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  • October Magazines + Newspapers     ~24 Sep 2018
  • Missing Magazines Jul-August     ~22 Sep 2018
  • Missing Photos B     ~20 Sep 2018
  • Missing photos A     ~20 Sep 2018
  • Avatars needed- Borrowing List     ~31 Mar 2018

  • October Magazines + Newspapers

    Posted on : 24th Sep 2018 00:24   Posted by : rosemariebelikov
    Addow Magazine
    Bolimo Magazine
    Crikey Magazine
    Crindol Magazine
    Ercuw Magazine
    Fasoro Magazine
    Feliz Magazine
    Flab Magazine
    Gobble Magazine
    Jessup Magazine
    Kaala Magazine
    Kidlet Magazine
    Knutt Magazine
    Leido Magazine
    Lorius Magazine
    Mordo Magazine
    Osafo Magazines
    Raulf Magazine
    Reese Magazine
    Viotto Magazine
    Willa Magazine
    Yuni Magazine
    Zoink Magazine
    Zola Magazine
    Zoosh Magazine


    Missing Magazines Jul-August

    Posted on : 22nd Sep 2018 16:38   Posted by : rosemariebelikov
    July List

    Jessup Magazine
    Renat Magazine
    Rusty Magazine
    Zoink Magazine
    Zola Magazine

    August List

    Addow Magazine
    Doyle Magazine
    Oglue Magazine
    Troit Magazine
    Vlad Magazine

    Missing Photos B

    Posted on : 20th Sep 2018 17:01   Posted by : rosemariebelikov
    Baby Gobble Photo
    Baby Hump Photo
    Baby Huthiq Photo
    Baby Kujo Photo
    Baby Limax Photo
    Baby Mordo Photo
    Baby Nino Photo
    Baby Rusty Photo
    Baby Sybri Photo
    Baby Vixen Photo
    Baby Vlad Photo
    Baby Willa Photo

    Balloon Chibs Photo
    Balloon Kronk Photo
    Balloon Lati Photo
    Balloon Leido Photo
    Balloon Poera Photo
    Balloon Pucu Photo
    Balloon Vixen Photo
    Balloon Xoi Photo

    Battle Fairy Photo

    Bee Basil Photo
    Bee Dakota Photo
    Bee Sindi Photo
    Bee Tasi Photo
    Bee Willa Photo
    Bee Xoi Photo

    Beige Arinya Photo
    Beige Astro Photo
    Beige Basil Photo
    Beige Bolimo Photo
    Beige Chibs Photo
    Beige Crikey Photo
    Beige Daisy Photo
    Beige Dakota Photo
    Beige Decadal Photo
    Beige Echlin Photo
    Beige Equilor Photo
    Beige Ercuw Photo
    Beige Fasoro Photo
    Beige Feliz Photo
    Beige Figaro Photo
    Beige Flab Photo
    Beige Gizmo Photo
    Beige Gobble Photo
    Beige Hump Photo
    Beige Huthiq Photo
    Beige Ike Photo
    Beige Jessup Photo
    Beige Justin Photo
    Beige Kidlet Photo
    Beige Kronk Photo
    Beige Kujo Photo
    Beige Limax Photo
    Beige Lorius Photo
    Beige Mordo Photo
    Beige Murfin Photo
    Beige Nino Photo
    Beige Phanty Photo
    Beige Poera Photo
    Beige Pucu Photo
    Beige Quell Photo
    Beige Raulf Photo
    Beige Reese Photo
    Beige Renat Photo
    Beige Rusty Photo
    Beige Snookle Photo
    Beige Straya Photo
    Beige Sybri Photo
    Beige Tantua Photo
    Beige Troit Photo
    Beige Viotto Photo
    Beige Vlad Photo
    Beige Willa Photo
    Beige Xoi Photo
    Beige Yakubi Photo
    Beige Yuni Photo
    Beige Zoink Photo
    Beige Zoosh Photo

    Black Arinya Photo
    Black Astro Photo
    Black Azul Photo
    Black Basil Photo
    Black Crikey Photo
    Black Crindol Photo
    Black Daisy Photo
    Black Dakota Photo
    Black Decadal Photo
    Black Doyle Photo
    Black Echlin Photo
    Black Equilor Photo
    Black Ercuw Photo
    Black Eyru Photo
    Black Figaro Photo
    Black Gizmo Photo
    Black Grint Photo
    Black Hump Photo
    Black Huthiq Photo
    Black Ike Photo
    Black Justin Photo
    Black Kronk Photo
    Black Lati Photo
    Black Leido Photo
    Black Limax Photo
    Black Lorius Photo
    Black Mordo Photo
    Black Murfin Photo
    Black Nino Photo
    Black Oglue Photo
    Black Phanty Photo
    Black Poera Photo
    Black Pucu Photo
    Black Quell Photo
    Black Renat Photo
    Black Rofling Photo
    Black Sindi Photo
    Black Snookle Photo
    Black Speiro Photo
    Black Straya Photo
    Black Sybri Photo
    Black Tasi Photo
    Black Ushunda Photo
    Black Vixen Photo
    Black Vlad Photo
    Black Willa Photo
    Black Yakubi Photo
    Black Yuni Photo
    Black Zoink Photo
    Black Zola Photo
    Black Zoosh Photo

