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  • Not to forget to do on Mara     ~07 Dec 2017
  • Special event items needed     ~21 Nov 2017
  • ~~~Trade Prices~~~     ~19 Nov 2017
  • Plates photos I can make (For ...     ~19 Nov 2017
  • Doll Challenge dolls Part 7     ~26 Oct 2017
  • Selfie Cleansing 2...     ~23 Oct 2017
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  • Doll Challenge dolls Part 6     ~29 Aug 2017
  • Doll challenge dolls Part 5     ~29 Aug 2017
  • Doll challenge dolls part 4     ~29 Aug 2017
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  • Not to forget to do on Mara

    Posted on : 7th Dec 2017 12:14   Posted by : Journey
    Too many times I forget to do certain things... so this is gonna be a reminder for me

    1. Monthly checklist - Quests (Due to being picky about cost), missions, pet training and games are always harder for me to remember

    2. Plushie machines and other \"pay to play\" games

    3. Free dailies

    4. Mining

    5. Pay taxes

    6. Newspapers/Magazines

    7. Olympics

    8. Quests - Shushan, Slater skater, Desert Spy and Leppy for goodies

    9. Pet dailies - Portal, Pond, Poison pit, Pixie dice, Clock tower

    10. Photo/plate swapping thread

    11. Restock and price shop

    12. Make sure pets are in hotel

    13. Stop in at club and say hi, drop an uplifting quote etc : )

    14. Falls minipets for more rare plates

    15. Special events
    Advent Calendar

    THEN you can check doll challenge thread Do other stuff first

    Special event items needed

    Posted on : 21st Nov 2017 17:51   Posted by : Journey
    Caroling 2017

    Baby Grand Piano
    Candycane Ornament
    Candycane Pearl
    Candycane Yule Log
    Caroling Angel
    Coal Drink
    Coal Stocking
    Cymbal Songs
    Festive Brownie
    Festive Cymbals
    Festive Tuba
    Festive Violin
    Festive Vixen Plushie
    Jingle Bell Rock
    Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells Stamp
    Milk and Cookies Glowing Egg
    Nutcracker Action Figure
    Piano Hits
    Piano Stamp
    Rocking Reindeer
    Sleigh Book
    Stocking Costume
    Stocking Guide
    Tuba Tunes
    Violin Classics


    Bah Humbug Hits
    Bah Humbug Mug
    Chocolate Coins
    Ebenezer Scrooge
    Sack of Money
    Scrooge Booster
    Scrooge Cupcake
    Scrooge Glasses
    Scrooge Glowing Egg
    Scrooge Night Cap
    Scrooge Pearl
    Scrooge Plushie
    Scrooge Potato
    Tales of Scrooge

    Secret Santa 2017

    A Christmas Story
    Christmas Macaroons
    Driving Home for Christmas
    Holly Pearl
    Holly Stamp
    Linzer Bars
    Linzer Cookies
    Minature Santa Hat
    Penguin Plushie
    Penguin Stamp
    Penguin Summoning Stone
    Santa Beard
    Seasonal Short Dress
    Sheer Santa Top
    Snowy Trees

    Capsule Machine Items Dec 2017

    Candycane Dress
    Candycane Suit
    Christmas Pearl
    Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie
    Hanging Icicles
    Holly Ice Cream
    Jingle Bell Book
    Marshmallow Snowman
    Merry Hot Chocolate
    Polar Bear Plushie
    Pom Pom Hat
    Puffer Coat
    Scarf Book
    Scarf Stamp
    Sheet of Ice
    Ski Hat
    Snow Dakota Plushie
    Snow Justin Plushie
    Snow Sindi Plushie
    Snow Snookle Plushie
    Snow Sybri Plushie
    Snow Zola Plushie
    Snowfall Stamp
    Sparkle Chibs Plushie
    Sparkle Equilor Plushie
    Sugar Cookie Glowing Egg
    Warm Sweater

