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  • Minipets I have and need avata...     ~18 Dec 2018
  • Secret Santa 2018     ~15 Dec 2018
  • Krampus 2018     ~10 Dec 2018
  • Carol Singing 2018     ~03 Dec 2018
  • Advent Calendar 2018     ~01 Dec 2018
  • Bootleg Pyramid     ~08 Sep 2018
  • Pets birthdays.     ~20 Jun 2018
  • Add to minipets notepad.     ~15 May 2018
  • Enchanted Plushie Machine     ~16 Apr 2018
  • You have completed the Poison ...     ~25 Jan 2018
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  • Reminders.     ~06 Nov 2017
  • Art drawn for me     ~02 Jan 2011

  • Minipets I have and need avatars.

    Posted on : 18th Dec 2018 13:48   Posted by : Umbrella
    Fang - Attach a Fang to your pet for 10+ days then view the minipet.IN PROCESS

    Will add.

    Secret Santa 2018

    Posted on : 15th Dec 2018 15:23   Posted by : Umbrella
    [x] Chilled Blue Striped Present
    [x] Chilled Gold Striped Present
    [x] Chilled Green Striped Present
    [x] Chilled Purple Striped Present
    [x] Chilled Teal Striped Present

    [x] Bronze Peppermint Present
    [x] Gold Peppermint Present
    [x] Mint Peppermint Present
    [x] Pink Peppermint Present
    [x] Silver Peppermint Present

    [x] Tall Christmas Striped Present
    [x] Tall Green Striped Present
    [x] Tall Orange Striped Present
    [x] Tall Purple Striped Present
    [x] Tall Teal Striped Present

    [x] Blue Seasonal Present
    [] Orange Seasonal Present
    [x] Purple Seasonal Present
    [x] Teal Seasonal Present

    [] Blue Peppermint Plushie
    [] Green Peppermint Plushie
    [] Orange Peppermint Plushie
    [] Purple Peppermint Plushie
    [] Bell Plushie
    [] Blue Santa Hat Ornament
    [] Pink Santa Hat Ornament
    [] Purple Santa Hat Ornament
    [] Red Candycane Candle
    [] Blue Candycane Candle
    [] Green Candycane Candle
    [] Orange Candycane Candle
    [] Holly Wreath
    [] Ice Cake
    [] Candycane Shower
    [] Christmas Lights Belt
    [] Seasonal Gloves
    [] Kitty Pom Pom Hat
    [] Snowman Hat
    [] Athletic Bikini Top
    [] Caroler Top
    [] Athletic Bikini

    Krampus 2018

    Posted on : 10th Dec 2018 13:58   Posted by : Umbrella

    [x] Krampus Shadow Stamp (added to album)
    [x] Krampus Contact Lenses (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Tail (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Sweater (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Slippers (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Evil Glowing Egg (nest)
    [x] Krampus Nightmares (watched to Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Catch a Krampus Book (read to Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Horn Pearl (fed to Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Evil Teddy Bear Plushie (played with & collected)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Playlist (Cosmiah listened to)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Figurine ( played with Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Devil Food Cupcake (fed to Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Devil Food Cake (fed to Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Beanie (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Krampus Stockings (wardrobe)ATTIC
    [x] Ripped Teddy Bear (played with Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Ice Stocking (played with Cosmiah)ATTIC
    [x] Deer Skull (fed to Cosmiah)ATTIC

    Carol Singing 2018

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2018 01:24   Posted by : Umbrella
    Carol Singing

    [x] Candycane Trumpet (attic)
    [x] Ice Guitar (attic)
    [x] Peppermint Banjo (attic)
    [x] Holly Maracas (attic)
    [x] Gingerbread Sandwich (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Chocolate Gingerbread Sandwich (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Strawberry Gingerbread Sandwich (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Cherry Gummy Gingerbread Man (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Blueberry Gummy Gingerbread Man (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Lime Gummy Gingerbread Man (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Grape Gummy Gingerbread Man (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Lemon Gummy Gingerbread Man (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Cherry Gummy Reindeer (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Blueberry Gummy Reindeer (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Lime Gummy Reindeer (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Grape Gummy Reindeer (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Lemon Gummy Reindeer (fed to Cosmiah)
    [x] Bows and Bells Hair Clip (wardrobe)
    [x] Candycane Hair Clip (wardrobe)
    [x] Caroler Shawl (wardrobe)
    [x] Snowflake Slippers (wardrobe)
    [x] Snowflake Necklace (wardrobe)
    [x] Polar Bear Snow Globe (played with Cosmiah)
    [x] Music Note Ornament (played with Cosmiah)
    [x] Santa Hat Ornament (played with Cosmiah)
    [x] Ribbon Wreath (played with Cosmiah)
    [x] Penguin Glowing Egg (nest)
    [x] Music Notes (wardrobe)


    Advent Calendar 2018

    Posted on : 1st Dec 2018 18:16   Posted by : Umbrella
    Day 1: 2 x Ice Crown and 5,000MP
    Day 2: 2 x Angel Ornament and 750MP
    Day 3: 2 x Glacier Pearl and 3,000MP
    Day 4: 2 x Candycane Wreath and 1,250MP
    Day 5: 2 x Ice Belt and 250MP
    Day 6: 2 x Gingerbread Latte and 2,000MP
    Day 7: 2 x Angel Food Cupcake and 1,000MP MISSED
    Day 8: 2 x Baubles and Snowflakes and 500MP MISSED
    Day 9: 2 x Purple Candycane Candle and 1,500MP
    Day 10: 2 x Back Head Hair Extensions and 4,000MP
    Day 11: 2 x Ice Ribbon and 1MP
    Day 12: 2 x Carol Singing Hat and 2,500MP
    Day 13: 2 x Santa Gumball and 10,000MP
    Day 14: 2 x Teddy Bear Ornament and 2,250MP
    Day 15: 2 x Carol Singing Vest and 2,750MP
    Day 16: 2 x Christmas Tree Ice Sculpture and 7,500MP
    Day 17: 2 x Pig Tails Hair Extensions and 50MP
    Day 18: 2 x Festive Sea Shell and 100MP
    Day 19: 2 x Seasonal Socks and 200MP
    Day 20: 2 x Gingerbread Candle and 1,750MP
    Day 21: 2 x Holly Brownie and 2,500MP
    Day 22: 2 x Frosted Book and 8,000MP
    Day 23: 2 x Cuddly Pillow and 12,500MP
    Day 24: 2 x Tree Plushie and 25,000MP
    Day 25: 2 x Ice Skater Dress and £1 Account Upgrade
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:
    Day 31:

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