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MM/MT ;; always open.
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I've had to change my settings because of frequent random requests.
Pets ;; none of my pets are for trade.







  • - Queen Bee -     ~17 Apr 2018
  • - Goals -     ~14 Oct 2017
  • - Note For Staff -     ~01 Oct 2017
  • - Pets -     ~22 Mar 2017

  • - Queen Bee -

    Posted on : 17th Apr 2018 14:36   Posted by : Medieval

    Queen Bee Items I Need

    Bee Dress
    Bee Ruffle Top
    Bee Wings
    Butterfly Skirt
    Butterfly Sleeves
    Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dawn Butterfly Cape
    Dawn Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dawn Gentle Scarf
    Dawn Luna Moth Wings
    Dawn Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Dawn Queen Butterfly Wings
    Dawn Spider Web Bra
    Dragonfly Wings
    Dread Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dusk Butterfly Cape
    Dusk Butterfly Silk Dress
    Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Dusk Luna Moth Wings
    Dusk Pearl Crescent Wings
    Dusk Spider Web Bra
    Flower Pannel Skirt
    Fluffy Honey Hair Extensions
    Iridescent Butterfly Cape
    Iridescent Butterfly Silk Dress
    Iridescent Butterfly Skirt
    Iridescent Butterfly Sleeves
    Iridescent Butterfly Wing Wig
    Iridescent Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Iridescent Pearl Crescent Wings
    Iridescent Spider Web Bra
    Petal Skirt
    Plain Butterfly Wing Wig
    Short Butterfly Skirt
    Short Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Short Iridescent Butterfly Skirt
    Southern Emerald Moth Wings
    Spider Web Bra
    White Fuzzy Gloves

    - Goals -

    Posted on : 14th Oct 2017 15:58   Posted by : Medieval

    Main goal:
    Work on wardrobe

    [x] Turn Karlene into a Mummy Straya
    [x] Turn Occult into a Yuni
    [x] Put Occult through Temple to become Nightmare
    [x] Rename Wolfcut (Renamed to Weyr)
    [x] Costume Nadelie Gothic
    [x] Get 400 Gamer Points
    [ ] Even out Weyr's stats
    [ ] Play 1,050 games
    [x] Get 250k RP

    - Even out Weyr's stats
    Get his lower Gym stats to 100.
    Working on Health & Level.


    Pet Prices:

    Link to blog for hair/egg colours:

    - Note For Staff -

    Posted on : 1st Oct 2017 00:24   Posted by : Medieval

    S T A F F
    I often switch between using my laptop & phone to login here.
    I also travel a lot (between countries) so if I seem all over the place, it's because I am.

    I'll probably also switch between different smartphones because I'm lazy and I'll use whoever's phone is closest.
    My boyfriend has an account: KlWl. Although he hardly ever uses it.

    Pls no ban

    - Pets -

    Posted on : 22nd Mar 2017 16:50   Posted by : Medieval

    Pets that I have made:
    1.05.17 Cynfael has changed into a Vampire Quell, thanks to help from CelesteMoonshine!
    3.06.17 Royol has changed into a Swamp Ercuw, thanks to Watsky!
    16.07.17 Aliyx turned into an Anime Raulf!
    23.09.17 Nadelie turned into an Anime Raulf!
    12.12.17 Occult turned into an Insideout Yuni!
    1.04.18 Karlene turned into a Mermaid Straya!

    Pets that I have costumed:
    12.06.17 Leinay changed colour to Halloween!
    28.07.17 Aliyx changed colour to Nightmare!
    29.08.17 Atrocity is now wearing Vampire Costume!
    28.09.17 Dazter changed colour to Halloween!
    17.10.17 Nadelie is now wearing Gothic Costume!

    None of my pets are for trade.
    All the pet siggies down below were made by me.

    Named after my boyfriend, Alex, who is a lot less scary than a Nightmare Raulf but I think it's awesome. Made, potioned, and costumed him myself.

    I traded for her, with Seiko. I adore Nightmare pets and she looks perfect next to Aliyx.

    Originally named WhisperingTale, she was given to me by the very generous To! I renamed her and recostumed her to Vampire. When the purge came I renamed her again to Atrocity.

    The name is Welsh, meaning "Chief Prince." I was able to make him, thanks to the very generous CelesteMoonshine. Of course, he's never for trade.

    I traded for Dazter when he was Starry, turned him Zombie, then I put him in Temple and changed him to Halloween.

    Named after my mum, who is Australian. She's a Mummy Straya. Get it???

    Originally I traded for him when he was Tasion the Eleka Tasi. I put a Werewolf cossie on him (RIP Eleka costume, always have Drew though) and thanks to Seiko being generous with a Pet Certificate, renamed him Monstrosity!

    I adore her name. Changed her into an Anime Raulf, then changed her to Zombie, then changed her to Gothic when the costume was re-released.

    Nightmare Yuni, perfectly spooky for her name!

    Aren't Swamp Ercuws just adorable? I got an Enchanted Swamp Ercuw Plushie from Watsky as a gift. Royol is never for trade.

    Originally named Leinay. She's my ultimate dream pet. I templed her to become Halloween. She is certainly never for trade. During the name purge I renamed her to the very fitting Witchery.

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