    Thanksgiving 2017 items I need


    Turkey Book


    ~~~Trade Prices~~~

    Posted on : 19th Nov 2017 10:25   Posted by : Journey
    A few quick notes:
    1. I am almost always willing to take other currencies (AU, rp, bp, dukka coins), and/or items (if they are over offers with nonrestockable items... So if I am asking 2mil for an item, like 2.5 mil worth current trade price items)... So feel free to offer whatever you are thinking, I may say no, but usually will not if it is reasonable <3
    2. Trades are grouped by type, mail/talk with me to separate.
    3. I play daily. So if you offer, I should respond within 24 hours. (Thuumbsup)
    4. I never log out, so if it says I am \"online\" and you are getting an item for a mission, give me 5 minutes max and move on. I respond as soon as I see a mail/talk when I am actually online. I do not want you to miss your mission waiting for me if I am afk

    Trooper Mask - 650k
    Winter Kujo Onesie - 1 mil
    Hole Easter Dress - 1.2 mil

    Glass Basil Plushie - 2.5mil

    Bun wig - 1.5mil

    Plates photos I can make (For forum topics)

    Posted on : 19th Nov 2017 10:14   Posted by : Journey
    Plates I can make: Values and list last checked 11/19/17

    Jason (around 80k)
    Yellow Pyri (around 450k)
    Cockroach (around 450k)
    Black damaged (around 20k)
    Hippow (around 25k)
    Halloween Hammy (around 35k)
    Camero (around 95k)
    Hot Dawg (around 75k)
    Doon (around 15k)
    Grey damaged (around 15k)
    Orange Lolzbra (around 375k)
    Fwidman (around 25k)
    Spootli (around 1k)
    Maragotchi (around 80k)
    Legendary (around 8k)
    Viper (around 80k)
    Mia (around 20k)
    Rejected (around 25k)
    Soleo (around 20k)
    Plump (Around 375k)
    Toff (around 20k)

    Photos I can make Values checked last on 11/19/17
    (not putting Kriegerr or Thalyssra on this list because I portal them, so you may want to check what they are right now)

    Autumn Figaro (around 400k)
    Stoneage Chibs (around 200k)
    Brown Reese (around 450k?)
    Ninja Knutt (around 20k)
    Tundra Fasoro (Around 100k)
    Cartoon Kaala (Around 100k)
    Water Rusty (none on SS)
    Doll Fasoro (around 50k)
    Pastel Daisy (None on SS)
    Easter Doyle (around 50k)


    Doll Challenge dolls Part 7

    Posted on : 26th Oct 2017 17:36   Posted by : Journey
    Ok, I have an addiction to doing these challenges. This is my 7th blog with these, which means I have done over 150 dolls for these... Maybe it\'ll one day help me get better at making dolls. <3

    10/25/17 - AbsolutNormal\'s Challenge: Dress as a Marapet Character that is not a Shopkeeper

    Tried to do Native Fairy

    10/26/17 - AbsolutNormal\'s (Journey\'s) Challenge: Dress in black, blue and white... using an eye patch, wings and any tights

    10/28/17 - blitzen's Challenge: Dress using only the colors gray, white and purple. one set of wings, any contacts, any wig, a tail and 2 visible tattoos

    10/29/17 - blitzen's Challenge: dress inspired by

    10/31/17 - mookers Challenge: Dress fancy in black and purple

    10/31/17 - blitzen's Challenge: Dress as your idea of a warrior princess

    11/5/17 - blitzen's Challenge: Dress using the Ugly Jumper and find a way to make it fashionable

    11/6/17 - Castiel's challenge: Make a doll inspired by this pet

    11/7/17 - blitzen's Challenge: dress as a character from a Dreamworks movie
    Jack frost (Yes it is bad, I know, ok? )

    11/8/17 - BrokenN2's challenge: Dress inspired by this doll

    11/9/17 - BrokenN2's challenge: Dress in only gray tones. You must include a scarf and wings

    (12/25 Next entry)

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