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DO NOT message me after offering on a trade. I will get to it when I can.
Chances are if you offer on a trade, and I don't respond within 3 minutes, I'm not here, so if it's for a mission, try finding someone else so as not to waste time. Sorry.
(ONLY message me if alerts are NOT working at all. Other wise I will be annoyed)







  • Photos I need T-Z     ~19 May 2017
  • Photos I need K-S     ~19 May 2017
  • Photos I need A-I     ~19 May 2017
  • Pet Goals     ~03 Aug 2016
  • Good EPI grabs     ~30 Jul 2016

  • Photos I need T-Z

    Posted on : 19th May 2017 18:21   Posted by : Rin
    Teal Arinya Photo
    Teal Astro Photo
    Teal Basil Photo
    Teal Bolimo Photo
    Teal Crikey Photo
    Teal Daisy Photo
    Teal Dakota Photo
    Teal Decadal Photo
    Teal Echlin Photo
    Teal Equilor Photo
    Teal Ercuw Photo
    Teal Eyru Photo
    Teal Feliz Photo
    Teal Figaro Photo
    Teal Flab Photo
    Teal Gizmo Photo
    Teal Gobble Photo
    Teal Hump Photo
    Teal Huthiq Photo
    Teal Ike Photo
    Teal Justin Photo
    Teal Kaala Photo
    Teal Kidlet Photo
    Teal Knutt Photo
    Teal Kujo Photo
    Teal Lati Photo
    Teal Leido Photo
    Teal Limax Photo
    Teal Mordo Photo
    Teal Murfin Photo
    Teal Newth Photo
    Teal Nino Photo
    Teal Oglue Photo
    Teal Phanty Photo
    Teal Poera Photo
    Teal Pucu Photo
    Teal Quell Photo
    Teal Raulf Photo
    Teal Renat Photo
    Teal Rofling Photo
    Teal Rusty Photo
    Teal Sindi Photo
    Teal Snookle Photo
    Teal Sybri Photo
    Teal Tantua Photo
    Teal Tasi Photo
    Teal Viotto Photo
    Teal Vixen Photo
    Teal Vlad Photo
    Teal Walee Photo
    Teal Willa Photo
    Teal Yuni Photo
    Teal Zoink Photo
    Teal Zoosh Photo

    Tiger Arinya Photo
    Tiger Astro Photo
    Tiger Azul Photo
    Tiger Basil Photo
    Tiger Bolimo Photo
    Tiger Crikey Photo
    Tiger Doyle Photo
    Tiger Echlin Photo
    Tiger Feliz Photo
    Tiger Flab Photo
    Tiger Justin Photo
    Tiger Kidlet Photo
    Tiger Knutt Photo
    Tiger Kujo Photo
    Tiger Leido Photo
    Tiger Limax Photo
    Tiger Osafo Photo
    Tiger Poera Photo
    Tiger Raulf Photo
    Tiger Rusty Photo
    Tiger Snookle Photo
    Tiger Troit Photo
    Tiger Ushunda Photo
    Tiger Vixen Photo
    Tiger Xoi Photo
    Tiger Yakubi Photo
    Tiger Yuni Photo
    Tiger Zola Photo
    Tiger Zoosh Photo

    Underwater Dakota Photo
    Underwater Eyru Photo

    Undying Fairy Yuni Photo

    Valentine Yuni Photo

    Vampire Eyru Photo
    Vampire Kidlet Photo
    Vampire Raulf Photo

    Vortex Gobble Photo

    White Basil Photo
    White Bolimo Photo
    White Chibs Photo
    White Dakota Photo
    White Ercuw Photo
    White Eyru Photo
    White Grint Photo
    White Huthiq Photo
    White Kujo Photo
    White Limax Photo
    White Murfin Photo
    White Nino Photo
    White Viotto Photo
    White Vlad Photo
    White Willa Photo

    Witch Huthiq Photo
    Witch Justin Photo
    Witch Quell Photo
    Witch Yuni Photo

    Yellow Basil Photo
    Yellow Dakota Photo
    Yellow Decadal Photo
    Yellow Eyru Photo
    Yellow Gizmo Photo
    Yellow Limax Photo
    Yellow Quell Photo
    Yellow Tasi Photo
    Yellow Vlad Photo
    Yellow Zoink Photo

    Zombie Arinya Photo
    Zombie Equilor Photo
    Zombie Gizmo Photo
    Zombie Ideus Photo
    Zombie Justin Photo
    Zombie Kronk Photo
    Zombie Murfin Photo
    Zombie Newth Photo
    Zombie Nino Photo
    Zombie Pucu Photo
    Zombie Snookle Photo
    Zombie Sybri Photo
    Zombie Ushunda Photo
    Zombie Walee Photo
    Zombie Willa Photo
    Zombie Xoi Photo

    Photos I need K-S

    Posted on : 19th May 2017 18:10   Posted by : Rin
    Killer Decadal Photo
    Killer Sybri Photo

    Leprechaun Basil Photo
    Leprechaun Jessup Photo
    Leprechaun Sybri Photo
    Leprechaun Willa Photo

