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  • Keenan's Temple Journey     ~05 Jan 2018
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  • nts

    Posted on : 12th Apr 2018 23:15   Posted by : Sumer6
    Messy Braid Wig
    Flower Crest
    Glam Contact Lenses
    Laced Skirt
    Laced Top
    King Cape

    Grey Brown- 5B4338


    Amy, Zoe and Max

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2018 10:03   Posted by : Sumer6
    This is just a little blog dedication for my dogs, Amy and Zoe


    Amy is 9 years old. She is such a tiny dog, people often think she\'s a puppy. But don't let her size fool you, she's the feistiest little dog ever. Amy was the runt of Zoe's first litter so she's been with me since she was born. We have such a special bond. Sometimes I think Amy is more human than dog because of how feisty she can be haha


    Zoe is 10 years old. Zoe is the most caring and friendliest dog that you'll ever come across. She's always there when you feel down and always ready to lick you and give you cuddles. Zoe also LOVES food and she knows exactly how to use her charm to get exactly what she wants.. It's hard to say no when she uses her puppy eyes hehe

    My beloved Max

    My beloved Max, my Max-a-million. Max passed away about 2 years ago due to a disease he was fighting (cushings). Max was about to turn 12 shortly before he passed away. He was such a loving dog and could always read your emotions and feelings. He always just knew exactly how to comfort you. I miss him terribly and wish I could have had more time with him. He was very naughty at times and super energetic. I created "Maddox" in memory of my Max, as Max/Maxy wasn't available. I hope to make Maddox a superhero raulf or possible rusty (if the costume is released) to always remember Max.

    They are my absolute everything!

    Keenan's Temple Journey

    Posted on : 5th Jan 2018 06:28   Posted by : Sumer6
    Keenan's Temple Journey

    Level 1: Paid about 235k for a rune
    Level 2: Paid about 150k for a rune
    Level 3: Rune T (swapped for 35 dukkas)
    Level 4: Rune Z (swapped for 15 dukkas)
    Level 5: Rune T (swapped for 35 dukkas)
    Level 6: Rune B (swapped for 40 dukkas)
    Level 7: Rune B (swapped for 20 dukkas)
    Level 8: Rune M (swapped for 15 dukkas)
    Level 9: Rune P (swapped for 25 dukkas)
    Level 10: Rune U (swapped for 35 dukkas)
    Level 11: Rune A (175k)
    Level 12: Rune Q and Rune P (had 2 in my attic)
    Level 13: Rune O (had in my attic) and Rune G (20 dukkas)
    Level 14: Rune K and Rune M (swapped for 60 dukkas)
    Level 15: Rune M (swapped for 15 dukkas) and Rune M (525k)
    Level 16: Rune B (478,250MP) and Rune Z (swapped for 20 dukkas)
    Level 17: Rune J and Rune M (swapped for 40 dukes)
    Level 18: Rune K and Rune P (800k for both)
    Level 19: Rune W (400k) and Rune A (213k)
    Level 20: Rune E (297k) and Rune U (300k)
    Level 21: Rune C (499k) and Rune R (316k)
    Level 22: Rune M (208k), Rune G (238k) and Rune H (440k)
    Level 23: Rune B (478k), Rune P (45 dukka) and Rune S (attic)
    Level 24: Rune Z (attic), Rune M (attic) and Rune O (attic)
    Level 25: Rune C (499k), Rune Q (499k) and Rune M (20 dukka)
    Level 26: Rune A (attic), Rune AE (attic) and Rune G (238k)
    Level 27: Rune B (attic), Rune B (478k) and Rune J (200k)
    Level 28: Rune M (209k), Rune B (478k) and Rune Z (attic)
    Level 29: Rune I (250k), Rune M (209k) and Rune C (499k)
    Level 30: Rune AE (attic), Rune S (496k) and Rune Z (swapped)

    Dukkas 1:10k

    Total spent: 14 207 000mp

    Completed on 05 January 2018


    Pet Plans

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2017 09:28   Posted by : Sumer6

    I'd love to turn Bethzy into a Party eyru. I'm doing Drew quests.. Although, I don't have many eggs/clothing- hopefully Bethzy will be party by June 2018

    I'd love to make Crystal a Galaxy decadal. I think it's perfect for her name

    I'd love to change Iva's costume to Angel

    I'd love to make Joel a Pirate eyru. They're absolutely adorable

    Keenan is currently in the temple to become Baby. I'm currently only on level 3/30. Runes are quite expensive so it might take me a while to complete

    I'd love to turn Maddox into a Galaxy raulf. Maddox was made in loving memory of my beloved dog Max who passed away last year at the age of 12. Max was my absolute universe and I miss him terribly.

    My plan is to make Marlow a Chibi snookle. They're absolutely adorable and I just think it really suits the name

    I'd love to turn Zack into a Chibi pucu. They're absolutely adorable!


    Purge Names

    Posted on : 2nd Nov 2017 17:18   Posted by : Sumer6
    Blake the Blue Addow is born

    Gracie the Blue Azul is born (swapped Gracie and Avnora)

    Dephia has been renamed to Kimmy

    Dilly the Red Xoi is born

    Resizable has been renamed to Elma on 26 November 2017

    Hoseokie has been renamed to Carin

    Saviri has been renamed to Iva

    Justine the Blue Kaala is born

    Keenan the Blue Fasoro is born

    - Keenan has changed into Orange Kronk

    Maddox the Blue Fasoro is born

    Maddy the Red Kaala is born

    Sloshed has been renamed to Macky on 28 November 2017

    Pig the Red Xoi is born

    - Pig has changed into Ghost Zoink
    - Pig is now wearing Beige Costume

    Ryleigh the Red Kaala is born

    Zack the Blue Reese is born

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