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Marapets is mobile friendly
If you need a photo or to borrow one of my pets for goals just ask. Gaeli can also give a couple of avatars
  1. Marapets Newbie Guide
    1st Jul 2019 06:48
    1 year, 5 months & 1 day ago
  2. Gaeli is missing 306 DVDs
    18th Feb 2019 11:26
    1 year, 9 months & 12 days ago
  3. Gaeli is missing 287 CDs
    6th Feb 2019 16:21
    1 year, 9 months & 24 days ago
  4. Gaeli is missing 348 Books
    28th Jan 2019 16:09
    1 year, 10 months & 2 days ago
Marapets Newbie Guide
1 year, 5 months & 1 day ago
1st Jul 2019 06:48

I decided to create this newbie guide as I\'ve found that different sites are good for different things, and it would be nice to have one place to refer back to instead of remembering a bunch of websites.

Maraforce has a great introduction guide that will give you a lot of the basics -

I would recommend sticking with the Progress Shield ( Quests as these can give you a good tour of the different features and world Marapets has to offer. It can also give you large MP rewards which ensure your account gets off to a good start.

I found the monthly checklist is also a good way of having goals to work towards, and you can get big rewards if you do manage to win, but if not you\'ve still had a focus on improving your account. You can find the monthly checklist here -


You\'ll notice that you have four currencies - MP, BP, RP, and AU. There\'s also an additional 2 that are Dukka Coins and Fake Dukka Coins.

Marapoints (MP) are mainly earned from playing our games, chatting on the forums, completing quests and randomly exploring the site. MP is the main currency of the site and gained from and required for almost everything on the site. You have an MP bank which you can gain interest from each day, this interest does not build up so you need to claim it each day. It\'s a good idea to have 500k MP on hand and put the rest in your bank to claim interest on it and if you ever need more, then you can always withdraw it from your bank.

Baspinar Points (BP) are mainly earned from winning battles with your virtual pets. Named after King Baspinar, BP is the official currency of the virtual world of Baspinar\'s Castle and can be spent there. The currency rate is generally 1 BP = 2 - 3 MP. You have a BP bank which you can gain interest from each day, like with the MP bank this interest does not build up so you need to claim it each day. You may find it\'s a good idea to just store all of your BP in your bank and just withdraw it when you need it.

Restock Points (RP) are mainly earned from buying items from most of the shops in the many worlds in Marada. The amount of RP you get will depend on how rare the item you buy is. RP is the official currency of the virtual world of Eleka\'s Castle and can be spent there. The currency rate is generally between 1 RP = 8-10 RP. You have an RP bank which you can gain interest from each day, like with the MP and BP bank this interest does not build up so you need to claim it each day. You may find it\'s a good idea to just store all of your RP in your bank and just withdraw it when you need it.

Dukka Coins are the currency used in Dukka Town and the Pirate Ship. You can\'t earn these, but you can win them from Dukka Dash ( You can also purchase them from shops, trades, and auctions. You may also get a random event where you are awarded a random amount of dukka coins. These don\'t operate like MP, RP, or BP. You can\'t gain interest on them. In order to buy goods with dukka coins you need to have the exact dukka coin. E.g. you can\'t buy a two dukka item with a five dukka coin. If you were to have a five dukka coin in your inventory but wanted to get a two dukka item, you would need to \'use\' the dukka coin to add it to your dukka storage. From there you can go to the dukka storage and bring out a two dukka coin. You\'ll then have 3 dukkas waiting in storage for when you next need them. You will find your dukka storage here - It\'s a good idea to just add all the dukka coins you get to your storage and then just bring them out when you need them.

Fake Dukka Coins are used for the Bootleg Pyramid and at the fake pirate ship, these can also be used for the beast in the woods . These are cheaper than Dukka coins. You can not turn fake dukka coins into real dukka coins or vice versa. You can\'t earn these, but you can win them from Dukka Dash ( You can also purchase these from shops, trades, and auctions. These don\'t operate like MP, RP, or BP. You can\'t gain interest on them, and they operate in a similar style to real dukka coins. You can find the fake dukka storage here -

Account Upgrade (AU) credit is priced in UK Pounds Sterling but players from All Countries can buy credits and you will automatically be charged in your local currency. You can find a currency converter here - There are many ways to get Account Upgrades credit. The most common way is to buy it by credit or debit card or bank transfer using PayPal. However, you can earn it from Goals, win it from the Monthly Checklist or buy it from other players at the Currency Exchange. You can use these to buy account upgrade packages which have the random chance of awarding you a limited edition pet potion or plushie, that you can either use on a pet to get a rare pet or sell for millions of MP. You can also buy giftboxes that improve your account by giving you extra abilities such as to do more missions each day or to autoprice your shop or award double diamonds in Elger. You can find what you buy with AU here - These are all one time payments, there is no monthly payment scheme.

