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Have a very Haunting Halloween!







  • Goals I Need     ~20 May 2018
  • why are Zola's so goshdarn...     ~16 May 2018
  • Plushie Machine Drops     ~10 Mar 2018
  • Bday stuff (gifts, sadness, yo...     ~10 Mar 2018
  • IM SO SAD :'(     ~09 Mar 2018
  • My birthday is today     ~09 Mar 2018
  • My birthday is soon     ~06 Mar 2018

  • Goals I Need

    Posted on : 20th May 2018 10:06   Posted by : Drive
    Baspinar's Castle: You need to complete level 5 or higher at the Trunx's Theatre mission

    Biala Mountain: Complete 65 or more Santa Claws Quests.

    Candyland: Win a rarity 7 or higher Gumball from the Gumball Machine

    City Sewers: You need to complete 50 or more Sewer Monster quests.

    City of Marada: You need to complete level 5 or higher at the Tarquin's Library mission

    Dukka Caves: You need 25 or more different Restaurant items in your Attic.

    Eleka's Castle: You need to own any Dark coloured pet

    Enpiah: You need to complete level 2 or higher at the Ublish's Lair mission

    Gigantic Paradise: You need to have a leprechaun coloured pet.

    Jenoa: You need to complete level 5 or higher at the Clam mission

    Kamilah Desert: You need to reach the third level of Jackpot Pyramid.

    Lowlyhood: You need to complete 25 or more Drew quests.

    Lush Lake: You need to take a Photo at the Photo Parlour
    Once you have, come back here to complete your goal

    Minipet Island: You need to win a battle with a difficulty over 100

    Nimbus: You need to own any Daylight coloured pet

    Puchalla Village: You need to complete level 6 or higher at the Bumpkin mission

    Simeria: You need to complete level 5 or higher at the Hector the Collector mission

    Slater Park: You need to complete level 2 or higher at the Circus mission

    Undying Woods: You need to complete level 5 or higher at the Trotter's Movies mission

    Ziranek: Complete 250 or more Computer Repair Quests.

    if anyone can help with any of these it would be greatly appreciated!

    why are Zola's so goshdarn cute?

    Posted on : 16th May 2018 16:02   Posted by : Drive
    every time I see one I get all giddy and warm inside. they are the literal cutest thing on here, sworn. my endgame marapets goal is to have at least one Zola pet, doesn't matter the color, they are all precious.

    Plushie Machine Drops

    Posted on : 10th Mar 2018 15:09   Posted by : Drive
    Going to be posting all my pm drops here! feel free to check it out lol.

    •You insert 250MP and move the claw down...

    You picked up Red Paffuto Plushie
    You insert 250MP and move the claw down...

    You picked up Starry Rofling Plushie

    Bday stuff (gifts, sadness, you know, the usual)

    Posted on : 10th Mar 2018 03:14   Posted by : Drive
    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I just wanna scream. Thanks to everyone on here who sent me things, it means a lot. But I've had so much bad luck today, it's unreal. I'm so upset!! Why would today be so unlucky ? Marapets hates me lol. And honestly my sister stayed in her room all day so far and she won't even tell me hi. I didn't really get to spend time with anyone... I feel so unwanted after all this. Haha. I'm just being silly I guess. But I had fun! I got to see my beautiful Alex all day today, like every other day, but today it was special. He's growing up so fast. I gave more things than I got, and I'm happy about it. Marapets has been up all day for me, lol. We are going to make our own pizzas. I got a laptop that I'm scared to use for Mara because of the ban issue. I already signed in on my desktop. Oops. I wanted a Straya for my birthday, but marapets said "nope" and I've been upset since, even more actually. Haha. Just ranting I guess. It feels good to get it out sometimes. Love you all, xoxo. Have a wonderful day/night, and always stay positive. Have a little fun and drink some water. Bye for now.

    IM SO SAD :'(

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2018 21:25   Posted by : Drive
    I bought a mermaid upgrade and didn't get a straya which is my #1 birthday want and AAAAAAA I got a mermaid newth instead! I wanted to cry so I bought a capsule machine token and IT GAVE ME A SS BUYABLE ITEM. I cried. I'll admit it. I'm a grown woman with a little boy and I cried because of bad luck. I'm not proud of it. But I WANT MY STRAYA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (I'm actually really upset abt it but ugh idk what to do. I don't want to buy another or pay out 10mil ish for a darn straya pet. It killed my mood and I needed to write it out, sorry everyone who reads this )

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