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I WILL take photos of my pets for you, please check my blog regarding that or MM/MT me.
I WILL lend pets if needed for some reason, but I simply ask fees are paid. No tip necessary.
I DO trade runes in my shop for similarly priced runes, but don't discount them. Everyone is welcome, just send me a MM/MT. Runes in my gallery are RESERVED for club members and friends only.
Nothing in my gallery is currently for sale unless otherwise specified.
If I do not respond within 5 minutes I am AFK.
I only accept friend requests from people I've talked to or club members :)







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  • NTS

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2017 07:16   Posted by : Astralis
    Angeleca -> Marlax + 2 Staff Light Fairy


    Posted on : 9th Aug 2017 01:37   Posted by : Astralis

    Club War Suggestions Blog

    Posted on : 8th Aug 2017 09:36   Posted by : Astralis
    Ideas needed :
    Team names
    Events/Ways to earn points
    Any others you can think of

    Team Names :
    Watskys Elegant Elite?

    Pet names wanted on Inactive/Frozen accounts

    Posted on : 29th Jul 2017 14:12   Posted by : Astralis


    Posted on : 25th Jul 2017 13:50   Posted by : Astralis
    General Questing Tips :
    Always pick the lowest option between SS and Main Shops.
    Certain quests aren\'t worth doing anymore (Travis Truck, Candy Tree, etc) as the items they ask for are almost always worth more than the payout.

    Method 1 : Elger
    MP Earned : No giftbox : Very little. With giftbox : Roughly doubles investment/starting amount
    Advantages : Sell well. Always rewarded (exception = 25K quest + stamp)
    Can use yourself in the gym
    Disadvantages : People auto-price crystals VERY often, so it can take a while to sell.
    Double Crystal Giftbox - This is VITAL to using elger. If you don't have it I would recommend another quest. It requires a 9AU/9M investment.
    Neutral : Prices fluctuate, can be beneficial and negative to profit.
    Comments : Since you always get two crystals (except when you get 25K and a stamp), this is a reliable way to make MP. Prices do fluctuate however, so at times you will make more/less than others. Some quests you will lose MP on, but if you just spend the MP and do a continuous run of questing until you have spent your investment you will make an overall profit.
    Method 2 : Simerian Explorer
    MP Earned : Varies - Medium
    Advantages : You are rewarded with a slate around 50% of the time and get decent MP.
    Disadvantages : No major disadvantages
    Neutral : Prices of slates vary. Some runs will earn a lot more than others. Most slates are worth 10-20K, but others sell for 50-150K
    Comments : This is a very good way to make MP. Slate prices don't tend to fluctuate as much as crystals due to lower supply, so they need to be auto-priced a lot less often.
    Method 3 : Simerian Excavator
    MP Earned : High
    Advantages : Runes are in high demand and sell for a LOT.
    Can use yourself for the costume temple. Can increase pet value.
    Disadvantages : You obtain a rune on average once per 20 quests. Questing can get very boring and is less satisfying than others due to receiving items so scarcely.
    Requires Map - Priced around 32Million. Requires a huge investment.
    Neutral - Some people will MM/MT you asking to trade runes. You can get people to like you a bit if you trade with them, but that's your choice.
    Comments : The map itself requires a huge investment. You can earn several million per hour by solid quest grinding, and this is by far the most profitable MP quest. (Discussed later)
    Method 4 : Battling
    Battling is a long term investment. You will not make multi-millions and cannot simply buy a map with real money. It requires DEDICATION and TIME. It is worth investing in the gym & (elite gym - Discussed later).
    To start with, your pet. You will need to train a pet to a high level before battling becomes a more viable option than quests. This is around 350 stats, as you should be able to earn 1000+BP per battle by leveling up a weak card, such as Uayl.
    The best weapons for battling are Golden Goose Axes, but these are VERY expensive. The best "Value for MP" weapon award goes to the staff of the light fairy. It can be earned from the temple of transformation but it's faster to buy from SS.
    You will need to get trading cards to battle. Start with the ones in the shop, and continue by purchasing the cheapest cards. ALWAYS get any event/AU cards as a priority above any others before they retire, as they will often inflate very quickly. This means you will spend more MP on purchasing them later if you ignore them.
    The main advantage of battling is that BP sells at 1:3, and no MP are needed to complete each battle. You do not need an expensive card to earn a lot of BP, as mentioned above. Simply leveling up a card such as Uayl works just as well.
    Investments :
    Trading Cards (For Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally)
    Double Diamonds Giftbox (KK and SS)
    A battle pet (Mainly time, the highest stats in pet auctions tend to be around 300, after that you have to stat your own. It is always cheaper to stat your own pet than buy one)
    Weapons (Staff of the Light Fairy // Upgrade this to Alien Blaster later down the line. Alien Blaster -> Golden Goose Axe // Once you have a very strong battle pet that can beat most opponents. )
    Healing : Invest in some magic powder early on, or try and restock some yourself from the magic shop. Later down the line you will rely mainly on magic points for healing.
    Magic : Computer Repair quests will be the main source of this stat. This is important later on, as 1 magic stat will equal 1HP healed. This is useful in the VERY long term.
    Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally reward diamonds in exchange for beating certain trading cards. At around 140 trading cards it may be worth investing in the sumo sally pass. Double diamonds is also helpful. These can be sold or used for elite gym statting.
    Eventually you will reach a point where battling earns you more MP than any quest will.(Once the BP is sold). This should be around the mark where you earn 2,000BP per battle without the need to heal. Obviously you will need to keep statting as all trading cards slowly get stronger as you level them up. You can also do KK and SS quests in parallel to your battling to earn even more.
    Method 5 : Missions
    Most missions will always result in a profit, however certain missions can ask for UB and expensive items. Notable Greedy Gurtrude , Pirate Mafia, Sewer Cleaner. Very few missions will be safe. The Fugunzel map is the safest, being virtually un-failable due to how limited the map is, meaning the charms shop is normally always fully stocked. It's up to you which mission you pick, but missions that reward expensive LE pets tend to be very hard and failed often or ask for very expensive items. Notably the Fates mission which asks for poisons, there are normally quite a few poisons which are rarely in stock thus you will be relying on someone with one of the poisons to be online.
    How to save MP

