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If you want to know anything about me, the Info link is your friend :P

Oh! And my pets are not for trade. Sorry! ;)







  • ~ 12th B-day! ~     ~15 Aug 2016
  • ~ St. Patrick's 2016 ~     ~17 Mar 2016
  • ~ Carrotastrophe ~     ~09 Mar 2016
  • ~ Valentine's 2016 ~     ~12 Feb 2016
  • ~ Elfember ~     ~06 Dec 2015
  • ~ Thanksgiving 2015 ~     ~25 Nov 2015
  • ~ Maraween 2015 ~     ~20 Oct 2015
  • ~ Pool Party ~     ~13 Jul 2015
  • ~ Pool Party Ticket gathering ...     ~06 Jun 2015
  • ~ Easter 2015 ~     ~04 Apr 2015
  • ~ Valentine's Day 2015 ~     ~15 Feb 2015
  • ~ Thanksgiving 2014 ~     ~27 Nov 2014
  • ~ Pumpkin Hunt 2014 ~     ~29 Oct 2014
  • ~ Happy 10th B-day!!&#...     ~14 Aug 2014
  • ~ Alien attack! ~     ~26 Jul 2014
  • ~ St. Patricks 2014 ~     ~17 Mar 2014
  • ~ Valentine's Day 2014 ~     ~14 Feb 2014
  • ~ Chinese New Year 2014 ~     ~31 Jan 2014
  • ~ Thanksgiving War ~     ~26 Nov 2013
  • ~ Pumpkin Hunt 2013 ~     ~27 Oct 2013
  • ~ Avie lending ~     ~02 Jun 2013
  • ~ Goals II ~     ~17 Feb 2009
  • ~ Goals I ~     ~12 Oct 2008
  • ~ Avie help ~     ~28 Oct 2007
  • ~ Some info about names ~     ~26 Sep 2007
  • ~ Valentin'09 ~     ~06 Sep 2007
  • ~ Pumpkin Hunt'07 & &#...     ~06 Sep 2007

  • ~ 12th B-day! ~

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2016 05:08   Posted by : ayatides
    Cakes prizes:
    Orange Party Bag ???Red Sticky Hand
    Red Party Bag ???Red Spinning Toy
    Purple Party Bag ???Party Hat Keychain
    Blue Party Bag ???Ombre Stella Wig
    Purple Party Bag ???Chocolate Potato Chips
    Purple Party Bag ???Party Bubbles
    Green Party Bag ???Red Clacker
    Green Party Bag ???Yellow Clacker
    Red Party Bag ???Red Sticky Hand
    Orange Party Bag ???Anime Potato Chips
    Pink Party Bag ???Chocolate Potato Chips
    Orange Party Bag ???Bop
    Red Party Bag ???Green Toy Watergun
    Orange Party Bag ???Blue Spinning Toy
    Green Party Bag ???Yellow Clacker
    Orange Party Bag ???Party Bubbles
    Green Party Bag ???Strawberry Cream Donut
    Purple Party Bag ???Red Party Doh
    Red Party Bag ???Blue Sticky Hand
    Red Party Bag ???Sticker Sheet
    Blue Party Bag ???Blue Sticky Hand
    Green Party Bag ???Matcha Cream Donut
    Orange Party Bag ???Stella Wig
    Red Party Bag ???Bop
    Yellow Party Bag ???Red Spinning Toy
    Red Party Bag ???Green Hand Clapper
    Red Party Bag ???Yellow Clacker
    Purple Party Bag ???Chocolate Cream Donut
    Green Party Bag ???Balloon
    Green Party Bag ???Green Sticky Hand
    Pink Party Bag ???Red Party Doh
    Yellow Party Bag ???Party Sticker Sheet
    Green Party Bag ???Blue Sticky Hand
    Red Party Bag ???Green Hand Clapper
    Green Party Bag ???Blue Hand Clapper
    Blue Party Bag ???Stella Wig
    Purple Party Bag ???Party Hat Keychain
    Orange Party Bag ???Party Hat Keychain
    Red Party Bag ???Blue Spinning Toy
    Pink Party Bag ???Strawberry Cream Donut
    Blue Party Bag ???Yellow Toy Watergun
    Green Party Bag ???Green Clacker
    Orange Party Bag ???Party Sticker Sheet
    Orange Party Bag ???Balloon
    Pink Party Bag ???Party Sticker Sheet
    Purple Party Bag ???Blue Party Doh
    Green Party Bag ???Green Toy Watergun
    Orange Party Bag ???Chocolate Cream Donut
    Pink Party Bag ???Blue Spinning Toy
    Yellow Party Bag ???Chocolate Cream Donut
    Orange Party Bag ???Red Hand Clapper
    Orange Party Bag ???Party Sticker Sheet
    Red Party Bag ???Party Hat Keychain
    Yellow Party Bag ???Yellow Clacker

