egg
    Summer Arinya Glowing Egg
    Summer Decadal Glowing Egg
    Summer Fasoro Glowing Egg
    Summer Glowing Egg
    Summer Jessup Glowing Egg
    Summer Nino Glowing Egg
    Summer Sybri Glowing Egg
    Summer Troit Glowing Egg
    Summer Yuni Glowing Egg
    Sunburnt Bikini Glowing Egg
    Sunkissed Bikini Glowing Egg
    Sunset Beach Glowing Egg
    Tan Fleshy Glowing Egg
    Tanned Bikini Glowing Egg
    Tooth Fairy Glowing Egg
    Tundra Glowing Egg
    Vampire Glowing Egg
    Wardrobe Fairy Glowing Egg
    Water Fairy Glowing Egg
    Whack an Azul Glowing Egg
    White 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Winter Glowing Egg
    Wizard Glowing Egg
    Yellow 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Yellow Candy Glowing Egg

    Goals ^.^

    Posted on : 17th Nov 2017 12:50   Posted by : hailed
    Mara Goals <3

    Finish Starry LE pet collection 35/40
    Make Elon a Starry Rofling level 10/30 temple
    Get all instruments for Gunnie <3
    Continue training/learnables/gourmets on Mave
    Make a Chibs row
    Marietta ?
    Waverley Pirate Eyru level 7/30 temple
    Sacrificed Mummy Straya
    Demsie and Harlei?

    Chibs Row- Old Chibs(Crunk), Angel Chibs(Disnei), Seasonal Chibs(Adalin), ?
    Minipet Row x3- Vixen(Lassiter), Rusty(Jalayah), Gizmo(Veruna), Chibs(Anthoria), Echlin(Chasmic), Oglue(Griz), Daisy(Aoide), Lati(Erabella), Raulf(Virtuou), Poera(Wisheo), Reese(Vallerie), ?
    Quell Row- Sleepy(Raye), Dalmation(Kylen), Digital(Novei), Elf(Elfey)
    Pirate Pair- Basil(Rum), Eyru(Waverley)
    Wizard Pair/Row?- Tantua(Zaize), Troit(Ranzell)

    My Starry Pet Collection <3

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2017 20:47   Posted by : hailed
    If you need a photo of any for your collection I will gladly take one for you
    If you are selling any makers I need or selling Starry Costumes please let me know ^^


    Astro Oriyen
    Basil Lassitersaving for maker
    Chibs Eikou
    Daisy Ayamei
    Dakota Dyras
    Decadal Tasa
    Echlin Gemyni
    Ercuw Xainey
    Eyru Lesita
    Figaro Neowna
    Gobble Pinali
    Huthiq Velc
    Ike Adilan
    Justin Mavechanging costume for training
    Kujo Adriol
    Lati Cherley
    Limax Rivine
    Lorius Eminois
    Mordo Tz
    Nino Joenah
    Poera Constelations
    Pucu Lyonnete
    Quell Ornis
    Raulf Ingrosso
    Rofling Elonin temple
    Rusty GabrieLLa
    Sindi Ursulah
    Snookle Amairi
    Sybri Shagrin
    Tasi Quartered
    Troit Gothelle
    Ushunda Tifo
    Viotto Lienno
    Vixen Alistere
    Willa Telm
    Yuni Nivax
    Zola Gunnie

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