    Saving MP can be VERY hard, especially with so many deals in trades and auctions which seem like they will only come up once. I can't really tell you how to save MP, but can give you advice.

    1) Set yourself a goal and only buy something if you NEED it. For example, you set yourself a goal of buying item X worth 5 million MP, and earn 1 million MP a day from questing. This should take you 5 days to get item X, but then you see an auction for an item that is discounted quite a lot that is ending in 30 seconds. You decide to try and snipe it by setting a large bid and win. Impulse buying is never normally a good thing, try and evaluate the pros and cons of the purchase. On the one hand, you can get Item Y from auctions right now, but if you save a few more days you can finally afford that Item X you've been anticipating.

    2) Statting pets IS expensive, but at the same time it is a good investment. Whether it be the gym, elite gym, school or university. Take this into account when saving up, as crystals, diamonds, scholarships, school supplies add up quickly. You can compensate for this by doing additional quests or by temporarily stopping statting. I wouldn't advise stopping statting, due to the time it takes, but if you are limited for time this may be a viable option to saving up MP.

    3)Set yourself limitations. For example, once you deposit MP into the bank you cannot withdraw it unless it is for quests/missions or for the item you have been saving up for. For example, start with 1 million MP to do quests. After questing and selling the items you received you now have 1.5 Million. Spend some of the 500K you've earned for statting, club games, whatever you want but try and deposit as much of the 500K into the bank as possible. You now have 1 million MP again but your bank balance has increased.

    TBA : Pet Jobs, Restocking

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