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  • List of all pets needed for goals

    Posted on : 15th Nov 2018 17:30   Posted by : Journey
    Here is a list of all costumes and species (In alphabetical order) needed for goals at one point or another. If you have any on this list and are willing to lend them. Please MM me (Journey) A list. Please include…
    1. Costume/species of the pet
    2. Name of the pet
    3. Fees to borrow the pet (fees can be checked here:
    Thank you! )

    Any LE pet ("You need to accept a limited edition pet from the Pet Exchange" )
    Chibs (Species: For photo)
    Cotton Candy
    Daisy (Species)
    Earth Fairy
    Fire Fairy
    Ice Fairy
    Ike (Species)
    Light Fairy
    Oglue (Species)
    Space Fairy
    Viotto (Species)

    Fleeks Pet lending for goals

    Posted on : 14th Nov 2018 15:58   Posted by : Journey
    A list of pets needed for goals and Fleek members who have pets they are willing to loan for them.
    The set up should be such....
    ~ Username ("Pet name" - Fees to borrow the pet)

    (I am gonna have to work on getting the names of a lot of the PETS. If a pet name is not there, the pet name was not mailed to me, and I hope to get that info soon)

    If we have multiple pets under a costume/species, first name listed is the cheapest pet we have listed under that category. Others are listed in case the cheapest is not online and you are in a rush.

    **Please keep in mind fees listed may be higher now. Fees should be considered an estimation**

    Level 6: "You need to own any Royal coloured pet"

    Level 9: "Own any Armoured coloured pet"

    Level 12: "You need to own limited edition Oglue pet"
    ~ IamJasper ("Jasperlilly" - 100,480MP Fee)
    ~ Nancy614 ("Hypertrichosis" - 105,280MP Fee)

    Level 42: "You need to own any Princess coloured pet."

    Level 11: "You need to own any Snow coloured pet"
    ~ kmt09 ("addybaddy" - 13,960MP Fee)
    ~ LlamaTurtle ("Utterable" - 226,040MP Fee)

    Level 12: "You need to own limited edition Viotto pet"
    ~ Journey ("Elkan" - 105,280MP Fee)
    ~ jewelybearlover ("Zinela" or "Zot" ? - 129,280MP Fee)

    Level 16: "You need to own an Ice Fairy pet"

    Level 19: "You need to own an Ice pet"
    ~ LlamaTurtle ("Vladermir" - 43,880MP Fee)

    Level 22: "You need to own any Elf coloured pet"

    Level 34: "You need to own any Snowman coloured pet"

    Level 43: "You need to own any Advent coloured pet"

    Level 5: "You need to own any Chocolate coloured pet"

    Level 11: "You need to own any Cotton Candy coloured pet"
    ~tygirlz18 ("Prilen" - 246,920MP Fee)

    Level 16: "You need to own any Easter coloured pet"

    Level 34: "You need to You need to own any Fat coloured pet"

    Level 25: "You need to own any Mafia coloured pet"
    LlamaTurtle ("Felicyte" - 42,560MP Fee)

    Level 28: "You need to own any Sewers coloured pet"

    Level 35: "You need to own any Swamp coloured pet"

    Level 46: "You need to own any Bug coloured pet"
    IamJasper ("Ghasper" - 161,520MP Fee)

    Level 17: "You need to own any Pirate coloured pet"
    LlamaTurtle ("Mikkayla" - 40,600MP Fee)

    Level 36: "You need to own any Killer coloured pet"

    Level 38: "You need to own any Nightmare coloured pet"

    Level 41: "You need to own any Wizard coloured pet"

    Level 3: "You need to own any Voodoo coloured pet"

    Level 5: "You need to own any Dark coloured pet"
    IamJasper ("Riotess" - 155,280MP Fee)

    Level 10: "You need to own any Eleka coloured pet"

    Level 15: "Own any Gothic coloured pet"

    Level 28: "You need to use a Chibs Poison on a Chibs pet."
    (Still trying to get info on this to see if this is something we can help each other with)

    Level 3: "You need to own any Space Fairy coloured pet"

    Level 7: "You need to own any Space coloured pet"

    Level 16: "You need to own any Enpiah coloured pet."

