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  • Unnecessary Perfection Instruc...     ~20 Mar 2017
  • Jamie's Missing Gourmets     ~15 Mar 2017
  • Pet Renaming     ~11 Feb 2017
  • Enchanted Plushie Instructions...     ~06 Dec 2016
  • Missing Stamps     ~09 Nov 2016
  • Simerian Explorer Treasure Ma...     ~06 Oct 2016
  • MARAWEEN! 2016     ~04 Oct 2016
  • Custom Doll Headshots by me c:     ~21 Aug 2016
  • 2016 Birthday/Pirate Event Ite...     ~14 Aug 2016
  • Portfolio     ~10 Jan 2016
  • Poison Pit Adventures!     ~03 Jan 2016

  • Unnecessary Perfection Instructions Completion

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2017 05:41 AM   Posted by : Snixie

    Thanks for collecting the Unnecessary Perfection Instructions
    You now have lifetime access to organise your pets and collections.

    Jamie's Missing Gourmets

    Posted on : 15th Mar 2017 07:27 PM   Posted by : Snixie
    Jamie is missing 630 Gourmet Foods

    9th Birthday Luxury Cake
    9th Birthday Pearl
    Addow Easter Egg
    Addup Poop
    American Potato
    Ancient Bread
    Angel Easter Egg
    Angel Potato
    Angel Potato Chips
    Angelwing Butterfly
    Anime Pearl
    Anime Potato
    Aphid Poop
    Apple Bug Lolly
    Aquarius Water
    Aura Pearl
    Australian Potato
    Autumn Potato
    Azow Poop
    Azul Easter Egg
    Bablah Poop
    Balloon Potato
    Balloonimal Poop
    Bankrupt Pearl
    Baspinars Castle Pearl
    Bat Cupcake
    Battle Fairy Cupcake
    Battle Fairy Pearl
    Battle Gumball
    Beanberry Sunday
    Bee Gumball
    Bee Pearl
    Bee Potato
    Bee Potato Chips
    Bingo Poop
    Bitty Poop
    Black Bunns
    Black Cat Cocktail
    Black Easter Egg
    Black Forest Cake
    Black Gummi
    Black Potato Chips
    Black Yolk
    Black and White Easter Egg
    Blitzen Potato
    Blooble Poop
    Blood Gumball
    Blood Orange Slice
    Bloody Potato
    Blue Blood
    Blue Bunns
    Blue Easter Egg
    Blue Gummi
    Blue Osafo Marshmallow
    Blue Potato Chips
    Blue Yolk
    Blueberry Gummy Bat Wing
    Blueberry Gummy Hand
    Bolimo Easter Egg
    Bone Burrito
    Bone Potato
    Bop Poop
    Bottled Storm
    Breeze Gumball
    Breeze Potato
    Breeze Potato Chips
    British Potato
    Brocklee Poop
    Broken Easter Egg
    Broken Egg Pearl
    Bronze Easter Egg
    Bronze Potato
    Brown Bunns
    Brown DNA
    Brown Easter Egg
    Brown Gummi
    Brown Potato
    Brown Yolk
    Bubblegum Snowcone
    Bug Candy
    Bunns Poop
    Burnt Pearl
    Burnt Pokey
    Burnt Potato
    Burnt Potato Chips
    Burnt Sugar Pie
    Bush Poop
    Buttered Potato
    Cairo Poop
    Calico Potato
    Candle Potato Chips
    Candy Buttons
    Candyland Potato Chips
    Cantoo Poop
    Checkered Potato
    Cheese Potato
    Cherry Gummy Bottle
    Cherry Gummy Foot
    Cherry Gummy Leg
    Cherry Love Pie
    Chewed Gum
    Chibimo Poop
    Chibs Easter Egg
    Chibzul Poop
    Chocolate Beach Cake
    Chocolate Cream Donut
    Chocolate Cruller
    Chocolate Marapop
    Chocolate Pearl
    Chocolate Potato
    Chocolate Potato Chips
    Christmas Pretzel
    Circle Easter Egg
    Coal Poop
    Coconut Colada
    Coconut Gummy Bat Wing
    Coconut Gummy Foot
    Coconut Gummy Hand
    Coconut Gummy Leg
    Cola Gummy Hand