    Light Fairy Dakota Photo
    Light Fairy Lati Photo

    Light Yuni Photo

    Lightfairy Decadal Photo

    Lightning Basil Photo
    Lightning Pucu Photo
    Lightning Snookle Photo

    Love Arinya Photo
    Love Astro Photo
    Love Basil Photo
    Love Crikey Photo
    Love Equilor Photo
    Love Ercuw Photo
    Love Eyru Photo
    Love Feliz Photo
    Love Flab Photo
    Love Ike Photo
    Love Jessup Photo
    Love Knutt Photo
    Love Nino Photo
    Love Oglue Photo
    Love Paffuto Photo
    Love Poera Photo
    Love Raulf Photo
    Love Rofling Photo
    Love Sybri Photo
    Love Tasi Photo
    Love Ushunda Photo
    Love Vlad Photo
    Love Yakubi Photo
    Love Yuni Photo
    Love Zola Photo

    Mad Scientist Dakota Photo
    Mad Scientist Vixen Photo

    Magenta Arinya Photo
    Magenta Basil Photo
    Magenta Crikey Photo
    Magenta Dakota Photo
    Magenta Decadal Photo
    Magenta Doyle Photo
    Magenta Echlin Photo
    Magenta Ercuw Photo
    Magenta Eyru Photo
    Magenta Fasoro Photo
    Magenta Flab Photo
    Magenta Gizmo Photo
    Magenta Gobble Photo
    Magenta Hump Photo
    Magenta Huthiq Photo
    Magenta Ike Photo
    Magenta Jessup Photo
    Magenta Justin Photo
    Magenta Kidlet Photo
    Magenta Kujo Photo
    Magenta Lati Photo
    Magenta Limax Photo
    Magenta Mordo Photo
    Magenta Murfin Photo
    Magenta Newth Photo
    Magenta Oglue Photo
    Magenta Phanty Photo
    Magenta Poera Photo
    Magenta Pucu Photo
    Magenta Quell Photo
    Magenta Raulf Photo
    Magenta Reese Photo
    Magenta Rofling Photo
    Magenta Rusty Photo
    Magenta Snookle Photo
    Magenta Speiro Photo
    Magenta Sybri Photo
    Magenta Tasi Photo
    Magenta Troit Photo
    Magenta Ushunda Photo
    Magenta Viotto Photo
    Magenta Vixen Photo
    Magenta Vlad Photo
    Magenta Walee Photo
    Magenta Willa Photo
    Magenta Xoi Photo
    Magenta Yuni Photo
    Magenta Zoink Photo
    Magenta Zola Photo

    Mermaid Hump Photo
    Mermaid Yuni Photo

    Midnight Lati Photo
    Midnight Tasi Photo

    Millionaire Arinya Photo
    Millionaire Azul Photo
    Millionaire Basil Photo
    Millionaire Bolimo Photo
    Millionaire Crikey Photo
    Millionaire Dakota Photo
    Millionaire Decadal Photo
    Millionaire Doyle Photo
    Millionaire Ercuw Photo
    Millionaire Eyru Photo
    Millionaire Figaro Photo
    Millionaire Huthiq Photo
    Millionaire Jessup Photo
    Millionaire Lati Photo
    Millionaire Limax Photo
    Millionaire Mordo Photo
    Millionaire Murfin Photo
    Millionaire Newth Photo
    Millionaire Nino Photo
    Millionaire Oglue Photo
    Millionaire Phanty Photo
    Millionaire Poera Photo
    Millionaire Pucu Photo
    Millionaire Renat Photo
    Millionaire Rofling Photo
    Millionaire Rusty Photo
    Millionaire Sindi Photo
    Millionaire Snookle Photo
    Millionaire Sybri Photo
    Millionaire Tasi Photo
    Millionaire Troit Photo
    Millionaire Ushunda Photo
    Millionaire Viotto Photo
    Millionaire Vixen Photo
    Millionaire Vlad Photo
    Millionaire Willa Photo
    Millionaire Xoi Photo
    Millionaire Yakubi Photo
    Millionaire Zola Photo
    Millionaire Zoosh Photo

    Minipet Lati Photo
    Minipet Sindi Photo

    Monster Crikey Photo
    Monster Sybri Photo
    Monster Willa Photo
    Monster Zola Photo

    Mummy Arinya Photo
    Mummy Hump Photo
    Mummy Lati Photo
    Mummy Pucu Photo
    Mummy Renat Photo
    Mummy Sybri Photo
    Mummy Tasi Photo
    Mummy Viotto Photo
    Mummy Willa Photo
    Mummy Zoink Photo

    Mutant Basil Photo
    Mutant Echlin Photo
    Mutant Feliz Photo
    Mutant Figaro Photo
    Mutant Flab Photo
    Mutant Gizmo Photo
    Mutant Gobble Photo
    Mutant Newth Photo
    Mutant Renat Photo
    Mutant Vixen Photo
    Mutant Vlad Photo
    Mutant Yuni Photo