    Blitzen Basil Photo
    Blitzen Figaro Photo
    Blitzen Flab Photo
    Blitzen Justin Photo
    Blitzen Limax Photo
    Blitzen Snookle Photo
    Blitzen Tasi Photo
    Blitzen Troit Photo
    Blitzen Willa Photo

    Blue Arinya Photo
    Blue Astro Photo
    Blue Basil Photo
    Blue Chibs Photo
    Blue Crikey Photo
    Blue Crindol Photo
    Blue Daisy Photo
    Blue Dakota Photo
    Blue Decadal Photo
    Blue Ercuw Photo
    Blue Eyru Photo
    Blue Figaro Photo
    Blue Flab Photo
    Blue Gizmo Photo
    Blue Gobble Photo
    Blue Hump Photo
    Blue Huthiq Photo
    Blue Justin Photo
    Blue Kronk Photo
    Blue Kujo Photo
    Blue Lati Photo
    Blue Limax Photo
    Blue Lorius Phot
    Blue Mordo Photo
    Blue Nino Photo
    Blue Oglue Photo
    Blue Pucu Photo
    Blue Raulf Photo
    Blue Rofling Photo
    Blue Snookle Photo
    Blue Straya Photo
    Blue Sybri Photo
    Blue Tasi Photo
    Blue Troit Photo
    Blue Viotto Photo
    Blue Vixen Photo
    Blue Vlad Photo
    Blue Willa Photo
    Blue Yuni Photo
    Blue Zoink Photo
    Blue Zola Photo

    Bootleg Chibs Photo
    Bootleg Gizmo Photo
    Bootleg Gonk Photo
    Bootleg Ike Photo
    Bootleg Jessup Photo
    Bootleg Kujo Photo
    Bootleg Lorius Photo
    Bootleg Mordo Photo
    Bootleg Murfin Photo
    Bootleg Poera Photo
    Bootleg Pyramid Photo
    Bootleg Quell Photo
    Bootleg Sindi Photo
    Bootleg Ushunda Photo
    Bootleg Vixen Photo
    Bootleg Walee Photo
    Bootleg Zoosh Photo

    Breeze Azul Photo
    Breeze Chibs Photo
    Breeze Fasoro Photo
    Breeze Gonk Photo
    Breeze Kidlet Photo
    Breeze Kronk Photo
    Breeze Lorius Photo
    Breeze Mordo Photo
    Breeze Newth Photo
    Breeze Nino Photo
    Breeze Sindi Photo
    Breeze Sybri Photo
    Breeze Tantua Photo
    Breeze Viotto Photo
    Breeze Vlad Photo
    Breeze Zola Photo

    British Addow Photo
    British Arinya Photo
    British Astro Photo
    British Basil Photo
    British Crikey Photo
    British Crindol Photo
    British Daisy Photo
    British Dakota Photo
    British Decadal Photo
    British Ercuw Photo
    British Eyru Photo
    British Fasoro Photo
    British Feliz Photo
    British Figaro Photo
    British Flab Photo
    British Grint Photo
    British Ideus Photo
    British Ike Photo
    British Jessup Photo
    British Justin Photo
    British Kaala Photo
    British Kujo Photo
    British Lati Photo
    British Limax Photo
    British Lorius Photo
    British Mordo Photo
    British Newth Photo
    British Nino Photo
    British Oglue Photo
    British Osafo Photo
    British Paffuto Photo
    British Poera Photo
    British Pucu Photo
    British Quell Photo
    British Raulf Photo
    British Renat Photo
    British Rusty Photo
    British Sindi Photo
    British Snookle Photo
    British Sybri Photo
    British Tantua Photo
    British Tasi Photo
    British Troit Photo
    British Ushunda Photo
    British Viotto Photo
    British Vixen Photo
    British Vlad Photo
    British Walee Photo
    British Xoi Photo
    British Yuni Photo
    British Zoink Photo
    British Zola Photo
    British Zoosh Photo