    Cola Gummy Snail
    Cool Candy Heart
    Corned Beef and Vegetables
    Corrupted Carrot
    Corrupted Giant Carrot
    Cotton Candy Pearl
    Cotton Candy Potato
    Cowboy Pearl
    Cowboy Potato
    Crabs Poop
    Crindol Easter Egg
    Crying Pumpkin Candy
    Cucumber Pizza
    Cupid Potato
    Daffy Poop
    Damaged Poop
    Dapple Poop
    Dark Fairy Potato Chips
    Dark Side Pearl
    Daylight Potato Chips
    Deluxe Hotdog
    Desert Potato Chips
    Devil Gumball
    Deviled Easter Egg
    Dew Poop
    Diet Banana Ice Cream Marapop
    Diet Orange Ice Cream Marapop
    Digital Potato
    Double Chocolate Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Doyle Easter Egg
    Dragula Poop
    Drake Cupcake
    Drake Pearl
    Earth Fairy Pearl
    Easter Bunny Stew
    Easter Cupcake
    Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
    Easter Potato
    Eat Me Cake
    Egg Potato
    Eleka Horns
    Eleka Potato Chips
    Ember Poop
    Empty Plate
    Endangered Fish
    Enpiah Ice Cream
    Equilor Easter Egg
    Evil Pizza
    Explorer Pearl
    Fairy Bean
    Fang Potato
    Fasoro Easter Egg
    Feliz Easter Egg
    Festival Gumball
    Festival Pearl
    Festival Poop
    Figgy Pudding
    Fire Fairy Easter Egg
    Fire Fairy Pearl
    Fire Potato
    Firework Potato
    Flicker Poop
    Flighty Poop
    Flip Poop
    Flobberbat Poop
    Flounder Sashimi
    Frankenstein Cupcake
    Frankenstein Pearl
    Frankenstein Potato
    Fresh Chocolate Melon Bread
    Fresh Cruller
    Fresh Matcha Melon Bread
    Fresh Melon Bread
    Frozen Bone
    Frozen Candycane
    Frozen Pot Pie
    Fruit Punch Juice Pouch
    Geek Pearl
    Giant Pineapple Juice
    Giant Poinsettia
    Giant Salad Bowl
    Gingerbread Pearl
    Gingerbread Potato
    Glazed Cherry Pie
    Gleam Poop
    Gobble Leg
    Goblin Pearl
    Gold Easter Egg
    Goobie Poop
    Goop Poop
    Grape Bug Lolly
    Grape Gummy Leg
    Grape Pixie Straw
    Green Blood
    Green Bunns
    Green DNA
    Green Easter Egg
    Green Eyeball Gummies
    Green Yolk
    Gremble Poop
    Grey Blood
    Grey Bunns
    Grey DNA
    Grey Easter Egg
    Grey Gummi
    Grey Potato
    Grey Yolk
    Grilled Salmon
    Grint Easter Egg
    Halloween Pearl
    Heart Shaped Hawaiian Pizza
    Heart Shaped Sandwich
    Heart Shaped Sausage Pizza
    Hick Easter Egg
    Hippow Easter Egg
    Homeless Cupcake
    Hot Tomato Soup
    Huthimo Poop
    Huthiq Easter Egg
    Ice Cream Crindol
    Ice Cream Pearl
    Ice Fairy Pearl
    Inferno Poop
    Insideout Pearl
    Insideout Potato
    Irkette Poop
    Island Pearl
    Ivor Poop
    Jar of Artifacts
    Jar of Bones
    Jar of Cotton
    Jar of Fireflies
    Jar of Fireworks
    Jar of Galaxy
    Jar of Herbs
    Jar of Infinity
    Jar of Love
    Jar of Marbles
    Jar of Mushrooms
    Jar of Polygons
    Jar of Rocks
    Jar of Roses
    Jar of Sand
    Jar of Skull
    Jar of Snowman
    Jar of Storms
    Jar of Werewolf Wax
    Jar of Yellow Teeth
    Jaw Breakers Nards
    Jelly Hearts
    Jelly Worms
    Jessup Easter Egg
    Jessutt Poop
    Jezebel Easter Egg
    Keewee Poop
    Kidlet Easter Egg
    Killer Pearl
    King Baspinar Arm
    King Baspinar Potato Chips
    King Baspinar Tail
    Kirin Cupcake
    Knutt Easter Egg
    Knuzul Poop
