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Adult Player for the past 12 years who has been known to break out in laughter over a joke I just understood after hearing it yesterday!
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  • Regular Plushie machine huge prizes!

    Posted on : 9th Nov 2018 00:50   Posted by : atomswifey
    Month of November 2018...
    Aqua Kidlet
    Bee Reese
    Black Willa
    Brown Zola
    Camouflage Viotto
    Ice Fairy Chibs
    Navy Decadal
    Olive Knutt
    Pink Vixen
    Enchanted Aqua Feliz
    Enchanted Clown Grint
    Teal Newth
    Gold Addow
    Olive Oglue
    Enchanted Gold Addow
    Aqua Straya!!!
    Enchanted Glass Osafo!
    White Phanty
    Coral Chibs


    Blitzen Mission

    Posted on : 8th Nov 2018 10:40   Posted by : atomswifey
    1. Blue Equilor Pen....[X] 199mp

    2. Blue Azul Pen...[X] 104mp

    3. Red pen [X] 62mp

    4. Spotted Pot [X] 18K mp

    5. Three items [X] 1000mp

    6. Blue Basil Cracker, Blue Addow Plushie [X] 21K

    7. Sick gizmo Tee [X] 347K my

    8. Enchanted Red Azul Plushie, Spiral Table [X] 365K my

    9. Yellow Kuork Plate [X] 350K mp

    10. Newth Flippers [X] 499K mp
    ————————————Total.... approx 1.5 mil so far spent

    11. Succubus Poop, enchanted Book [X] 203K

    12. Heart Belly Ring; green hair dye [X] 70K


    AtoM ToT event

    Posted on : 28th Oct 2018 18:32   Posted by : atomswifey
    Happy Maraween Clubbies!
    Post whatever you like and Happy Halloween!

    St. Patty day event 2014

    Posted on : 17th Mar 2014 10:40   Posted by : atomswifey
    So far...

    Clover Bouquet (7)

    Clover Potato (2)

    Lep Plushie (7)

    Charmer minipet

    Lep Stew (3)

    Rainbow biscuit (4)

    Male POG Shoes (3)

    Shamrock Jacket (2)

    Shamrock Top (3)

    Mad Lep Wig (7)

    St. Pats Wig (3)

    Soda farl (3)

    How to Catch a Leprechaun Book (5)

    Cup of Gold Tea

    Lep Lorius Plushie (5)

    Female POG Shoes (6)

    Bubble Pipe (5)

    Shamrock dress (4)

    Potato Bread (2)

