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yeah, it's been that kind of a day...............







  • halloween story for Dani.........     ~02 Nov 2017
  • dani borrowing pet remind to r...     ~20 Apr 2017
  • loan of teto to Gabriel     ~18 Jun 2016

  • halloween story for Dani........hope you enjoy it!

    Posted on : 2nd Nov 2017 11:33   Posted by : bebbs
    it was a dark, moonless night as Dani, or Nino as her friends called her, started the short trek back to her home. her friend bebbs had thrown a halloween party and invited her to join them. they\'d had a ball and even gotten in a little bit of trick or treating. but the light weight of her bag reminded Dani that the pickings had been lean. it was a tough economic time in their small town and the residents simply couldn\'t spare the money for much in the way of treats. however, she appreciated the items she did get. her mouth watered as she thought of the snickers bar, the butterfinger, the mallow cups that lay nestled snuggly on the bottom of her bag. then something flickered, catching her attention. what was that faint light? where\'d it come from? there was no house on the left where the flicker had come from. the lot had been sadly vacant and bleakly empty as long as Dani could remember. still she turned her head to check it out. yep, there was indeed a a WINDOW? there was no house there, never had been. how could there be one now? it wasn\'t there when she passed that way on her way to bebbs\' party. but indeed there now was one standing boldly against the black silhouette of the night. surely she was hallucinating from the tiredness that wracked her body and the sugar high from all the goodies she\'d eagerly indulged in at bebbs\' party. wearily she rubbed her eyes, blinked, and looked to her left again. the house was still there, the faint flicker of a light still holding it\'s own in an otherwise pitch black house. cautiously, she started toward the house, willing her feet to move. suddenly, she heard a swishing sound and a moment later something rolled to a stop at her feet.

    the ghoul laughed at the sight. this had been his best halloween yet! he was already looking forward to next year. still laughing, he happily dropped something onto the top of Dani\'s trick or treat bag which was now on the ground. with a wave of his hands and a murmur of strange words, the ghoul (who had once been a great wizard but was cursed into ghouldom when he tried to seduce the master wizard\'s young daughter), vanished along with the strange house and flickering light. but Dani would never know what the ghoul had dropped onto her trick or treat bag. she\'d never enjoy the goodies that still lay nestled in the bottom of her bag. what an irony her \'treat\' from the ghoul was........for the item that he dropped was a Headless Nino Photo!


    dani borrowing pet remind to remove items

    Posted on : 20th Apr 2017 20:49   Posted by : bebbs
    2 yellow magic powders 2 golden goose axes that Dani put bebbster-----remind her to remove them before she returns my pet. she said i can keep the staff of the light fairy she put on her. yahoo! thank you, Dani!

    loan of teto to Gabriel

    Posted on : 18th Jun 2016 11:44   Posted by : bebbs
    june 18 2016

    when either the player comes back online with the one in trades or Gabriel passes the biala goal level to get one, the player will replace the one i'm loaning him.

    ::edit:: player has now changed his username to Nightmare (still June 21, 2016 for mara but it's June 22, 2016 for me now)

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