    Level 5: "You need to have a leprechaun coloured pet"

    Level 10: "You need to have a rainbow coloured pet"

    Level 7: "You need to own any Underwater coloured pet"
    Nancy614 ("Kelpie_Bibbles" - 1,080MP Fee)
    jewelybearlover ("Kutoki" - 216,720MP Fee)

    Level 11: "You need to own any Water coloured pet"

    Level 12: "You need to own limited edition Kronk pet"

    Level 9: "Own a Skater coloured pet"
    LlamaTurtle ("Dougs" - 235,600MP Fee)

    Level 13: "You need to take a Photo of a Chibs pet at the Photo Parlour"
    Journey ("Dachii" - 145,440MP Fee)
    jewelybearlover ("Zivina" - 155,920MP Fee)
    September ("Zeus" - 275,600MP)

    Level 11: "You need to have a toddler coloured pet"

    Level 14: "You need to have a baby coloured pet"
    jewelybearlover (167,240MP Fee)
    September (246,160MP)

    Level 15: "You need to accept a limited edition pet from the Pet Exchange"
    Journey Chibs ("Dachii" - 145,440MP Fee)

    Level 11: "You need to own a Daylight pet. View pet profile and return to goals"
    Journey ("Calmed" - 143,840MP Fee)
    jewelybearlover (196,840MP Fee)

    Level 15: "You need to own a Breeze coloured pet. View the pet then return to Nimbus Goals"
    September (211,600MP Fee)

    Level 18: "You need to own a Moonlight pet and view it's profile."
    Journey ("Luminate" - 174,720MP Fee)
    September (252,080MP)
    jewelybearlover (304,040MP Fee)

    Level 20: "You need to own any Fairy coloured pet"

    Level 24: "You need to own any Angel coloured pet"

    Level 27: "You need to own any Fire Fairy coloured pet"

    Level 29: "You need to own any Earth Fairy coloured pet"

    Level 10: "You need to have a Defective coloured pet"

    Level 14: "You need to own a Cheese pet and view it's profile"

    Level 17: "Own a Fancy pet and view it's profile"

    Level 6: "You need to own any Simerian coloured pet."[.b]

    [b]Level 11: "You need to own any Light Fairy coloured pet"

    Level 13: "You need to own any Detective coloured pet."

    Level 16: "You need to own any Mummy coloured pet"

    Level 18: "You need to own any Stone coloured pet"

    Level 21: "You need to own any Explorer coloured pet"

    Level 24: "You need to own an Ike pet"
    Nancy614 (105,800MP Fee)

    Level 11: "You need to have a Clown coloured pet"

    Level 14: "You need to own any Cotton Candy coloured pet"
    ~tygirlz18 ("Prilen" - 246,920MP Fee)

    Level 17: "You need to own any Plushie coloured pet"

    Level 20: "You need to own any Balloon coloured pet"

    Level 11: "Own any Zombie coloured pet"

    Level 12: "Own limited edition Daisy pet"
    LlamaTurtle (190,560MP Fee)

    Level 16: "You need to own any Nefarious coloured pet"

    Level 19: "You need to own any Halloween coloured pet"

    Level 22: "Own any Ghost coloured pet."