    Native Justin Photo

    Nefarious Mordo Photo

    Negative Astro Photo
    Negative Dakota Photo
    Negative Decadal Photo
    Negative Ercuw Photo
    Negative Eyru Photo
    Negative Feliz Photo
    Negative Grint Photo
    Negative Huthiq Photo
    Negative Kujo Photo
    Negative Limax Photo
    Negative Lorius Photo
    Negative Mordo Photo
    Negative Osafo Photo
    Negative Phanty Photo
    Negative Poera Photo
    Negative Quell Photo
    Negative Raulf Photo
    Negative Rofling Photo
    Negative Sindi Photo
    Negative Snookle Photo
    Negative Speiro Photo
    Negative Viotto Photo
    Negative Willa Photo
    Negative Yuni Photo
    Negative Zoink Photo

    Nightmare Yuni Photo

    Old Justin Photo
    Old Limax Photo
    Old Willa Photo

    Orange Chibs Photo
    Orange Ercuw Photo
    Orange Eyru Photo
    Orange Hump Photo
    Orange Huthiq Photo
    Orange Justin Photo
    Orange Kujo Photo
    Orange Lorius Photo
    Orange Oglue Photo
    Orange Quell Photo
    Orange Sindi Photo
    Orange Snookle Photo
    Orange Sybri Photo
    Orange Tasi Photo
    Orange Viotto Photo
    Orange Willa Photo
    Orange Zoink Photo

    Panda Kujo Photo

    Party Gobble Photo
    Party Vixen Photo
    Party Zoink Photo

    Pastel Arinya Photo
    Pastel Crikey Photo
    Pastel Crindol Photo
    Pastel Echlin Photo
    Pastel Eyru Photo
    Pastel Grint Photo
    Pastel Ike Photo
    Pastel Kujo Photo
    Pastel Lati Photo
    Pastel Nino Photo
    Pastel Osafo Photo
    Pastel Poera Photo
    Pastel Quell Photo
    Pastel Raulf Photo
    Pastel Rusty Photo
    Pastel Sindi Photo
    Pastel Sybri Photo
    Pastel Troit Photo
    Pastel Ushunda Photo
    Pastel Viotto Photo
    Pastel Yakubi Photo
    Pastel Yuni Photo
    Pastel Zola Photo

    Pinata Oglue Photo

    Pink Basil Photo
    Pink Crikey Photo
    Pink Dakota Photo
    Pink Figaro Photo
    Pink Gizmo Photo
    Pink Huthiq Photo
    Pink Kujo Photo
    Pink Lati Photo
    Pink Lorius Photo
    Pink Nino Photo
    Pink Quell Photo
    Pink Raulf Photo
    Pink Rofling Photo
    Pink Snookle Photo
    Pink Sybri Photo
    Pink Tasi Photo
    Pink Troit Photo
    Pink Viotto Photo
    Pink Zola Photo

    Pirate Eyru Photo
    Pirate Kujo Photo
    Pirate Limax Photo
    Pirate Rofling Photo

    Pixie Lorius Photo
    Pixie Viotto Photo

    Plant Gobble Photo

    Plushie Kujo Photo
    Plushie Limax Photo
    Plushie Raulf Photo

    Poison Sindi Photo

    Polar Newth Photo
    Polar Viotto Photo

    Princess Lati Photo

    Prison Eyru Photo
    Prison Nino Photo
    Prison Raulf Photo

    Puchalla Gobble Photo

    Purple Dakota Photo
    Purple Gizmo Photo
    Purple Kronk Photo
    Purple Lati Photo
    Purple Limax Photo
    Purple Lorius Photo
    Purple Nino Photo
    Purple Quell Photo
    Purple Rofling Photo
    Purple Rusty Photo
    Purple Tasi Photo
    Purple Zola Photo
    Purple Zoosh Photo

    Radioactive Astro Photo
    Radioactive Basil Photo
    Radioactive Chibs Photo
    Radioactive Crikey Photo
    Radioactive Dakota Photo
    Radioactive Decadal Photo
    Radioactive Ercuw Photo
    Radioactive Eyru Photo
    Radioactive Figaro Photo
    Radioactive Gizmo Photo
    Radioactive Gonk Photo
    Radioactive Hump Photo
    Radioactive Ike Photo
    Radioactive Justin Photo
    Radioactive Knutt Photo
    Radioactive Limax Photo
    Radioactive Oglue Photo
    Radioactive Poera Photo
    Radioactive Quell Photo
    Radioactive Snookle Photo
    Radioactive Sybri Photo
    Radioactive Troit Photo
    Radioactive Ushunda Photo
    Radioactive Viotto Photo
    Radioactive Xoi Photo
    Radioactive Yuni Photo
    Radioactive Zoink Photo
    Radioactive Zola Photo

    Rainbow Arinya Photo
    Rainbow Azul Photo
    Rainbow Basil Photo
    Rainbow Crikey Photo
    Rainbow Dakota Photo
    Rainbow Echlin Photo
    Rainbow Eyru Photo
    Rainbow Gonk Photo
    Rainbow Grint Photo
    Rainbow Hump Photo
    Rainbow Ike Photo
    Rainbow Jessup Photo
    Rainbow Justin Photo
    Rainbow Knutt Photo
    Rainbow Kronk Photo
    Rainbow Kujo Photo
    Rainbow Nino Photo
    Rainbow Oglue Photo
    Rainbow Quell Photo
    Rainbow Raulf Photo
    Rainbow Renat Photo
    Rainbow Snookle Photo
    Rainbow Sybri Photo
    Rainbow Tasi Photo
    Rainbow Ushunda Photo
    Rainbow Yakubi Photo

