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  • I'm frustrated     10th Mar 2010 15:54
  • I got my chibs!     15th Oct 2008 07:55
  • Scared     11th Oct 2008 17:24
  • CDs My Marapet Has Listened to     22nd Aug 2008 20:09
  • DVDs My Marapet has watched     22nd Aug 2008 20:08
  • Books My Marapet has read     22nd Aug 2008 20:05
  • Snowman quest!     9th Mar 2008 19:25

  • I'm frustrated

    Posted on : 10th Mar 2010 15:54   Posted by : hermioneweasley1972
    Goodness knows I know things happen - I work from home too. I really wish, however, that we would get some updates. I really like Marapets and I have supported it in the past by purchasing upgrades, but I have to say that my latest upgrade which I bought more than two months ago makes me think twice about buying any more.

    I know that things happened with the code, but I just wish that someone would tell us whether they are still doing the Advent tree, which I have a feeling they aren't since it's more than two months past, or what is going on.

    This is not meant to be inflammatory, but I just feel like I need to give my opinion and I am not posting this on the boards.

    A couple of months ago I went to a restaurant with my husband. There was a mixup with our order, and instead of telling us what happened and let us know the food was coming, she left us waiting for more than half an hour before telling us 5 minutes before our food came out that it was coming. My husband and I were ready to walk out.

    I'm patient. I still come here once in a while. I just wish that we could get some updates and news about things that we paid for back in December.

    I got my chibs!

    Posted on : 15th Oct 2008 07:55   Posted by : hermioneweasley1972
    I finally got my chibs last night. Isn't she cute? I think next I'm going to save up for a fairy costume for her so I can have my fairy chibs that I have been wanting. I also have two Rustys now.

    I'm so happy!


    Posted on : 11th Oct 2008 17:24   Posted by : hermioneweasley1972
    I am having some major health issues. In fact, this week I am having a chest xray, a bone scan and an EKG. The doctor doesn't know what is wrong with me yet. He just knows that there is something in my blood that he doesn't like. My sed rate is really high which could be anything from arthritis to cancer.

    So anyway. I'm almost to getting that Viotto potion that I really want so that I can get my Fairy Chibs that I want. I'm so close to it that I can feel it. I love playing Marapets - it helps me take my mind off of my health problems.

    CDs My Marapet Has Listened to

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2008 20:09   Posted by : hermioneweasley1972
    Zoink Sing Along
    Ziranek Electro Music
    Xoi Sing Along
    Wanted by Wailing Walees
    Wailing Walees LIVE
    Wailing Walees Debut Album
    Ugly Dance
    Trick or Treating Tunes
    Tombola Tunes
    The Glowing Roflings in Concert
    The Glowing Roflings Album
    Tantua Tango
    Soul Songs
    Pixie Music
    Party Time by Disco Murfins
    Osafo Sing Along
    Numbers Ones by Blue Addows
    Moonlight Kidlets
    Lush Fountain Tinklings
    Lush Fountain New Age
    Lowlyhood Classics
    Light Side Music
    Light Fairy Sonnets
    Leido Trio Vol 2
    Leido Trio Vol 1
    Krazy Knutts LIVE IN LONDON
    Krazee by Krazy Knutts
    Knutt World by Krazy Knutts
    Ice Divas
    I love Disco by Disco Murfins
    Huthiq Hits by Huffix
    Huffix Live by Huffix
    House Cleaning Tunes
    Halloween 2007
    Graveyard Dirges
    Funky Egg Hits
    Funeral Fables
    Folk Tunes from Baspinar Castle
    Fasoro Flamenco
    Enpiah Space Music
    Eleka Tombola
    Electro Music
    Dragon Dance
    Disco Fever by Disco Murfins
    Dakota Stepping
    Daisy Dance Music
    Classical Hits by Leido Trio
    Chapter 2 by The Glowing Roflings
    Candy Music
    Blue Sisters Volume 2
    Blue Addows Vol 2
    Blue Addows Vol 1
    Bedtime Stories

    DVDs My Marapet has watched

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2008 20:08   Posted by : hermioneweasley1972
    Undying Tombola
    Theres Something about Doyles
    The Musical Phanty
    The Ice Fairy
    The History of Candyland
    Tarquin DVD
    Slater Park Adventure
    King Feliz
    How to be Loyal
    Ghost Slayer
    About a Zetlian
    A Snowman Halloween


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