    Black Astro Pinata
    Black Decadal Pinata x2
    Black Eyru Pinata x2
    Black Gobble Pinata x6
    Black Limax Pinata x5
    Black Raulf Pinata x4
    Blue Astro Pinata x5
    Blue Eyru Pinata x7
    Blue Gobble Pinata x3
    Blue Limax Pinata x2
    Blue Raulf Pinata x2
    Brown Astro Pinata x3
    Brown Decadal Pinata x5
    Brown Eyru Pinata x3
    Brown Gobble Pinata x3
    Brown Limax Pinata x2
    Brown Raulf Pinata x4
    Green Astro Pinata x2
    Green Gobble Pinata x2
    Green Eyru Pinata
    Green Limax Pinata x3
    Green Raulf Pinata x3
    Grey Astro Pinata x5
    Grey Decadal Pinata x2
    Grey Eyru Pinata x3
    Grey Gobble Pinata x4
    Grey Limax Pinata x3
    Grey Raulf Pinata x6
    Orange Astro Pinata x6
    Orange Decadal Pinata x3
    Orange Eyru Pinata
    Orange Gobble Pinata x3
    Orange Limax Pinata x5
    Orange Raulf Pinata
    Pink Astro Pinata x2
    Pink Decadal Pinata x3
    Pink Gobble Pinata x2
    Pink Limax Pinata x4
    Pink Raulf Pinata x4
    Purple Astro Pinata x6
    Purple Decadal Pinata x4
    Purple Gobble Pinata x3
    Purple Limax Pinata x6
    Purple Raulf Pinata x5
    Red Decadal Pinata x4
    Red Astro Pinata x3
    Red Eyru Pinata x3
    Red Gobble Pinata x2
    Red Limax Pinata x3
    Red Raulf Pinata x4
    Yellow Astro Pinata x4
    Yellow Decadal Pinata x4
    Yellow Eyru Pinata x3
    Yellow Gobble Pinata
    Yellow Limax Pinata
    Yellow Raulf Pinata x4
    White Astro Pinata x3
    White Decadal Pinata x5
    White Eyru Pinata x6
    White Gobble Pinata x8
    White Limax Pinata x3
    White Raulf Pinata x6

    Pinata prizes:
    'Ahoy Matey' avatar!! (23rd pinata, White Gobble Pinata)
    'Happy 12th Birthday' avatar!! (Orange Party Bag, Balloon)
    Armour Potato Chips x10
    Azul Pocket Candy Dispenser x4
    Banana 12th Birthday Cupcake x6
    Banana Present Gummies x4
    Blueberry 12th Birthday Cupcake x7
    Blueberry Eclair x9
    Blue Raspberry Present Gummies x4
    Burnt 12th Birthday Cake x4
    Cherry Present Gummies x15
    Chibs Pocket Candy Dispenser x9
    Chocolate 12th Birthday Cake x4
    Chocolate 12th Birthday Cupcake x5
    Chocolate Eclair x4
    Dark Chocolate Sugar Skull x4
    Decadal Pocket Candy Dispenser x8
    Diet Dirt Marapop x5
    Empty Diet Dirt Marapop x5
    Homemade Birthday Cake x4
    Ike Pocket Candy Dispenser x5
    Jessup Pocket Candy Dispenser x3
    Kings Hat x3
    Lime Present Gummies x5
    Matcha Eclair x6
    Milk Chocolate Sugar Skull x5
    Mint Chocolate Sugar Skull x5
    Newth Pocket Candy Dispenser x9
    Orange Chocolate Sugar Skull x3
    Pinata Costume (White Gobble Pinata)
    Pirate Earring
    Pirate Flag x2
    Pirate Heels x2
    Pirate Jacket x2
    Pirate Leg
    Pirate Pants
    Pirate Ship x2
    Pirate Wig
    Silver Pirate Hook+avatar
    Skull Smoke x2
    Strawberry 12th Birthday Cake x6
    Strawberry 12th Birthday Cupcake x2
    Strawberry Eclair x5
    Treasure Hunt x2
    Vanilla 12th Birthday Cake x5
    Vanilla 12th Birthday Cupcake x6
    Vanilla Eclair x4
    White Chocolate 12th Birthday Cupcake x10
    White Chocolate Sugar Skull x3
    Zoink Pocket Candy Dispenser x5

    ~ St. Patrick's 2016 ~

    Posted on : 17th Mar 2016 15:06   Posted by : ayatides
    Clover Handkerchief Pants
    Frilly Tutu
    Leprechaun Jessup Plushie
    Shamrock Tights
    Shiny Bob Wig

    ~ Carrotastrophe ~

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2016 15:16   Posted by : ayatides
    Items found: 38

    Black Split Bra
    Black Ruffle Undies
    Black Ruffle Top x2
    Dirty Magazine
    Drowsy Moonlight Fairy Doll
    Impatient Greedy Fairy Doll
    Kitty Bra x2
    My Immortal Love Book
    Old XXXO Magazine x2
    Shining Peasant Fairy Doll x2
    Sleepy Daylight Fairy Doll x3
    Smashed CD
    Spoiled Banana x2
    Spoiled Milk x2
    Spoiled Orange x3
    Spoiled Sausage
    Spoiled Turnip
    Sulky Wardrobe Fairy Doll
    Vintage Equilor Plushie x2
    Vintage Gobble Plushie x3
    Vintage Jessup Plushie
    White Ruffle Nightgown
    White Ruffle Trim Sheer Dress