    Rainy Poera Photo

    Recycled Snookle Photo
    Recycled Willa Photo

    Red Astro Photo
    Red Basil Photo
    Red Dakota Photo
    Red Eyru Photo
    Red Snookle Photo
    Red Tasi Photo

    Robot Basil Photo
    Robot Poera Photo
    Robot Raulf Photo

    Royal Echlin Photo

    School Quell Photo

    Scout Ercuw Photo
    Scout Justin Photo
    Scout Knutt Photo
    Scout Raulf Photo

    Seasonal Huthiq Photo
    Seasonal Phanty Photo
    Seasonal Yuni Photo

    Sewers Decadal Photo

    Shaved Justin Photo
    Shaved Limax Photo
    Shaved Tasi Photo
    Shaved Troit Photo

    Silver Arinya Photo
    Silver Astro Photo
    Silver Azul Photo
    Silver Basil Photo
    Silver Crikey Photo
    Silver Crindol Photo
    Silver Equilor Photo
    Silver Ercuw Photo
    Silver Eyru Photo
    Silver Fasoro Photo
    Silver Huthiq Photo
    Silver Ike Photo
    Silver Kaala Photo
    Silver Kujo Photo
    Silver Lati Photo
    Silver Lorius Photo
    Silver Newth Photo
    Silver Nino Photo
    Silver Osafo Photo
    Silver Pucu Photo
    Silver Raulf Photo
    Silver Rofling Photo
    Silver Rusty Photo
    Silver Sindi Photo
    Silver Snookle Photo
    Silver Sybri Photo
    Silver Tasi Photo
    Silver Ushunda Photo
    Silver Vixen Photo
    Silver Vlad Photo
    Silver Xoi Photo
    Silver Yakubi Photo
    Silver Zola Photo
    Silver Zoosh Photo

    Skater Gizmo Photo
    Sketch Decadal Photo
    Sketch Echlin Photo
    Sketch Ercuw Photo
    Sketch Fasoro Photo
    Sketch Knutt Photo
    Sketch Kujo Photo
    Sketch Lati Photo
    Sketch Limax Photo
    Sketch Lorius Photo
    Sketch Nino Photo
    Sketch Paffuto Photo
    Sketch Pucu Photo
    Sketch Raulf Photo
    Sketch Renat Photo
    Sketch Tantua Photo
    Sketch Tasi Photo
    Sketch Zoosh Photo

    Sleepy Gizmo Photo

    Snow Astro Photo
    Snow Crikey Photo
    Snow Decadal Photo
    Snow Echlin Photo
    Snow Eyru Photo
    Snow Feliz Photo
    Snow Huthiq Photo
    Snow Ike Photo
    Snow Limax Photo
    Snow Lorius Photo
    Snow Nino Photo
    Snow Raulf Photo
    Snow Rusty Photo
    Snow Sindi Photo
    Snow Snookle Photo
    Snow Speiro Photo
    Snow Sybri Photo
    Snow Tasi Photo
    Snow Troit Photo
    Snow Viotto Photo
    Snow Vlad Photo
    Snow Willa Photo
    Snow Zoink Photo
    Snow Zola Photo

    Snowman Viotto Photo

    Spacefairy Astro Photo

    Splatter Arinya Photo
    Splatter Kidlet Photo
    Splatter Quell Photo
    Splatter Vlad Photo
    Splatter Willa Photo

    Sports Basil Photo

    Spring Arinya Photo
    Spring Eyru Photo
    Spring Kujo Photo

    Spy Lati Photo

    Starry Arinya Photo
    Starry Basil Photo
    Starry Crikey Photo
    Starry Dakota Photo
    Starry Decadal Photo
    Starry Doyle Photo
    Starry Echlin Photo
    Starry Feliz Photo
    Starry Ideus Photo
    Starry Lati Photo
    Starry Limax Photo
    Starry Osafo Photo
    Starry Poera Photo
    Starry Raulf Photo
    Starry Reese Photo
    Starry Sindi Photo
    Starry Sybri Photo
    Starry Tantua Photo
    Starry Troit Photo
    Starry Ushunda Photo
    Starry Yakubi Photo