    Level 18: "You need to have a digital coloured pet."
    IamJasper ("Trollkin" - 116,140MP Fee)
    LlamaTurtle (190,560MP Fee)


    List to input above

    perceptive's pets
    Easter - 250,680
    Killer - 237,280
    Eleka - 215,160
    Water - 252,440
    Moonlight - 156,960
    Mummy - 277,280
    Zombie - 252,960
    Halloween (but probably changing soon) - 159,760


    Madrid (Maggie)
    Underwater: 297,160MP Fee
    Toddler: 115,040MP Fee
    Space: 214,760MP Fee
    Daylight: 134,320MP Fee
    Moonlight: 215,520MP Fee
    Zombie: 180,200MP Fee


    clown 56,000mp
    chocolate 59,480mp
    defective 62,320mp
    snow, 57,760mp

    Princess pet - 8400
    Breeze pet - 10440

    lxve's Pets
    Burnt Xoi - 2080 mp
    Love Grint - 6840 mp
    Snowman Newth - 1280 mp
    Chibi Kaala - 18120 mp
    Party Addow - 6800 mp
    Spacefairy Gonk - 2760 mp
    Minipet Osafo - 4480 mp
    Firefairy Poera - 192600 mp
    Sketch Azul - 3360 mp
    Minipet Azul - 24120 mp
    Insideout Feliz - 6420 mp
    Nimbus Limax - 228560 mp

    Ty's Pets

    Somin 178,760
    Galette 148,600

    Glowing's Pets

    Breeze - Wintour - 100,960
    Breeze - Randal - 186,400
    Bug - Illumise -21,960
    Bug - HumanCentipede -202,840
    Chibs - Wilhemina - 288,760
    Chibs - Windmill - 144,440
    Daisy - elibumpy - 207,800
    Daylight - Milkshakes - 15,000
    Digital - MarkZoinkerberg - 158,320
    Easter - Chansey - 7,680
    Easter - Sadea - 316,720
    Fairy - Mulberry - 172,440
    Fairy - Solana - 184,680
    Fancy - Whitman - 16,800
    Fancy - Keats - 16,920
    Fat - Porkies - 122,080
    Fat - Wilhemina - 288,760
    Fat - Weigh - 161,400
    Fat - HamelaAnderson - 164,080
    Ghost- BoartSimpson - 163,120
    Gothic - Anklebiters - 102,820
    Gothic - yelyah - 153,600
    Halloween - Pigsaw - 147,520MP
    Halloween - Zombies - 167,400MP
    Halloween - HamibalLecter - 116,080MP
    Moonlight - Vortra - 203,320MP
    Oglue - Anklebiters - 102,280MP
    Rainbow - PorkchopParker - 158,440MP Fee
    Rainbow - Eleganza - 115,840MP
    Rainbow - Tequila - 106,120MP
    Simerian - Cleopigtra - 117,120MP
    Zombie - DrFrankenswine - 179,200MP

    Fleek signatures

    Posted on : 28th Aug 2018 07:50   Posted by : Journey


    Not to forget to do on Mara

    Posted on : 7th Dec 2017 12:14   Posted by : Journey
    Too many times I forget to do certain things... so this is gonna be a reminder for me

    1. Monthly checklist - Quests (Due to being picky about cost), missions, pet training and games are always harder for me to remember

    2. Plushie machines and other \"pay to play\" games

    3. Free dailies

    4. Mining

    5. Pay taxes

    6. Newspapers/Magazines

    7. Olympics

    8. Quests - Shushan, Slater skater, Desert Spy and Leppy for goodies

    9. Pet dailies - Portal, Pond, Poison pit, Pixie dice, Clock tower

    10. Photo/plate swapping thread

    11. Restock and price shop

    12. Make sure pets are in hotel

    13. Stop in at club and say hi, drop an uplifting quote etc : )

    14. Falls minipets for more rare plates

    15. Special events
    Advent Calendar

    THEN you can check doll challenge thread Do other stuff first

    Hair dye and glowing egg colors

    Posted on : 29th Aug 2017 14:15   Posted by : Journey
    Original blog belongs to \"LA\".
    Special thanks to them for going through the work of getting this together, and then for giving me permission to copy it for quick access sake! <3 (I would be terrified if you ever deleted yours and I no longer had access, that's really the real reason) ♥