    Bronze Arinya Photo
    Bronze Astro Photo
    Bronze Basil Photo
    Bronze Bolimo Photo
    Bronze Crikey Photo
    Bronze Crindol Photo
    Bronze Dakota Photo
    Bronze Decadal Photo
    Bronze Doyle Photo
    Bronze Echlin Photo
    Bronze Ercuw Photo
    Bronze Eyru Photo
    Bronze Fasoro Photo
    Bronze Figaro Photo
    Bronze Huthiq Photo
    Bronze Knutt Photo
    Bronze Kujo Photo
    Bronze Lati Photo
    Bronze Limax Photo
    Bronze Lorius Photo
    Bronze Mordo Photo
    Bronze Newth Photo
    Bronze Nino Photo
    Bronze Oglue Photo
    Bronze Poera Photo
    Bronze Pucu Photo
    Bronze Quell Photo
    Bronze Raulf Photo
    Bronze Rofling Photo
    Bronze Rusty Photo
    Bronze Snookle Photo
    Bronze Speiro Photo
    Bronze Sybri Photo
    Bronze Tasi Photo
    Bronze Troit Photo
    Bronze Viotto Photo
    Bronze Vixen Photo
    Bronze Vlad Photo
    Bronze Willa Photo
    Bronze Yuni Photo

    Brown Arinya Photo
    Brown Astro Photo
    Brown Chibs Photo
    Brown Crikey Photo
    Brown Daisy Photo
    Brown Dakota Photo
    Brown Decadal Photo
    Brown Equilor Photo
    Brown Ercuw Photo
    Brown Figaro Photo
    Brown Gizmo Photo
    Brown Gobble Photo
    Brown Grint Photo
    Brown Hump Phot
    Brown Huthiq Photo
    Brown Justin Photo
    Brown Kronk Photo
    Brown Kujo Photo
    Brown Lati Photo
    Brown Limax Photo
    Brown Lorius Photo
    Brown Mordo Photo
    Brown Murfin Photo
    Brown Newth Photo
    Brown Nino Photo
    Brown Oglue Photo
    Brown Phanty Photo
    Brown Poera Photo
    Brown Pucu Photo
    Brown Quell Photo
    Brown Raulf Photo
    Brown Renat Photo
    Brown Rofling Photo
    Brown Rusty Photo
    Brown Sindi Photo
    Brown Snookle Photo
    Brown Straya Photo
    Brown Sybri Photo
    Brown Tasi Photo
    Brown Troit Photo
    Brown Ushunda Photo
    Brown Viotto Photo
    Brown Vixen Photo
    Brown Vlad Photo
    Brown Willa Photo
    Brown Yakubi Photo
    Brown Yuni Photo
    Brown Zoink Photo
    Brown Zola Photo
    Brown Zoosh Photo

    Bug Arinya Photo
    Bug Chibs Photo
    Bug Decadal Photo
    Bug Jessup Photo
    Bug Kronk Photo
    Bug Lati Photo
    Bug Oglue Photo
    Bug Poera Photo
    Bug Snookle Photo
    Bug Straya Photo
    Bug Sybri Photo
    Bug Tasi Photo
    Bug Vixen Photo

    Bunnysaurus Photo

    Burnt Arinya Photo
    Burnt Astro Photo
    Burnt Basil Photo
    Burnt Bolimo Photo
    Burnt Crindol Photo
    Burnt Dakota Photo
    Burnt Decadal Photo
    Burnt Equilor Photo
    Burnt Figaro Photo
    Burnt Flab Photo
    Burnt Gizmo Photo
    Burnt Gobble Photo
    Burnt Grint Photo
    Burnt Hump Photo
    Burnt Huthiq Photo
    Burnt Justin Photo
    Burnt Kidlet Photo
    Burnt Knutt Photo
    Burnt Kronk Photo
    Burnt Kujo Photo
    Burnt Lati Photo
    Burnt Leido Photo
    Burnt Limax Photo
    Burnt Lorius Photo
    Burnt Mordo Photo
    Burnt Murfin Photo
    Burnt Newth Photo
    Burnt Nino Photo
    Burnt Phanty Photo
    Burnt Pucu Photo
    Burnt Rusty Photo
    Burnt Snookle Photo
    Burnt Tasi Photo
    Burnt Troit Photo
    Burnt Willa Photo
    Burnt Yakubi Photo
    Burnt Yuni Photo

    Missing photos A

    Posted on : 20th Sep 2018 16:43   Posted by : rosemariebelikov
    Alien Arinya Photo
    Alien Lati Photo
    Alien Lorius Photo
    Alien Poera Photo
    Alien Vixen Photo
    Alien Zoink Photo