    Stone Arinya Photo
    Stone Astro Photo
    Stone Basil Photo
    Stone Crikey Photo
    Stone Dakota Photo
    Stone Decadal Photo
    Stone Echlin Photo
    Stone Ercuw Photo
    Stone Eyru Photo
    Stone Figaro Photo
    Stone Flab Photo
    Stone Huthiq Photo
    Stone Ike Photo
    Stone Kidlet Photo
    Stone Kujo Photo
    Stone Lati Photo
    Stone Limax Photo
    Stone Mordo Photo
    Stone Nino Photo
    Stone Oglue Photo
    Stone Osafo Photo
    Stone Poera Photo
    Stone Pucu Photo
    Stone Quell Photo
    Stone Raulf Photo
    Stone Renat Photo
    Stone Rofling Photo
    Stone Rusty Photo
    Stone Sindi Photo
    Stone Snookle Photo
    Stone Tantua Photo
    Stone Tasi Photo
    Stone Troit Photo
    Stone Ushunda Photo
    Stone Vixen Photo
    Stone Vlad Photo
    Stone Willa Photo
    Stone Xoi Photo
    Stone Yuni Photo
    Stone Zola Photo
    Stone Zoosh Photo

    Stoneage Limax Photo

    Summer Arinya Photo
    Summer Eyru Photo
    Summer Zoink Photo

    Superhero Basil Photo

    Photos I need A-I

    Posted on : 19th May 2017 17:54   Posted by : Rin
    Alien Zoink Photo

    American Azul Photo
    American Basil Photo
    American Bolimo Photo
    American Dakota Photo
    American Decadal Photo
    American Echlin Photo
    American Eyru Photo
    American Fasoro Photo
    American Ike Photo
    American Kidlet Photo
    American Knutt Photo
    American Limax Photo
    American Mordo Photo
    American Osafo Photo
    American Paffuto Photo
    American Poera Photo
    American Quell Photo
    American Raulf Photo
    American Rofling Photo
    American Sybri Photo
    American Troit Photo
    American Vixen Photo
    American Vlad Photo
    American Yakubi Photo
    American Zola Photo
    American Zoosh Photo

    Anime Vixen Photo
    Anime Willa Photo
    Anime Zoosh Photo

    Arcade Fasoro Photo
    Arcade Nino Photo
    Arcade Poera Photo
    Arcade Rofling Photo

    Armoured Basil Photo
    Armoured Crikey Photo

    Autumn Arinya Photo
    Autumn Eyru Photo
    Autumn Osafo Photo

    Baby Gobble Photo
    Baby Kujo Photo
    Baby Zola Photo

    Bee Dakota Photo
    Bee Sindi Photo

    Beige Arinya Photo
    Beige Astro Photo
    Beige Azul Photo
    Beige Basil Photo
    Beige Bolimo Photo
    Beige Chibs Photo
    Beige Crindol Photo
    Beige Daisy Photo
    Beige Dakota Photo
    Beige Decadal Photo
    Beige Doyle Photo
    Beige Echlin Photo
    Beige Ercuw Photo
    Beige Eyru Photo
    Beige Figaro Photo
    Beige Flab Photo
    Beige Gizmo Photo
    Beige Gobble Photo
    Beige Gonk Photo
    Beige Hump Photo
    Beige Huthiq Photo
    Beige Ideus Photo
    Beige Ike Photo
    Beige Jessup Photo
    Beige Kidlet Photo
    Beige Knutt Photo
    Beige Kujo Photo
    Beige Lati Photo
    Beige Leido Photo
    Beige Limax Photo
    Beige Lorius Photo
    Beige Mordo Photo
    Beige Nino Photo
    Beige Oglue Photo
    Beige Osafo Photo
    Beige Paffuto Photo
    Beige Phanty Photo
    Beige Poera Photo
    Beige Pucu Photo
    Beige Raulf Photo
    Beige Reese Photo
    Beige Rofling Photo
    Beige Rusty Photo
    Beige Sindi Photo
    Beige Snookle Photo
    Beige Sybri Photo
    Beige Tasi Photo
    Beige Troit Photo
    Beige Ushunda Photo
    Beige Viotto Photo
    Beige Vixen Photo
    Beige Walee Photo
    Beige Willa Photo
    Beige Yuni Photo
    Beige Zoink Photo
    Beige Zola Photo

    Black Azul Photo
    Black Basil Photo
    Black Crikey Photo
    Black Gizmo Photo
    Black Grint Photo
    Black Huthiq Photo
    Black Knutt Photo
    Black Lati Photo
    Black Limax Photo
    Black Murfin Photo
    Black Newth Photo
    Black Pucu Photo
    Black Quell Photo
    Black Tasi Photo
    Black Ushunda Photo
    Black Vlad Photo
    Black Yakubi Photo
    Black Yuni Photo

    Blitzen Basil Photo
    Blitzen Justin Photo
    Blitzen Willa Photo

    Blue Astro Photo
    Blue Dakota Photo
    Blue Eyru Photo
    Blue Gizmo Photo
    Blue Justin Photo
    Blue Lorius Photo
    Blue Willa Photo

    Bootleg Addow Photo
    Bootleg Bolimo Photo
    Bootleg Ike Photo
    Bootleg Jessup Photo
    Bootleg Murfin Photo
    Bootleg Sindi Photo
    Bootleg Ushunda Photo
    Bootleg Vixen Photo
    Bootleg Vlad Photo