    Kronk Easter Egg
    Kronos Poop
    Leido Easter Egg
    Lela Easter Egg
    Lemon Gummy Bottle
    Lemon Gummy Foot
    Lemon Gummy Leg
    Leo Steak
    Leprechaun Pearl
    Leprechaun Potato
    Light Fairy Pearl
    Light Pearl
    Light Side Pearl
    Lime Gummy Bottle
    Lime Gummy Foot
    Lime Gummy Hand
    Lime Gummy Leg
    Lime Gummy Snail
    Lime Heartsicle
    Lindsey Poop
    Liquid Lightning
    Liquorice Gummy Bat Wing
    Liquorice Gummy Foot
    Liquorice Gummy Leg
    Liquorice Gummy Snail
    Liquorice Pixie Straw
    Low Fat Yule Log
    Lucky Easter Egg
    Lush Easter Egg
    Lush Fountain Water
    Mac and Cheese
    Makara Tail
    Marie Poop
    Matcha Cruller
    Melted Snowman Cookie
    Merman Pearl
    Milk Chocolate Decadal
    Mina Poop
    Mini Fairy Cupcake
    Mini Fairy Gumball
    Mini Fairy Pearl
    Mini Pearl
    Minipet Potato
    Mint Chocolate Gobble
    Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Mint Chocolate Sindi Head
    Monster Pearl
    Monster Potato
    Moon Cocktail
    Moon Cupcake
    Moon Gumball
    Moon Pearl
    Moonlight Potato Chips
    Mordo Easter Egg
    Mouldy Fruit
    Mouldy Gumball
    Mud Pie
    Mummy Gumball
    Murfin Easter Egg
    Mutant Food
    My Boy Candy Heart
    My Girl Candy Heart
    My Love Candy Heart
    My Pal Candy Heart
    My Person Candy Heart
    My Treat Candy Heart
    Mystery Meat Pie
    Native Fairy Gumball
    Native Potato
    Neek Easter Egg
    Neemi Poop
    Nefarious Pearl
    Negative Potato
    Newspaper Seedling
    Newth Easter Egg
    Newth Flippers
    Nightmare Pearl
    Nimbus Cupcake
    Number One Fan Candy Heart
    Oglue Easter Egg
    Old Fairy Cupcake
    Old Fairy Pearl
    Olympic Onion Rings
    Olympics Pearl
    One Hundred Cake
    Oogle Poop
    Orange Blood
    Orange Blue Nards
    Orange Bunns
    Orange Chocolate Marapop
    Orange Chocolate Willa
    Orange DNA
    Orange Easter Egg
    Orange Gummi
    Orange Gummy Foot
    Orange Gummy Hump
    Orange Gummy Leg
    Orange Heartsicle
    Orange Ice Cream Marapop
    Orange Love Pie
    Orange Yolk
    Osafo Easter Egg
    Paffint Poop
    Painted Lady Butterfly
    Panda Onigiri
    Party Flower
    Party Potato
    Peachie Poop
    Peak Poop
    Peppa Poop
    Peppermint Swirl Ice Cream
    Phanty Easter Egg
    Pingi Easter Egg
    Pink Blood
    Pink DNA
    Pink Gummi
    Pink Osafo Marshmallow
    Pink Potato
    Pink Yolk
    Plate Cookies
    Plushie Fairy Cupcake
    Plynx Poop
    Poera Easter Egg
    Poison Berry Parfait
    Poison Covered Strawberry
    Poison Potato Chips
    Polar Pearl
    Pot of Gold Cake
    Pucci Poop
    Puddle of Piddle
    Puff Easter Egg
    Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pumpkin Pokey
    Pumpkin Potato
    Punk Easter Egg
    Punk Pearl
    Punk Poop
    Purple Blood
    Purple Bunns
    Purple DNA
    Purple Easter Egg
    Purple Gummi
    Purple Potato
    Purple Yolk
    Quantum Marapop
    Queen Eleka Gumball
    Quell Easter Egg
    Radioactive Potato
    Rainbow Fairy Cupcake
    Rainbow Fairy Gumball
    Rainbow Fairy Pearl
    Rainbow Fairy Potato
    Rainbow Heart Lolly
    Rainbow Popsicle
    Rainbow Smoothie
    Rainbow Toast
    Red Blood
    Red Bunns
    Red DNA
    Red Easter Egg