    Acid Yellow Hair Dye - e3ef7f No Egg
    Amethyst Hair Dye - 8250d7 No Egg
    Antique Gold Hair Dye - e1ac2a Corrupted Brown Glowing Egg
    Apatite Hair Dye - 4bcff5 Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Apple Green Hair Dye - 05c925 No Egg 33CC00 / 33CC33 (closest)
    Aquamarine Hair Dye - 00f4c3 No Egg 00FFCC (closest)
    Ash Hair Dye - 8f7d79 Bat Glowing Egg
    Banana Hair Dye - f9dcb4 No Egg FFECD5 (closest)
    Black Hair Dye - 000000 Default color
    Blonde Hair Dye - c9ab05 No Egg CC9933 (closest)
    Blood Hair Dye - 710c04 Blood Glowing Egg
    Blood Orange Hair Dye - ff2409 No Egg FF3300 (closest)
    Blue Green Hair Dye - 328da9 No Egg 3399CC or 0099CC
    Blue Grey Hair Dye - b8b9d8 No Egg CCCCFF (closest)
    Blue Hair Dye - 4105c9 No Egg 3300CC (closest)
    Book Blue Hair Dye - 3b5999 Ice Glowing Egg
    Brick Red Hair Dye - 963729 Evil Glowing Egg
    Bright Thistle Hair Dye - e4a6e6 No Egg CC99CC (closest) or F0BEDB
    Brown Hair Dye - 63310d No Egg 663300 (closest) or 7A240A
    Bubble Blue Hair Dye - a6e6f8 No Egg 99FFFF (closest)
    Bubblegum Pink Hair Dye - ffaee0 No Egg FFB6C4 (closest) or FF99CC
    Burgundy Hair Dye - 630017 Evil Glowing Egg
    Buttercup Hair Dye - fdee87 No Egg FFFF66 (brighter) or FFFF99 (lighter)
    Cameo Green Hair Dye - 496555 No Egg
    Candy Floss Hair Dye - f2cbcc No Egg FFCCCC (closest)
    Carrot Hair Dye - cc5801 No Egg F45608 (closest)
    Charcoal Hair Dye - 363656 No Egg
    Chestnut Hair Dye - 6e3400 No Egg 663300 (closest)
    Chocolate Hair Dye - 4f3133 No Egg
    Cinnamon Hair Dye - b56727 No Egg CC6600 (closest)
    Clover Hair Dye - 03ac13 No Egg 33CC00 (closest)
    Cobalt Blue Hair Dye - 1338bd No Egg 0033CC/003399 (closest)
    Cool Black Hair Dye - 1f2022 Black 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Cool Brown Hair Dye - 302627 No Egg
    Cream Hair Dye - fffada No Egg
    Cupid Pink Hair Dye - e8a3b5 No Egg
    Cyan Hair Dye - a1ecff No Egg
    Dark Blue Hair Dye - 00049c No Egg
    Dark Green Hair Dye - 00475e No Egg
    Dark Magenta Hair Dye - 78005a No Egg
    Dark Orange Hair Dye - c05600 No Egg
    Dark Plum Hair Dye - 330033 Death Glowing Egg
    Dark Red Hair Dye - c50b0f No Egg
    Dark Retro Red Hair Dye - 741818 Cursed Glowing Egg
    Darkest Brown Hair Dye - 332215 Walrus Glowing Egg
    Darkest Red Hair Dye - 330000 Easter Glowing Egg
    Dawn Orange Hair Dye - f6a176 Candy Corn Glowing Egg
    Deep Brown Hair Dye - 23170b No Egg
    Deep Charcoal Hair Dye - 23272d No Egg
    Deep Green Blue Hair Dye - 224727 Penguin Glowing Egg
    Deep Green Hair Dye - 084405 No Egg 003300 (closest)
    Deep Maroon Hair Dye - 800505 No Egg
    Deep Plum Hair Dye - 693953 Penguin Glowing Egg
    Deep Purple Hair Dye - 660066 Spotted Glowing Egg