    Breeze Zola Photo

    British Arinya Photo
    British Astro Photo
    British Basil Photo
    British Bolimo Photo
    British Crikey Photo
    British Crindol Photo
    British Daisy Photo
    British Doyle Photo
    British Equilor Photo
    British Ercuw Photo
    British Eyru Photo
    British Fasoro Photo
    British Feliz Photo
    British Figaro Photo
    British Flab Photo
    British Ideus Photo
    British Ike Photo
    British Jessup Photo
    British Justin Photo
    British Kaala Photo
    British Kidlet Photo
    British Kujo Photo
    British Limax Photo
    British Lorius Photo
    British Mordo Photo
    British Nino Photo
    British Oglue Photo
    British Osafo Photo
    British Paffuto Photo
    British Poera Photo
    British Pucu Photo
    British Quell Photo
    British Raulf Photo
    British Rofling Photo
    British Rusty Photo
    British Sindi Photo
    British Snookle Photo
    British Speiro Photo
    British Sybri Photo
    British Tasi Photo
    British Troit Photo
    British Ushunda Photo
    British Viotto Photo
    British Vixen Photo
    British Vlad Photo
    British Zola Photo
    British Zoosh Photo

    Bronze Arinya Photo
    Bronze Astro Photo
    Bronze Azul Photo
    Bronze Basil Photo
    Bronze Crikey Photo
    Bronze Dakota Photo
    Bronze Decadal Photo
    Bronze Ercuw Photo
    Bronze Eyru Photo
    Bronze Fasoro Photo
    Bronze Feliz Photo
    Bronze Figaro Photo
    Bronze Flab Photo
    Bronze Huthiq Photo
    Bronze Ideus Photo
    Bronze Ike Photo
    Bronze Kidlet Photo
    Bronze Kujo Photo
    Bronze Lati Photo
    Bronze Lorius Photo
    Bronze Nino Photo
    Bronze Poera Photo
    Bronze Pucu Photo
    Bronze Quell Photo
    Bronze Raulf Photo
    Bronze Renat Photo
    Bronze Rofling Photo
    Bronze Sindi Photo
    Bronze Speiro Photo
    Bronze Sybri Photo
    Bronze Tantua Photo
    Bronze Tasi Photo
    Bronze Viotto Photo
    Bronze Vixen Photo
    Bronze Vlad Photo
    Bronze Walee Photo
    Bronze Xoi Photo
    Bronze Yuni Photo
    Bronze Zola Photo

    Brown Basil Photo
    Brown Chibs Photo
    Brown Dakota Photo
    Brown Eyru Photo
    Brown Hump Photo
    Brown Justin Photo
    Brown Limax Photo
    Brown Nino Photo
    Brown Sindi Photo
    Brown Sybri Photo
    Brown Troit Photo
    Brown Willa Photo
    Brown Zoink Photo

    Burnt Justin Photo
    Burnt Tasi Photo

    Calico Arinya Photo
    Calico Azul Photo
    Calico Bolimo Photo
    Calico Crikey Photo
    Calico Decadal Photo
    Calico Ercuw Photo
    Calico Eyru Photo
    Calico Gonk Photo
    Calico Huthiq Photo
    Calico Ike Photo
    Calico Nino Photo
    Calico Oglue Photo
    Calico Osafo Photo
    Calico Poera Photo
    Calico Pucu Photo
    Calico Quell Photo
    Calico Reese Photo
    Calico Renat Photo
    Calico Snookle Photo
    Calico Speiro Photo
    Calico Sybri Photo
    Calico Tasi Photo
    Calico Troit Photo
    Calico Ushunda Photo
    Calico Vlad Photo
    Calico Zola Photo

    Camouflage Addow Photo
    Camouflage Arinya Photo
    Camouflage Astro Photo
    Camouflage Basil Photo
    Camouflage Bolimo Photo
    Camouflage Crikey Photo
    Camouflage Crindol Photo
    Camouflage Daisy Photo
    Camouflage Dakota Photo
    Camouflage Echlin Photo
    Camouflage Ercuw Photo
    Camouflage Eyru Photo
    Camouflage Feliz Photo
    Camouflage Figaro Photo
    Camouflage Ike Photo
    Camouflage Jessup Photo
    Camouflage Kujo Photo
    Camouflage Lati Photo
    Camouflage Leido Photo
    Camouflage Mordo Photo
    Camouflage Newth Photo
    Camouflage Nino Photo
    Camouflage Osafo Photo
    Camouflage Paffuto Photo
    Camouflage Poera Photo
    Camouflage Pucu Photo
    Camouflage Quell Photo
    Camouflage Raulf Photo
    Camouflage Rusty Photo
    Camouflage Sindi Photo
    Camouflage Snookle Photo
    Camouflage Sybri Photo
    Camouflage Tasi Photo
    Camouflage Troit Photo
    Camouflage Viotto Photo
    Camouflage Vixen Photo
    Camouflage Vlad Photo
    Camouflage Walee Photo
    Camouflage Yakubi Photo
    Camouflage Zoosh Photo