    Red Green Nards
    Red Gummi
    Red Potato
    Red Yolk
    Renat Easter Egg
    Reon Poop
    Roasted Chestnuts
    Rotten Corn Dung
    Royal Fairy Cupcake
    Royal Fairy Pearl
    Royal Nectar
    Ryan Poop
    Scared Pumpkin Candy
    School Pearl
    Scout Potato Chips
    Scrooge Easter Egg
    Shell Candy
    Shilpy Easter Egg
    Shocked Pumpkin Candy
    Silent Pumpkin Candy
    Silver Easter Egg
    Simeria Gumball
    Simeria Pearl
    Simerian Pearl
    Sindi Easter Egg
    Skater Pearl
    Slice of Banana Cream Pie
    Slice of Birthday Cake
    Slice of Blueberry Lemon Cream Pie
    Slice of Coconut Cream Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Apple Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Banana Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Cherry Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Chocolate Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Coconut Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Pumpkin Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Strawberry Pie
    Sliced Potato
    Slime Sugar Glass
    Smug Pumpkin Candy
    Smuggler Pearl
    Sneaky Poop
    Snooty Poop
    Snoween Easter Egg
    Snowman Pearl
    Space Pearl
    Sparkle Pearl
    Sparkle Potato
    Spiny Chayote
    Spirit Poop
    Spring Pearl
    Spring Potato
    Spy Pearl
    Square Easter Egg
    Squid Pop
    Stained Glass Christmas Tree Cookie
    Star Shaped Hawaiian Pizza
    Starry Blueberry Pie
    Starry Cherry Pie
    Starry Chocolate Pie
    Starry Coconut Pie
    Starry Easter Egg
    Starry Jelly
    Starry Lemon Pie
    Steampunk Pearl
    Stone Potato
    Stoneage Potato
    Storm Cotton Candy
    Strawberry Chocolate Cruller
    Strawberry Croissant
    Strawberry Cruller
    Strawberry Matcha Cruller
    Stray Poop
    Striped Easter Egg
    Sugarmites Poop
    Sultan Beard Candy Floss
    Sultan Gumball
    Summer Gumball
    Summer Pearl
    Sunflower Poop
    Suspicious Yellow Snowcone
    Swamp Gumball
    Sweet Zola Wine
    Tangy Figaro Taffy
    Tantow Poop
    Tantua Easter Egg
    Terra Poop
    Thanksgiving Pearl
    Tinsel Poop
    Tommy Poop
    Tongue Steak
    Totette Poop
    Toxic Poop
    Tree Pearl
    Tree Potato
    Tres Poop
    Turkey Dinner
    Twindly Poop
    Two Million Poop
    USB Poop
    Ugly Teeth Gumball
    Undying Fairy Pearl
    Ush Easter Egg
    Vacation Gumball
    Vacation Pearl
    Valentine Pearl
    Vampire Cupcake
    Vampire Pearl
    Vegetable Stew
    Village Pearl
    Villain Pearl
    Viotto Easter Egg
    Viper Poop
    Volcanic Drink
    Vortex Pearl
    Walee Easter Egg
    Watermelon Gummy Bat Wing
    Watermelon Gummy Foot
    Watermelon Gummy Leg
    Wedding Pearl
    Wedding Potato
    Weiji Poop
    Werewolf Pearl
    White Bunns
    White Chocolate Decadal
    White Chocolate Sindi
    White DNA
    White Easter Egg
    White Gummi
    White Potato
    White Yolk
    Winter Potato
    Witches Brew
    Wookle Poop
    Xoi Easter Egg
    Yakubi Easter Egg
    Yakuow Poop
    Yellow Blood
    Yellow Bunns
    Yellow DNA
    Yellow Easter Egg
    Yellow Gummi
    Yellow Osafo Marshmallow
    Yin Yang Jelly
    Yogurt Sandwich
    Yule Log
    Zetlee Poop
    Zetlian Easter Egg
    Zombie Figaro Tail
    Zorg Poop
    Zound Poop