    American Arinya Photo
    American Azul Photo
    American Bolimo Photo
    American Dakota Photo
    American Decadal Photo
    American Doyle Photo
    American Eyru Photo
    American Fasoro Photo
    American Ike Photo
    American Justin Photo
    American Kidlet Photo
    American Limax Photo
    American Lorius Photo
    American Mordo Photo
    American Nino Photo
    American Oglue Photo
    American Poera Photo
    American Pucu Photo
    American Raulf Photo
    American Reese Photo
    American Renat Photo
    American Rusty Photo
    American Snookle Photo
    American Speiro Photo
    American Sybri Photo
    American Tantua Photo
    American Tasi Photo
    American Troit Photo
    American Viotto Photo
    American Vixen Photo
    American Yuni Photo
    American Zola Photo
    American Zoosh Photo

    Ancient King Baspinar Photo
    Ancient Marada Photo

    Angel Echlin Photo
    Angel Justin Photo
    Angel Lorius Photo
    Angel Oglue Photo
    Angel Tasi Photo
    Angel Willa Photo
    Angel Yuni Photo
    Angel Zoosh Photo

    Anime Arinya Photo
    Anime Chibs Photo
    Anime Ike Photo
    Anime Vixen Photo

    Aqua Arinya Photo
    Aqua Astro Photo
    Aqua Azul Photo
    Aqua Basil Photo
    Aqua Chibs Photo
    Aqua Crindol Photo
    Aqua Daisy Photo
    Aqua Decadal Photo
    Aqua Ercuw Photo
    Aqua Eyru Photo
    Aqua Fasoro Photo
    Aqua Figaro Photo
    Aqua Gizmo Photo
    Aqua Gobble Photo
    Aqua Gonk Photo
    Aqua Grint Photo
    Aqua Hump Photo
    Aqua Huthiq Photo
    Aqua Ike Photo
    Aqua Jessup Photo
    Aqua Justin Photo
    Aqua Kaala Photo
    Aqua Kidlet Photo
    Aqua Knutt Photo
    Aqua Kronk Photo
    Aqua Kujo Photo
    Aqua Lati Photo
    Aqua Leido Photo
    Aqua Limax Photo
    Aqua Lorius Photo
    Aqua Mordo Photo
    Aqua Murfin Photo
    Aqua Newth Photo
    Aqua Nino Photo
    Aqua Oglue Photo
    Aqua Paffuto Photo
    Aqua Poera Photo
    Aqua Pucu Photo
    Aqua Quell Photo
    Aqua Raulf Photo
    Aqua Rofling Photo
    Aqua Rusty Photo
    Aqua Sindi Photo
    Aqua Snookle Photo
    Aqua Straya Photo
    Aqua Tasi Photo
    Aqua Viotto Photo
    Aqua Vlad Photo
    Aqua Willa Photo
    Aqua Yakubi Photo
    Aqua Yuni Photo
    Aqua Zola Photo

    Arcade Huthiq Photo
    Arcade Limax Photo
    Arcade Poera Photo
    Arcade Raulf Photo
    Arcade Rofling Photo
    Arcade Willa Photo

    Archeology Photo

    Armoured Basil photo

    Australian Doyle Photo
    Australian Gizmo Photo
    Australian Justin Photo
    Australian Limax Photo
    Australian Snookle Photo

    Autumn Arinya Photo
    Autumn Doyle Photo
    Autumn Figaro Photo
    Autumn Gobble Photo
    Autumn Kujo Photo
    Autumn Lati Photo
    Autumn Limax Photo
    Autumn Osafo Photo
    Autumn Pucu Photo
    Autumn Sindi Photo
    Autumn Troit Photo
    Autumn Vixen Photo

    Avatars needed- Borrowing List

    Posted on : 31st Mar 2018 20:35   Posted by : rosemariebelikov
    Hey guys. Just trying to finish off my borrow blog. Can anyone help me out with the following please? Smile Happy to tip MP or photos etc.

    Avatar Borrow List


    Capricorn (open Capricorn chest)

    Dasher (attach to snowy pet, pet required)

    Elf (require pet and costume)

    Fawna (find in spring chest, 4 opened so far)
    Filondor (960 days)
    Fire avatar- fire pet with equipped weapons
    Fire Fairy- 130 spells

    Gingerbread (120 days)
    Griffin (900 stats)

    Lidge (950 days)
    Liiing (club member only auction)
    Light Fairy (Uni stats)
    Lucent (260 days)
    Lucifer (devil pet 200 days)
    Lucky (Christmas pet 99 days)
    Lurve (unattach after 60 days)

    Maestro (find in harmony chest)
    Moneybag (96 days)

    Otus (Otus minipet, light fairy prize)

    Sprig (find in st Patrick’s chest)

    Wide pride (obese quell 2500+)

    Zarplet (view gourmet page with)


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