    Dusk Purple Hair Dye - 3e2686 No Egg
    Dust Hair Dye - d8c8b8 No Egg
    Egg Hair Dye - fdefb2 No Egg
    Forest Green Hair Dye - 336600 Moon Glowing Egg
    Gentle Blue Hair Dye - d5eeee Ice Glowing Egg
    Gentle Green Hair Dye - dbf7d5 No Egg
    Gentle Pink Hair Dye - ffcfc7 No Egg FFCCCC (closest)
    Gentle Purple Hair Dye - ebefee No Egg
    Ginger Hair Dye - c95d05 No Egg
    Golden Blonde Hair Dye - f0be10 No Egg FFCC00 (closest)
    Golden Brown Hair Dye - c67b30 Walrus Glowing Egg
    Goldenrod Hair Dye - fdb647 Domino Glowing Egg
    Grape Hair Dye - 5f0538 No Egg
    Grape Jelly Hair Dye - 6c325a No Egg
    Green Hair Dye - 4a8701 No Egg
    Grey Blue Hair Dye - b0d7d8 No Egg 96CBCF (closest)
    Grey Brown Hair Dye - 523b35 No Egg 5B4338 (Closest)
    Grey Purple Hair Dye - c7c0d3 No Egg
    Grey Rose Hair Dye - a04242 No Egg
    Grey Thistle Hair Dye - 996699 Wizard Glowing Egg
    Honey Hair Dye - fecc51 No Egg
    Hot Pink Hair Dye - c9057d No Egg
    Iris Hair Dye - 9866c5 Extremely Scary Glowing Egg
    Jewel Green Hair Dye - 022d34 No Egg
    Latte Hair Dye - e9c17b No Egg
    Leaf Green Hair Dye - 0c5978 No Egg
    Lemon Hair Dye - effc5e No Egg
    Light Blue Hair Dye - a1c2ff No Egg
    Light Mint Hair Dye - 9aedc3 Extremely Scary Glowing Egg
    Light Plum Hair Dye - db8dff No Egg
    Light Red Hair Dye - ff1526 No Egg
    Light Wood Hair Dye - dcbf9d No Egg
    Lime Green Hair Dye - 89ff0b No Egg
    Magenta Hair Dye - cc005e No Egg
    Magnolia Hair Dye - ffd5b7 No Egg
    Mahogany Hair Dye - 400d0a Cursed Glowing Egg
    Mango Hair Dye - ed820e Pumpkin Glowing Egg
    Mara Green Hair Dye - 51cea0 No Egg
    Maramail Brown Hair Dye - c18743 No Egg
    Maroon Hair Dye - 780000 No Egg
    Mauve Hair Dye - 784b86 No Egg
    Melon Hair Dye - fca172 Extremely Scary Glowing Egg
    Midnight Blue Hair Dye - 1e2241 No Egg
    Milk Foam Hair Dye - e0cdbf Pumpkin Glowing Egg
    Mint Hair Dye - b0dfd9 Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Mist Blue Hair Dye - 96d2d3 Ice Glowing Egg
    Moss Hair Dye - 9c985b No Egg
    Murky Grey Hair Dye - ccd6c2 No Egg
    Mustard Hair Dye - e2bd49 No Egg
    Navy Blue Hair Dye - 002a5e No Egg
    Neon Berry Hair Dye - cc00cc Red Glowing Egg
    Neon Green Hair Dye - 72ff00 No Egg
    Neon Orange Hair Dye - ff9900 Dark Chocolate Glowing Egg
    Neon Pink Hair Dye - ff0060 No Egg
    Neon Purple Hair Dye - 7200ff No Egg
    Ocean Hair Dye - 48aaad No Egg
    Off Black Hair Dye - 0e0e0e Bat Glowing Egg
    Off White Hair Dye - faf3e1 White 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Olive Green Hair Dye - 585530 No Egg
    Olive Hair Dye - 7c7547 No Egg
    Orange Hair Dye - 778b35 No Egg
    Orchid Hair Dye - d2a1ff No Egg
    Pale Green Hair Dye - b0cd8b No Egg