    Pet Renaming

    Posted on : 11th Feb 2017 12:34 AM   Posted by : Snixie
    To keep up with the pet renamings I have planned/am hoping to achieve.

    13th Feb 2017 12:35 AM
    Mirreya was changed to Jamie.

    Staff have replied with the following message: 

    Your pet name has been changed as requested. If the name doesn't show up immediately it will do so when you feed or play with your pet. 
    Staff have replied with the following message: 

    Jamie has eaten Blue Gumball and is now 0% hungry

    Geve ~> _______
    Thyia ~> _______
    Lacille ~> _______


    Enchanted Plushie Instructions Completion

    Posted on : 6th Dec 2016 08:55 PM   Posted by : Snixie

    You have completed the Enchanted Plushie Instructions

    You now have lifetime access to the Enchanted Plushie Machine for FREE


    Missing Stamps

    Posted on : 9th Nov 2016 12:24 AM   Posted by : Snixie
    10 Years Stamp
    10th Birthday Stamp
    12th Birthday Stamp
    8th Birthday Stamp
    Account Upgrades Stamp
    Acorn Stamp
    American Flag Stamp
    Angel Fasoro Stamp
    Angel Wings Stamp
    Anime Stamp
    Ball of Yarn Stamp
    Bat Wing Stamp
    Battle of Baspinar Stamp
    Bauble Stamp
    Bee Stamp
    Birthday Present Stamp
    Blizzard Stamp
    Blood Stamp
    Blue Justin Stamp
    Breeze Stamp
    Broken Heart Stamp
    Bug Stamp
    Burning Christmas Tree Stamp
    Candle Stamp
    Candycorn Stamp
    Cartoon Strip Stamp
    Castle Tower Stamp
    Castle Wall Stamp
    Chewed Up Stamp
    Chibi Stamp
    Christmas Dinner Stamp
    Christmas Gift Stamp
    Christmas Stamp
    Christmas Tree Stamp
    Christmas Trees Stamp
    City Recession Stamp
    Cobweb Stamp
    Coffee Stamp
    Cowboy Potato Stamp
    Cursed Stamp
    Digital Fairy Stamp
    Digital Stamp
    Double Peck Stamp
    Drake Stamp
    Duckling Stamp
    Dukka Caves Stamp
    Dukka Fairy Stamp
    Earth Fairy Stamp
    Earth Stamp
    Easter 2012 Stamp
    Easter Bunny Stamp
    Easter Egg Collectors Stamp
    Easter Egg Hunt Stamp
    Easter Egg Stamp
    Easter Stamp
    Elger Stamp
    Enpiah Daisy Stamp
    Enpiah Stars Stamp
    Explorer Stamp
    Fairy Stamp
    Fallen Leaves Stamp
    Female Clothing Shop Stamp
    Fild Stamp
    Fire Fairy Stamp
    Fire Stamp
    Flail Stamp
    Fluffy Stamp
    Football Stamp
    Fossil Stamp
    Friday 13th Stamp
    Frostfire Stamp
    Gamer Stamp
    Gamma Stamp
    Geek Stamp
    Genie Stamp
    Ghost Gonk Stamp
    Ghost Stamp
    Gingerbread Stamp
    Gnome Stamp
    Gobble Chef Stamp
    Gobble Music Lover Stamp
    Gobble Stamp
    Goblin Huthiq Stamp
    Graveyard Gates Stamp
    Greedy Fairy Stamp
    Gumball Machine Stamp
    Halloween Chibs Stamp
    Halloween Snowman Stamp
    Halloween Stamp
    Halloween Treats Stamp