    ~ Valentine's 2016 ~

    Posted on : 12th Feb 2016 07:48   Posted by : ayatides
    Hearts found: 210
    2/27 - 34
    2/26 - 16
    2/25 - 14
    2/24 - 12
    2/23 - 12
    2/20 - 10
    2/19 - 22
    2/18 - 8
    2/17 - 20
    2/16 - 22
    2/15 - 18
    2/14 - 10
    2/13 - 4
    2/12 - 10

    Gifts found:
    Bloody Pink Rose
    Bloody Red Rose
    Bloody Yellow Rose x4
    Chocolate Heart Cookies
    Cookie Heart x4
    Friends Snookle Plushie
    I Heart You Limax Plushie
    I Heart You Snookle Plushie
    I Wuv You Limax Plushie
    Love Letter Cookie
    Purple Heart Cookies x5
    Q T Pie Fasoro Plushie x2
    Raspberry Love Brownie x2
    Snixie Pillow Plushie
    True Love Fasoro Plushie
    Valentine Emo Limax Plushie X3
    Valentine Heart Cookies
    Valentine Peasant and Homeless Fairy Doll x2
    Vanilla Love Cupcake x2
    White Heart Raulf Plushie x3
    White Heart Poera Plushie x3
    You Are Delightful Limax Plushie
    You Are Wonderful Snookle Plushie

    ~ Elfember ~

    Posted on : 6th Dec 2015 10:46   Posted by : ayatides
    Krampus Prizes:
    Blizzard Snow
    Birch Swatter
    Broken Blue Bauble
    Broken Green Bauble
    Broken Red Bauble
    Candycane Harpoon
    Coal Bomb
    Glowing Krampus Egg
    Headless Basil Plushie
    Here Comes Krampus
    Naughty List
    Skater Beanie
    Snowball Catapult

    Carol singing Prizes:
    Apricot Macaron
    Bass Guitar
    Black Fuzz Mittens
    Black Puff Mittens
    Blueberry Snowcone
    Coconut Macaron
    Cherry Macaron
    Cherry Snowcone
    Chocolate Macaron
    Christmas Mittens
    Electric Violin
    Frosty Snow Jams
    Grape Snowcone
    Green Fuzz Mittens
    Hurdy Gurdy
    Ice Fairy Lament
    Lemon Macaron
    Lemon Snowcone
    Lime Snowcone
    Lychee Macaron
    Matcha Macaron
    Pink Fuzz Mittens
    Pistachio Macaron
    Red Wrapped Tunes
    Snare Drum
    Snixie Songs
    Strawberry Macaron
    Watermelon Snowcone

    Secret Santa Prizes:
    Blue Hump Present - Festive Pizza Plushie
    How exciting! You just experienced 'Christmas Eve'
    Gold Vlad Present - Festive Peach Plushie x2
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Red Flat Sneakers
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Polka Dot Hair Bow
    Green Addow Present - Black Lace Up Sneakers
    Ice Cream Lati Present - Red Flat Sneakers
    White Lorius Present - Red Lace Up Sneakers
    Blue Sybri Present - Glowing Angelic Egg
    White Lorius Present - Yellow Flat Sneakers
    White Lorius Present - Mint Shake
    Cartoon Kaala Present- Blue Flat Sneakers
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Green Flat Sneakers
    Red Zoosh Present - Yellow Lace Up Sneakers
    Red Fasoro Present - Festive Peach Plushie
    Gold Kujo Present - Lightbug
    Daylight Figaro Present - Christmas Tree Candle
    Red Zoosh Present - Coolmint Shake
    Blue Mordo Present - Red Lace Up Sneakers
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Winter Tiara
    Red Chibs Present - Festive Pizza Plushie
    Fairy Raulf Present - Green Flat Sneakers
    Daylight Figaro Present - Seasonal Gourd Plushie
    Gold Kujo Present - Black Flat Sneakers
    Red Willa Present - Coolmint Shake
    Gold Vlad Present - Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
    Ice Cream Lati Present - Red Lace Up Sneakers
    Green Justin Present - Seasonal Gourd Plushie
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Festive Strawberry Plushie
    Blue Sybri Present - Decorated Christmas Tree Candle
    Red Chibs Present - Seasonal Gourd Plushie
    Fairy Raulf Present - Seasonal Gourd Plushie
    Red Willa Present - Winter Tiara
    Daylight Figaro Present - Glowing Snowflake Egg
    Red Willa Present - Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
    Blue Hump Present - Red Lace Up Sneakers
    Red Willa Present - Black Lace Up Sneakers
    Ice Cream Lati Present - Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix
    Green Justin Present - Purple Lace Up Sneakers
    Cartoon Kaala Present - Glowing Angelic Egg

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