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  • Kill Me Now project - crocheti...     ~08 Oct 2016
  • Bee rewards data 1000 quests     ~17 Sep 2016
  • Bee stats     ~09 Sep 2016
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  • ~Goals for 2017

    Posted on : 26th Nov 2016 14:32   Posted by : Hibi
    4500 GFs on Taekbi
    3100 toys played with on Taekbi

    Buy Clothing Rack Giftbox
    Buy Vending Machine Giftbox
    Buy Trash Heap Giftbox
    Buy all antique shop clothing (70.5mil)

    Finish Blitzen
    Finish Pirate Mafia
    100k explorer done
    Shop size 700

    Put up wanted ads for all missing GF under 3mil
    Collect 3800 clothes
    Collect 510 stamps

    Collect 200 TCs
    Collect 1100 avatars

    Save up 10mil BP for TC
    Save up 1mil RP

    Make Hyeonsik an astro
    Temple Nunmuri to cursed
    Rename at least 1 pet

    Kill Me Now project - crocheting a dress

    Posted on : 8th Oct 2016 11:23   Posted by : Hibi
    Balls of yarn used so far: 10 black + 1.5 red

    Oct 8: started, foundation +2 rows done

    Oct 9: 5 rows done

    Oct 10: RAN OUT OF YARN T_____T

    Oct 12: Ready to start the collar!

    Oct 13: Right side of collar mostly done

    Oct 14: Right side done, started on left side

    Oct 15: Front done, start on the back tomorrow

    Oct 18-21: Finished ball #4, no pictures of the back since it's just the same stitch in all black

    Oct 22: Finished the top part!


    Oct 23: Started on the body

    Oct 24: Attached the base of the red pattern

    Oct 25: Working front of the body

    Oct 26: Finished the front, worked the back

    Oct 27: Finished the back, working all round again


    Dec 7:
    Okay, so, I hated how the red pattern was looking so I UNDID basically the entire body part before restarting on the red pattern separate. Once the 2 red patterns are finished I'll add them into the dress again.

    Dec 10: Struggled with that crap for 2 days trying to figure out how best to proceed...

    Dec 11: Finished 1 out of 2 red patterns!

    Dec 12: Finished the 2nd red pattern.

    Dec 13: Redid almost all of the stitches I tore out.

    Dec 14: Waist lined with red at Angi's suggestion. <3

    Dec 15: Ready to add the red patterns now!

    Dec 16: FINALLY got them attached.. That was a pain..

    Dec 17: Filling out the front.

    Dec 18: Front done, started on the back.

    Dec 19: No pics since it's the back but making good progress.

    Dec 23: Took a small break, back to working on it. On my last ball of yarn however so another break will be needed until I can buy more.

    Dec 24: FINISHED!!

    Bee rewards data 1000 quests

    Posted on : 17th Sep 2016 11:01   Posted by : Hibi
    A reminder that this is not "official" drop rates, it is purely based on my own stats so people can get a feel for the rates.

    Quests done: 1000
    Stings gotten: 115 or 1:8.7
    Rewards gotten: 87 or 1:11.5

    Clothing: 63 or 1:15.9
    Foods: 14 or 1:71.4
    Stats: 9 or 1:111
    Plushies: 1

    I need to do more quests to get a proper ratio on the plushies.

    Quest #1041
    Thank you for finishing my Quest on time. Here is your reward..
    Queen Bee Plushie

    Bee stats

    Posted on : 9th Sep 2016 08:01   Posted by : Hibi
    Quests done: 1487
    Clothing: 85
    Foods: 22
    Stats: 14
    Plushies: 3
    Stings: 160

    Mp from selling rewards: 45.5mil
    Mp from selling quest items:
    You have 7,253,320MP in your Shop Till
    Total mp made: +-53mil