    Candle Eyru Photo
    Candle Jessup Photo

    Candy Raulf Photo

    Checkered Gobble Photo
    Checkered Rofling Photo
    Checkered Yuni Photo

    Cheese Addow Photo
    Cheese Arinya Photo
    Cheese Astro Photo
    Cheese Azul Photo
    Cheese Basil Photo
    Cheese Crikey Photo
    Cheese Crindol Photo
    Cheese Dakota Photo
    Cheese Decadal Photo
    Cheese Echlin Photo
    Cheese Equilor Photo
    Cheese Ercuw Photo
    Cheese Figaro Photo
    Cheese Grint Photo
    Cheese Hump Photo
    Cheese Ideus Photo
    Cheese Jessup Photo
    Cheese Justin Photo
    Cheese Kidlet Photo
    Cheese Knutt Photo
    Cheese Kujo Photo
    Cheese Lorius Photo
    Cheese Mordo Photo
    Cheese Nino Photo
    Cheese Paffuto Photo
    Cheese Pucu Photo
    Cheese Quell Photo
    Cheese Raulf Photo
    Cheese Reese Photo
    Cheese Renat Photo
    Cheese Rofling Photo
    Cheese Rusty Photo
    Cheese Snookle Photo
    Cheese Sybri Photo
    Cheese Troit Photo
    Cheese Viotto Photo
    Cheese Vixen Photo
    Cheese Zola Photo

    Chibi Eyru Photo
    Chibi Viotto Photo
    Chibi Yuni Photo

    Chinese Kujo Photo
    Chinese Snookle Photo

    Christmas Tree Rofling Photo

    Christmas Zoink Photo

    Christmastree Zola Photo

    Cowboy Dakota Photo

    Cupid Gizmo Photo
    Cupid Pucu Photo
    Cupid Willa Photo

    Cursed Lorius Photo

    Dark Lati Photo

    Desert Hump Photo
    Desert Nino Photo

    Detective Limax Photo

    Devil Basil Photo
    Devil Limax Photo
    Devil Tasi Photo
    Devil Vixen Photo
    Devil Yuni Photo

    Digital Gizmo Photo
    Digital Limax Photo

    Doll Arinya Photo
    Doll Rusty Photo
    Doll Zola Photo

    Dragon Quell Photo
    Dragon Zoink Photo

    Earth Fairy Kujo Photo
    Earth Fairy Sybri Photo
    Earthfairy Ike Photo

    Easter Arinya Photo
    Easter Basil Photo
    Easter Troit Photo
    Easter Vlad Photo

    Eleka Limax Photo
    Eleka Vixen Photo

    Emo Kujo Photo
    Emo Sybri Photo

    Enpiah Dakota Photo

    Fairy Gobble Photo
    Fairy Pucu Photo

    Fancy Chibs Photo
    Fancy Ercuw Photo
    Fancy Justin Photo

    Fat Tantua Photo

    Fire Fairy Yuni Photo

    Fire Limax Photo
    Fire Tasi Photo

    Firework Pucu Photo

    Floral Arinya Photo
    Floral Astro Photo
    Floral Basil Photo
    Floral Crikey Photo
    Floral Decadal Photo
    Floral Echlin Photo
    Floral Equilor Photo
    Floral Ercuw Photo
    Floral Ideus Photo
    Floral Ike Photo
    Floral Kujo Photo
    Floral Limax Photo
    Floral Murfin Photo
    Floral Newth Photo
    Floral Oglue Photo
    Floral Paffuto Photo
    Floral Poera Photo
    Floral Pucu Photo
    Floral Quell Photo
    Floral Snookle Photo
    Floral Sybri Photo
    Floral Troit Photo
    Floral Ushunda Photo
    Floral Viotto Photo
    Floral Vixen Photo
    Floral Vlad Photo
    Floral Xoi Photo
    Floral Yuni Photo

    Frostfire Pucu Photo

    Ghost Lati Photo
    Ghost Rofling Photo
    Ghost Tasi Photo

    Gingerbread Snookle Photo
    Gingerbread Tasi Photo

    Glass Arinya Photo
    Glass Astro Photo
    Glass Basil Photo
    Glass Crikey Photo
    Glass Crindol Photo
    Glass Dakota Photo
    Glass Decadal Photo
    Glass Doyle Photo
    Glass Eyru Photo
    Glass Feliz Photo
    Glass Figaro Photo
    Glass Gonk Photo
    Glass Huthiq Photo
    Glass Ideus Photo
    Glass Ike Photo
    Glass Kidlet Photo
    Glass Lati Photo
    Glass Lorius Photo
    Glass Mordo Photo
    Glass Newth Photo
    Glass Nino Photo
    Glass Oglue Photo
    Glass Osafo Photo
    Glass Poera Photo
    Glass Pucu Photo
    Glass Raulf Photo
    Glass Renat Photo
    Glass Rusty Photo
    Glass Sindi Photo
    Glass Sybri Photo
    Glass Tasi Photo
    Glass Troit Photo
    Glass Ushunda Photo
    Glass Viotto Photo
    Glass Vixen Photo
    Glass Vlad Photo
    Glass Yuni Photo
    Glass Zola Photo