    Happy Easter Stamp
    Happy Pool Party Stamp
    Hobo Stamp
    Homeless Fairy Stamp
    Ice Cream Cone Stamp
    Jelly Stamp
    Jester Stamp
    Kamilah Desert Stamp
    Kamilah Pyramid Stamp
    Kamilah Sphinx Stamp
    Killer Stamp
    Leprechaun Stamp
    Light Fairy Stamp
    Light Side Stamp
    Lightning Gobble Stamp
    Lightning Stamp
    Lovestruck Stamp
    Lucky Horseshoe Stamp
    Lush Lake Stamp
    Mad Scientist Stamp
    Maeven Stamp
    Mafia Boss Stamp
    MaraJournals Stamp
    Marapop Stamp
    Marasites Stamp
    Masterpiece Stamp
    Midnight Stamp
    Mini Fairy Flower Stamp
    Mini Stamp
    Missing Tooth Stamp
    Moon Stamp
    Moonlight Vixen Stamp
    Mountain of Biala Stamp
    Mutant Gobble Stamp
    Mysterious Sun Stamp
    Mystery Egg Stamp
    Native Stamp
    Nefarious Stamp
    New Year Stamp
    New Years Stamp
    Night And Day Quell Stamp
    Nightmare Stamp
    No Newths Stamp
    Olympics Stamp
    Party Hat Stamp
    Pawprint Stamp
    Phantom Grin Stamp
    Phantom Stamp
    Pirate Ship Stamp
    Pirates Booty Stamp
    Pixie Snookle Stamp
    Polar Stamp
    Princess Rapunzel Stamp
    Propellor Hat Stamp
    Pumpkin Stamp
    Queen Eleka Stamp
    Rainbow Fairy Stamp
    Recycled Stamp
    Referral System Stamp
    Royal Wedding Stamp
    Sad Pool Party Stamp
    Santa Sleigh Stamp
    Santa Visits Stamp
    School Mordo Stamp
    School Stamp
    Scout Badge Stamp
    Scrooge Stamp
    Sea Star Stamp
    Seasonal Stamp
    Shell Stamp
    Shooting Star Stamp
    Simeria Goals Stamp
    Simerian Sea Stamp
    Simerian Stamp
    Skater Stamp
    Skull Stamp
    Slater Park Stamp
    Sleepy Stamp
    Snow Madam Stamp
    Snowflake Stamp
    Snowman Stamp
    Space Fairy Stamp
    Sparkle Stamp
    Speedy Newth Stamp
    Spider Web Stamp
    Spring Bouquet Stamp
    Spy Stamp
    Squink Stamp
    Star Stamp
    Steampunk Stamp
    Sudoku Stamp
    Sultan Stamp
    Sunlight Stamp
    Sunny Side Up Stamp
    Superhero Stamp
    Swamp Stamp
    Tent Stamp
    The Fates Stamp
    Thunder Stamp
    Transmogrification Stamp
    Transubstantiation Stamp
    Transumption Stamp
    Transuranic Stamp
    Transvaluation Stamp
    Tropical Stamp
    Tundra Stamp
    Twree Stamp
    UFO Stamp
    Underwater Stamp
    Undying Fairy Stamp
    Undying Festival 2010 Stamp
    Undying Festival Stamp
    Unlucky Stamp
    Uploads Stamp
    Ushunda Invaders Stamp
    Valentine Potato Stamp
    Vampire Stamp
    Villain Mask Stamp
    Villain Stamp
    Vlad Stamp
    Voodoo Doll Stamp
    Voodoo Gobble Stamp
    Vortex Stamp
    Weather Stamp
    Werewolf Stamp
    Whirlpool Stamp
    Witch Stamp
    Wizard Stamp
    Zetzilla Eye Stamp
    Zetzilla Stamp
    Zola Wine Stamp

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