    dusk sleeves (650k)
    dawn sleeves (650k)
    dusk butterfly wings (650k)
    Iridescent Queen Butterfly Wings (650k)
    Flower Petals Skirt (500k)
    Flower Wrap Top (500k)
    Dawn Spider Web Bra (500k)
    Cabbage White Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Dusk Butterfly Silk Dress (500k)
    Butterfly Hair Clip (500k)
    Butterfly Belt (500k)
    Queen Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Pearl Crescent Wings (800k)
    Dawn Butterfly Cape (500k)
    Flower Skirt (500k)
    Dawn Luna Moth Wings (800k)
    Spotted Tiger Moth Wings (500k)
    Spider Web Bra (500k)
    Queen Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Queen Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Dusk Butterfly Sleeves (500k)
    Butterfly Sleeves (500k)
    Dawn Queen Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Bee Dress (500k)
    Dawn Butterfly Silk Dress (500k)
    Iridescent Butterfly Wing Wig (500k)
    Moth Eye Wig (500k)
    Dusk Morpho Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Moth Neck Fluff (500k)
    Spider Web Bra (500k)
    Spider Web Bra (500k)
    Dusk Butterfly Sleeves (500k)
    Flower Petals Skirt (500k)
    Petal Skirt (500k)
    Dusk Morpho Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Butterfly Skirt (500k)
    Dawn Luna Moth Wings (500k)
    Dread Butterfly Wing Wig (500k)
    Petal Skirt (500k)
    Bee Ruffle Top (500k)
    Bee Skirt (500k)
    Flower Petals Skirt (500k)
    Dawn Butterfly Silk Dress (500k)
    Plain Butterfly Wing Wig (500k)
    Moth Antennas (500k)
    Iridescent Morpho Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Wasp Dress (500k)
    Dusk Butterfly Skirt (500k)
    Short Iridescent Butterfly Skirt (500k)
    Thorny Wig (500k)
    Dusk Butterfly Wing Wig (500k)
    Butterfly Flower Crown (500k)
    Iridescent Spider Web Bra (500k)
    Dawn Morpho Butterfly Wings (500k)
    Thorn Horns
    Moth Neck Fluff
    Bee Wings
    Iridescent Butterfly Cape
    Dread Butterfly Wing Wig
    Iridescent Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Flower Wrap Top
    Mossy Dryad Hair Extensions
    Dread Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dryad Locks
    Dawn Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Spotted Tiger Moth Wings
    Spider Web Bra
    Dawn Gentle Scarf
    Bee Dress
    Butterfly Belt
    Dawn Luna Moth Wings
    Wasp Dress
    Butterfly Flower Crown (650k)
    Moth Antennas
    Moth Antennas
    Thorn Horns
    Dawn Butterfly Cape
    Iridescent Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dawn Spider Web Bra
    Short Butterfly Skirt
    Petal Skirt (350k)
    Iridescent Butterfly Cape
    Dawn Butterfly Sleeves (250k)
    Butterfly Skirt
    Spotted Tiger Moth Wings
    Short Iridescent Butterfly Skirt

    honey sammich
    Blackberry Honey
    Peach Honey
    Lime Honey
    Vanilla Honey
    Mint Honey
    Blackberry Honey
    Blackberry Honey
    Lavender Honey Sandwich
    Blackberry Honey
    Mint Honey
    Mint Honey
    Peach Honey
    Vanilla Honey
    Blackberry Honey
    Ash Honey
    Honey Sandwich
    Vanilla Honey
    Lime Honey
    Peach Honey

    Aamrakali has gained 1 Speed Stat
    Taekwoon has gained 1 Stamina Stat
    Hyeonsik has gained 1 Level Stat
    Kayuri has gained 1 Strength Stat
    Hyeonsik has gained 1 Speed Stat
    __smurfer__ has gained 1 Strength Stat
    Kayuri has gained 1 Speed Stat
    Seulchan has gained 1 Stamina Stat
    Dongjun has gained 1 Speed Stat
    Monkeybae has gained 1 Strength Stat
    Taekwoonie has gained 1 Strength Stat
    Monkeybae has gained 1 Defence Stat
    Tsukuru has gained 1 Strength Stat
    Kiyone has gained 1 Stamina Stat


    Posted on : 30th Jul 2016 15:39   Posted by : Hibi
    Need 53 TCs for the egg, total: +- 1bil?

    Scrooge Trading Card - 15mil
    Hasani Trading Card - 15mil

    Crinkal Trading Card - 20mil
    Murderer Trading Card - 20mil

    Evil Tree Trading Card - 22mil
    Can Trading Card - 24mil
    Caveman Trading Card - 25mil
    Eleka Minions Trading Card - 25mil
    Explosive Trading Card - 25mil
    Meager Trading Card - 25mil
    Mutant Gobble Trading Card - 25mil
    Plutonium Trading Card - 25mil
    Runty Trading Card - 25mil
    Snowball Trading Card - 25mil
    Villain Trading Card - 25mil
    Waste Trading Card - 25mil

    Hero Trading Card - 30mil
    Gargoyle Trading Card - 50mil


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