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  • persephone working on trading ...     3rd Nov 2019 16:43
  • Lilsabeth and photo swap Compl...     3rd Sep 2019 00:39
  • Swetanew swapping completed :...     2nd Sep 2019 11:46
  • photos i need of mistypain2...     6th May 2019 16:24
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  • persephone working on trading photos with her :)

    Posted on : 3rd Nov 2019 16:43   Posted by : bebbs

    Lilsabeth and photo swap Completed

    Posted on : 3rd Sep 2019 00:39   Posted by : bebbs
    Light Kronk photo sent to me by Lilsabeth. when she has time, she'll go through my pets to see which photo she'd like in return.

    thank you for the photo, Lilsabeth!

    Light Kronk Photo has been added to your Photo Album

    as requested, sent her a stoneage nino photo for the light kronk one she sent me.

    we also swapped a photo of her checkered daisy for one of my baby flab. Smile

    Swetanew swapping completed :)

    Posted on : 2nd Sep 2019 11:46   Posted by : bebbs
    on which of my pets she'd like a photo of. she already sent me a silver snookle one. Smile

    thanks again, sweta!

    Tiger Nino Photo has been sent to Swetanew

    photos i need of mistypain2's pets :) DONE

    Posted on : 6th May 2019 16:24   Posted by : bebbs
    Alesea the Mummy Azul swapped baby limax photo for
    Bethanne the Baby Straya swapped beige doyle photo for
    ChelsaeMichelle the Baby Sybri swapped slime yakubi photo for
    Cortez the Thunder Chibs swapped sponge kronk photo for
    Baby Dakota Photo (sent photo but forgot to put which one here as rl issue came up as soon as i sent it so didn't have time then to put it in this blog)
    IsaacMichael the Baby Astro swapped bronze ideus for
    JonathonTaylor the Baby Dakota swapped beige flab for
    KeithAllen the Baby Phanty swapped fairy sindi photo for
    NicholasScott the Baby Huthiq swapped gingerbread vixen photo for
    Rosaleigh the Thunder Decadal swappped arcade willa photo for
    reanta the Love Fasoro swapped blue fasoro photo for


    plates kelso9397 wants of my minipets

    Posted on : 27th Mar 2019 00:55   Posted by : bebbs
    Aura DONE
    Banalphin DONE
    Baxter DONE
    Bearger DONE
    Black Shea DONE
    black skullington DONE
    black wisp DONE
    blisssaur DONE
    blue flow DONE
    blue grinow need to make plate
    blue leprechaun
    blue leto
    blue osabri
    buckaroo need to make plate
    crush DONE
    green cantoo
    green leto need to make plate
    green orville
    green wisp
    orange leprechaun
    pink punkDONE
    pink thraciusDONE
    rainbow fynx need to make plate

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