    Goblin Sindi Photo

    Gold Addow Photo
    Gold Arinya Photo
    Gold Astro Photo
    Gold Azul Photo
    Gold Basil Photo
    Gold Crikey Photo
    Gold Decadal Photo
    Gold Echlin Photo
    Gold Equilor Photo
    Gold Ercuw Photo
    Gold Eyru Photo
    Gold Figaro Photo
    Gold Gonk Photo
    Gold Huthiq Photo
    Gold Ideus Photo
    Gold Ike Photo
    Gold Kidlet Photo
    Gold Kujo Photo
    Gold Lati Photo
    Gold Limax Photo
    Gold Lorius Photo
    Gold Nino Photo
    Gold Osafo Photo
    Gold Poera Photo
    Gold Pucu Photo
    Gold Quell Photo
    Gold Raulf Photo
    Gold Renat Photo
    Gold Rofling Photo
    Gold Rusty Photo
    Gold Sindi Photo
    Gold Snookle Photo
    Gold Tasi Photo
    Gold Vlad Photo
    Gold Willa Photo
    Gold Yakubi Photo
    Gold Zola Photo

    Green Crikey Photo
    Green Dakota Photo
    Green Ercuw Photo
    Green Eyru Photo
    Green Figaro Photo
    Green Gizmo Photo
    Green Justin Photo
    Green Kujo Photo
    Green Snookle Photo
    Green Tasi Photo
    Green Viotto Photo

    Grey Crikey Photo
    Grey Ercuw Photo
    Grey Kujo Photo
    Grey Lati Photo
    Grey Limax Photo
    Grey Lorius Photo
    Grey Quell Photo
    Grey Rofling Photo
    Grey Snookle Photo
    Grey Sybri Photo
    Grey Tasi Photo
    Grey Vlad Photo

    Halloween Gobble Photo
    Halloween Oglue Photo
    Halloween Phanty Photo
    Halloween Tasi Photo
    Halloween Zoink Photo

    Headless Arinya Photo
    Headless Figaro Photo
    Headless Limax Photo
    Headless Pucu Photo
    Headless Rofling Photo
    Headless Vixen Photo
    Headless Zola Photo

    Ice Arinya Photo
    Ice Astro Photo
    Ice Azul Photo
    Ice Basil Photo

    Ice Cream Figaro Photo

    Ice Crikey Photo
    Ice Daisy Photo
    Ice Dakota Photo
    Ice Decadal Photo
    Ice Ercuw Photo
    Ice Flab Photo
    Ice Gonk Photo
    Ice Grint Photo
    Ice Huthiq Photo
    Ice Kujo Photo
    Ice Lati Photo
    Ice Limax Photo
    Ice Murfin Photo
    Ice Paffuto Photo
    Ice Pucu Photo
    Ice Raulf Photo
    Ice Reese Photo
    Ice Rusty Photo
    Ice Sindi Photo
    Ice Snookle Photo
    Ice Sybri Photo
    Ice Tantua Photo
    Ice Troit Photo
    Ice Vixen Photo
    Ice Vlad Photo
    Ice Zola Photo
    Ice Zoosh Photo

    Insideout Mordo Photo

    Invisible Addow Photo
    Invisible Basil Photo
    Invisible Crikey Photo
    Invisible Dakota Photo
    Invisible Decadal Photo
    Invisible Equilor Photo
    Invisible Ercuw Photo
    Invisible Eyru Photo
    Invisible Figaro Photo
    Invisible Flab Photo
    Invisible Gizmo Photo
    Invisible Gobble Photo
    Invisible Gonk Photo
    Invisible Hump Photo
    Invisible Huthiq Photo
    Invisible Justin Photo
    Invisible Kronk Photo
    Invisible Kujo Photo
    Invisible Lati Photo
    Invisible Leido Photo
    Invisible Raulf Photo
    Invisible Willa Photo
    Invisible Zola Photo

    Island Phanty Photo
    Island Pucu Photo
    Island Yuni Photo
    Island Zoink Photo

    Pet Goals

    Posted on : 3rd Aug 2016 03:40   Posted by : Rin
    I have a goal of getting at least 1 of each LE. These are the ones I still need.


    Good EPI grabs

    Posted on : 30th Jul 2016 11:40   Posted by : Rin
    July 22nd, 2016:
    Calico Pucu Plushie

    August 4th, 2016
    Stoneage Nino Plushie

    August 5th, 2016
    Three Leaf Clover Plushie

    December 18th, 2016
    Red Zoosh Plushie

    March 10th, 2017
    White Poera Plushie

    March 29th, 2017
    Red Eyru Plushie

    April 4th, 2017
    Enchanted Love Fasoro Plushie

    April 10th, 2017
    Blue Zola Plushie

    April 11th, 2017
    ENCHANTED RED ROFLING PLUSHIE (like holy crap guys!!! )

    April 14th, 2017
    Angel Echlin Plushie

    April 19th, 2017
    Brown Justin Plushie

    April 25th, 2017
    Rainbow Speiro Plushie

    May 13th, 2017
    Enchanted Purple Gobble Plushie

    May 23rd, 2017
    Underwater Gobble Plushie

    June 12th, 2017
    Enchanted Yellow Flab Plushie

    June 13th, 2017
    Brown Justin Plushie

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