    Current Costume Prices Dec.2013

    Posted on : 5th Mar 2014 17:55   Posted by : atomswifey
    Advent Costume: 1mil-1.8mil
    Midnight Costume: 500K-750K
    Zombie Costume 800mil- You should just use poisons to get this cossie for your pet.
    American Costume- SS
    Millionaire Costume- 1 million mps
    Yellow Costume- 600k
    Angel Costume- 25- 30 mil- Smuggler
    Minipet Costume- 14-15 mil
    Wizard Costume- 50mil-70mil
    Anime Costume- 1.5-2million
    Mummy Costume- 15 mil- Antique shop, I suggest using a mummy doll.
    Winter Costume: 750K-1.2mil
    Armoured Costume: 6 mil
    Musical Costume- SS
    Autumn Costume- 800k-1mil
    Mutant Costume- 900Mil+- use lab instead for a mutant.
    Baby Costume- 35-40 mil
    Native Costume- 800k
    Balloon Costume- SS
    Nefarious Costume- 1.2mil
    Bee Costume- 600-800k
    Negative Costume- 550- 700k
    Black Costume- 500k +
    Nightmare Costume- 750K-1.2mil
    Blitzen Costume- 500K-700K
    Ninja Costume- SS
    Blue Costume- 600K
    Old Costume- 10-13 million, find at smuggler.
    Orange Costume- 600k
    British Costume- 700k
    Party Costume- 30-100million mps
    Bronze Costume- SS
    Pilgrim Costume- 600K-800K
    Brown Costume- 600k
    Pink Costume- 600k
    Burnt Costume- SS- or Complete the volcano map
    Pirate Costume- 4 million, get from refferals.
    Calico Costume- 3-4 million
    Pixie Costume- 1.3-1.8 mill
    Camouflage Costume- 8-10 mil
    Plant Costume- 500k- 800k
    Checkered Costume- 10mil-12mil Smuggler
    Plushie Costume- 600k
    Cheese Costume- 4.5mil-6mil?
    Polar Costume- 1.2mil-1.8mil
    Chinese Costume- SS
    Princess Costume- SS
    Chocolate Costume- 800- 1 million mps
    Prison Costume- 250 mil- get from sending pet to prison
    Christmas Costume- 1.3- 1.5 mil
    Puchalla Costume- SS
    Christmastree Costume- 1mil-1.5mil
    Punk Costume- 600K-800K
    Clown Costume- 1.5 million
    Purple Costume- 600k
    Cotton Candy Costume- 1-1.5 mil
    Radioactive Costume- 600k
    Cowboy Costume- 800k
    Rainbow Costume- 30mil
    Cupid Costume- 600K-1mil
    Rainy Costume- 600K-850K
    Dark Costume- 1.2mil-1.8mil
    Recycled Costume- 750k
    Dark Fairy Costume- 3 mil
    Red Costume- 600k
    Detective Costume- SS
    Robot Costume- 800K-1.2mil
    Devil Costume- 1.8mil-2.5mil?
    Rotten Costume- SS
    Digital Costume- 500-850k
    Royal Costume- 10 Mil
    Earthfairy Costume- 10mil+
    School Costume- 800K-1.2mil
    Easter Costume- 600k
    Seasonal Costume- 200+ Mil
    Eleka Costume- 4.5 mil
    Sewers Costume- 800k- 1.5 mil
    Elf Costume- 3.5 mil
    Shaved Costume- SS
    Emo Costume- 750k
    Silver Costume- 600k
    Enpiah Costume- 3mil-3.5mil
    Simerian Costume- 3mil-3.5mil
    Explorer Costume- 800k
    Skater Costume- 3- 3.5 mil
    Fairy Costume- 12mil-14mil
    Skeleton Costume- SS
    Fat Costume- 750K-850K
    Sketch Costume- 600k
    Fire Costume- 13mil-15mil
    Skinny Costume- 600k
    Firefairy Costume- 1- 1.6 mil
    Sleepy Costume- 1.5mil-2.5mil
    Firework Costume- 1.5mil+
    Slime Costume: SS
    Funky Costume- 1.8mil
    Snow Costume- 600k
    Furry Costume- SS
    Snowman Costume- 4.5mil-5.5mil
    Geek Costume- 800K
    Snowman Costume- 4.5mil-5.5mil
    Space Costume- 600k
    Genie Costume- 500-700k
    Space Fairy Costume- 2mil-2.5mil
    Ghost Costume- 600k- 800k
    Sparkle Costume- 600k-800k
    Gingerbread Costume- 3.5mil-4.5mil
    Splatter costume= 4-5 mil
    Glass Costume- SS
    Spring Costume- 6mil-8mil
    Gnome Costume- 700K-1mil
    Summer Costume- 700K-1mil
    Goblin Costume- 1mil-1.5mil
    Sponge Costume- SS
    Gold Costume- 600k
    Sports Costume- 15- 25 mil
    Gothic Costume- 15mil-25mil
    Mermaid Costume- 40 mil?
    Green Costume- 600k
    Spy Costume- 2.5mil-3.5mil
    Grey Costume- 600k
    Starry Costume- 15- 20 mil
    Halloween Costume- 5- 8 mil
    Stone Costume- 2.5 mil
    Hairy Costume- 1-1.4 mil
    Stoneage Costume- 1.5- 2mil
    Headless Costume- ?
    Superhero Costume- 800k +
    Hero Costume- 1-1.3 mil
    Toddler Costume- 600k-800k
    Hobo Costume- 15 mil
    Toy Costume- 600k-900k
    Ice Costume- 600k or SS
    Tiger Costume- 5mil +
    Ice Cream Costume- 700k- 1mil
    Trailer Costume- SS
    Ice fairy Costume- : 2mil-3.5mil
    Underwater Costume- 3.5mil-5mil?
    Injured Costume- SS-600K
    Undying fairy Costume- 1.3mil
    Insideout Costume- 800K-1.2mil
    Valentine Costume- 3.5mil-4mil
    Island Costume- 600K
    Vampire Costume- 1mil-1.2mil
    Kamilah Costume- 600K- 750K
    Villain Costume- 1.5mil-2mil
    Killer Costume- 700K
    Voodoo Costume- 600K +
    Leprechaun Costume- 700K
    Vortex Costume- 800K
    Light Costume- 1.5-2 MIL
    Water Costume- 20 MIL
    Light Fairy Costume- 2.5 MIL - 3.5 MIL
    Werewolf Costume- 600K-750K
    Lightning Costume- 3-3.5mil
    White Costume- 600K
    Love Costume- 25- 40 MIL
    Mad Scientist Costume- 600K- 750
    Mafia Costume- 800K-1.2 MIL
    Mental Costume-SS
    Bug- 2-2.5 Mil
    Cartoon- 1.2 Mil
    Steampunk- 1.5- 2 Mil
    Breeze- 1.2- 2 Mil

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