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I'm Hotdog Husband and my pets are the Ketchup Kids

Verne and Kingston are my partners <3

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  • Pet Plans redone     ~12 Jul 2018
  • Pet Plans and Character Concep...     ~25 Apr 2018

  • Pet Plans redone

    Posted on : 12th Jul 2018 03:01   Posted by : ColdLegumes
    More of a way for me to keep track of ideas. I want to collect "lend worthy pets". Feel free to give thoughts.

    My main struggle is getting ideas that fit their 'character'.

    Mission Pets

    Currently have none. Idea is Lorelle will take the bulk of items (at least food), but I want to save retired and ultra expensive items for a particular pet, keeping their fees low.

    Gourmet Pet: Soysauce, possibly? His name is food-related so...

    Music Pet: MsFortune possibly, being inspired by Eartha Kitt

    Newspaper pet: Flook, seems like it might fit a hobo pet?

    Magazine Pet: Either Coulier or MsFortune I think.

    Book Pet: Possibly Flook. I like the idea of him being highly educated before becoming a hobo.

    Expensive Goal Pets I have (need to obtain cheaper)

    Cotton Candy

    Cheap Goal Pets I have

    Water (temp color
    Snow (temp color)
    Light Fairy
    An untrained LE (sort of cheap, may get ushunda for this)

    Goal Makers I have, but need space/pets I want to use on



    Battle: Bovial, though may need replacing as he was adopted with decent elite gym stats + he'll become an LE.

    Olympics: No idea. Maybe Lib though she has other stats.

    Pet Plans and Character Concepts

    Posted on : 25th Apr 2018 23:00   Posted by : ColdLegumes
    Most pets probably won\'t end up getting jobs because I\'d want their lend fees to stay small + I can\'t be bothered to school them :U

    I want to collect all goal pets

    Goal pets so far: Killer, zombie

    Will be updated and edited later.

    Bovial: Cynical, dead pan, gothic gym rat. Coffei\'s bestie. Often annoyed by Lorelle\'s antics and wishes Coffei would stop trying to help out \'that weird homeless guy\'.
    Will be: Most likely gothic oglue
    Possible Career Path: Athlete

    Coffei (\"It\'s pronounced Koff-fae!\"Wink: Sweet-themed hipster. She\'s always lived comfortably and it shows. Her heart is usually in the right place, but her brain isn\'t. She\'s friends with Flook more out of pity than anything.
    Will be: Chocolate Troit
    Possible Career Path: Journalist

    Coulier: a fashionista who needs to work on his filter. He\'d probably be further in his career if he could only hold his tongue and suck up to the right people. His friends respect him for sticking to his values, though he often has trouble telling the difference between honesty and pure snobbery.
    His sense of aesthetcic is...definitely out there.
    Possible Career Path: Actor or Model

    FiveNightsAtFreddys: Friendly and laidback, Freddy resembles his namesakes in name and species only. If you see him covered in some red stuff, don\'t worry, it\'s only pizza sauce.
    Often seen with his appropriately named minipets. Happens to enjoy joining in with Lorelle\'s clowning.
    Possible Career Path: Actor (he could \"play the bad guy\" if wanted)
    Giving him gourmet pizza for funsies

    Flook: A one time big-shot who lost it all in one fell swoop. He doesn\'t like to talk about it. He now lives in his car with with weird stray minipet that had taken a liking to him.
    He\'s also skittish about the \"mafia topic\".
    He both appreciates and is annoyed/ashamed by Coffei\'s charity. He also enjoys Lorelle\'s company, even with her younger sister acting as helicoptor parent.
    No career path.
    The newspaper reading pet.

    Galilee: A pet born on April Fools/Easter, oddly humorless all considering. People have said her color should\'ve been \'grey\' to fit her personality. She\'s protective of her older sisters, Lorelle and Librita, the first she sees as lacking common sense and the other lacking a spine.
    Possible Career Path: Businesswoman

    Kidjays: Born on a Friday the 13th for the Jenoa goals, he was ditched in the pound on that very same day. The rest of his life is probably not going to be much better, as the universe is intent on making him a buttmonkey.
    Lorelle often tries to cheer him up, to his annoyance. He does find comfort in Zomble\'s company how ever, and looks up to him. He might like Flook if not for his \"stupid demon cat\".
    Will be: Mummy Equilor
    Possible Career Path: ???

    Lorelle: Happy go lucky clown fish. As in, a fish who is a clown. She\'s full of life and wants to try everything (and is the Everything pet). Often causes a mess of things in her enthusiasm, as her many broken toys can attest.
    Career Path: Clown. At least, after all other job perks are unlocked.

    MsFortune: Another pet born on Friday the 13th, she\'s made it part of her brand name. Known for her big personality and modeling career, getting her start with her partner in crime, Coulier. She\'s married to a savvy businessman named Soysauce. Woe to those who hint that she\'s a mere trophy wife.
    Possible Career path: Model

    NervousBear: Nervous\'s job could be summed up as \"dumb muscle\" for the mafia. Though scary, antisocial, and dimwitted, he\'s surprisingly sweet to the few friends he has. Still, he usually prefers the company of his teddy bears, whom he can sometimes be seen speaking to.
    He likes cute things, and azuls in particular for being small bear-like creatures (yet doesn\'t get along with Coulier).
    He\'s also, oddly enough, afraid of Lorelle. Apparently he\'s not a fan of clowns.
    No career.

    Soysauce: Character to be decided. He\'s married to MsFortune at least.





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