    Pale Yellow Hair Dye - fff4d9 Penguin Glowing Egg
    Parsley Hair Dye - 32612d No Egg
    Pastel Blonde Hair Dye - ffe8a2 No Egg
    Pastel Green Hair Dye - ccffcc Halloween Glowing Egg
    Pastel Peach Hair Dye - ffcc99 Bronze Glowing Egg
    Pink Hair Dye - ffa7f0 No Egg
    Pistachio Hair Dye - a8e597 No Egg
    Plum Hair Dye - 9b557d No Egg
    Pumpkin Hair Dye - d5620d No Egg
    Pure Blue Hair Dye - 006677 No Egg
    Purple Hair Dye - 9405c9 No Egg
    Red Hair Dye - c90505 No Egg CC0000 (closest)
    Red Plum Hair Dye - 5f1a36 No Egg
    Red Violet Hair Dye - 750787 No Egg
    Red Wine Hair Dye - 621a26 No Egg
    Retro Red Hair Dye - d62529 Evil Glowing Egg
    Rose Hair Dye - ed9d9d No Egg
    Rosemary Hair Dye - 92be84 No Egg
    Rosy Brown Hair Dye - ae6c6e No Egg
    Ruby Hair Dye - 9b111e No Egg
    Rust Hair Dye - 7a240a Cursed Glowing Egg
    Sage Hair Dye - 728c60 No Egg
    Salmon Hair Dye - fd6fab No Egg
    Salt Hair Dye - e7ebf0 White 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Sand Brown Hair Dye - cc9966 Ninja Glowing Egg
    Sand Hair Dye - e6ce8a Beach Glowing Egg
    Sea Blue Hair Dye - 2262d7 No Egg
    Sea Green Hair Dye - 008268 Candy Corn Glowing Egg
    Seaweed Hair Dye - 354a21 No Egg
    Sienna Hair Dye - 92562a No Egg
    Silver Grey Hair Dye - bbbbbb Gravestone Glowing Egg
    Sky Blue Hair Dye - a1a3ff No Egg
    Slate Grey Hair Dye - 727272 Gravestone Glowing Egg
    Soft Green Hair Dye - c7ff9a No Egg
    Soft Thistle Hair Dye - d1a9c1 No Egg
    Soot Hair Dye - 454240 Gravestone Glowing Egg
    Spring Green Hair Dye - 98ff59 Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Steel Blue Hair Dye - 6a6ba4 No Egg
    Steel Purple Hair Dye - 422363 No Egg
    Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye - cc6666 Pirate Glowing Egg
    Tan Hair Dye - c08d68 No Egg
    Teal Hair Dye - 32aa8c No Egg
    Thistle Hair Dye - dac2d0 No Egg
    Thyme Hair Dye - 6f893f No Egg
    Tickled Pink Hair Dye - f25278 No Egg
    Tropical Green Hair Dye - cdff95 No Egg
    True Cyan Hair Dye - 12adf5 No Egg
    Tumbling Blue Hair Dye - 2c4762 No Egg 184875 (closest)
    Turquoise Hair Dye - 28a2b7 No Egg
    Violet Hair Dye - 9625ff No Egg
    Violet Red Hair Dye - ac044f No Egg
    Vomit Green Hair Dye - 739f2e No Egg
    Warm Black Hair Dye - 221f1f Black 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Warm Brown Hair Dye - 893101 No Egg
    Watermelon Hair Dye - fe7f9c No Egg
    White Grape Hair Dye - 76ff7a No Egg
    White Hair Dye - ffffff Default color
    Wine Hair Dye - 2c051a No Egg
    Winter Blue Hair Dye - 95f4df Pumpkin Glowing Egg
    Worm Brown Hair Dye - 563822 Walrus Glowing Egg
    Yellow Hair Dye - ffe505 No Egg

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