MP is the main currency and used for most things you\'ll want to do on this site, as such it\'s a good idea to focus on how to build up your MP. A great way of doing this would be to complete your dailies each and every day you\'re on. Some of these dailies you can do multiple times a day, so it\'s a good idea to make use of that.
Dailies -
More Dailies -
Pet Dailies -


Restocking is the main way that I gain my MP. It can get some taking used to, but once you get the hang of it you\'ll find that you bring in a lot of MP each day. You also have the chance to restock items that are worth millions of MP. I would recommend using a restocking website so you can see what shops are going to restock as well as be able to quickly get to them. The one that I use is What I recommend is going through shops and seeing what item is 1 in stock. Do not bother \'restocking\' items that are multiples in shops because you won\'t be able to sell them in your shop. Potions and Costumes are the hardest to restock from, so work your way up to attempting to restock from there or you may find yourself too frustrated. The shop can sell out so quickly when it restocks that it can look like it hasn\'t restocked at all. I would recommend restocking computers + soft drinks to build up your fast restocking skills. I usually dedicate an hour or two each day to restocking, but you don\'t have to spend that much time (or you can spend longer! ). Just be sure to regularly put those items into your shop, and regularly reprice your shop. All you need to do is put your item 1mp lower than it is currently on shop search. You don\'t need to worry and put massive discounts because you\'re scared it won\'t sell. Just put it 1mp lower than shop search + anyone that needs that item will see it when they search for that item and will buy it from you. I would really recommend getting the shop pricer giftbox when you get more into restocking, because this will automatically price each page in your shop to ensure that it\'s lowest on shop search, which can save you a lot of time from having to manually price each individual item. I usually make between 1 - 2 mil each day when I am putting in the effort with restocking, and then I can make millions more if I manage to restock a limited edition potion or a rare costume. If you want more help there is a restocker\'s forum -

If you want to put items for a big discount it is better to do this through trades and auctions, and then to make a forum post in the selling forum ( This means that your sale doesn\'t affect everybody else\'s prices (which can often mean people get mad or they price it to even lower so you lose out on even more money). and you can still get a quick sale at the lower price.

Do NOT put photos, plates, newspapers, or magazines into your shop. They will not sell, or they will sell very very rarely and people never want them for the price lowest in shops. People tend to just engage in photo, plate, newspaper, or magazine swaps in order to build their collection. If you\'re interested in building up a collection then you can put them in trades and specify that you want a shop. If you just want to sell them though then do be aware that players usually look to buy photos for pretty cheap. I usually price my photos up to 10k and plates the same. You can also put them in auction and advertise them in the selling forum, again, sell them pretty cheap. I see up to 100k at the very most.

Once you add a photo, plate, newspaper, or magazine to your collection you can NOT get it out. These collections are permanent and can either be a goal to work towards, give you rewards from the reward fairies or improve the value of your pet.
Photo rewards -
Plate Rewards -
Newspaper Rewards -
Magazine Rewards -


I really would recommend staying away from Missions until you have a LOT more MP. I know some of the missions can ask for items that are upwards of 10 mil for just one level. And if you fail one of these levels you get put back to the start. Once you have around 2-5 million or a lot of fake dukka coins then I would recommend doing Bumpkin or Beast in the Woods as these are the cheapest and easiest. All the others will be a lot more difficult / expensive.


Gennie has a really good battle guide over here - Focus on training your health, defence, and speed up. Do not worry about magic spells as they do not do anything and they are extremely expensive. Magic spell books do not improve your pet\'s battling and are instead used to increase your et\'s book collection. For more help you can find the battle forum here -

You can unlock hidden avatars, you can get rewards for unlocking avatars - A good hidden avatar guide is from Maraforce which you can find here -

Maraforce has a good guide to dressing up your dolls. Do note though that if you buy an item and add it to your wardrobe you can NOT get it out, it is a permanent collection. If you want to take part in dress up competitions these take place in Lowlyhood.
Beauty contest -
Ugly contest -
There\'s also a dress up forum where you can rate dolls, take part in competitions and more -

Miscellaneous guides -
Drew Vouchers Guide - see how many vouchers you need for any transformation. Note this must have been a transformation YOU previously gave your pet. You can\'t use vouchers to transform your pet into a species / costume it has never been before or a transformation another user has given the pet -
Anagram sam solver -
Mystery item help -
Job perk guide -

Well this is all I can think of. If anyone has any more questions be sure to let me know, and I can then add the answer to this guide so everyone can get use out of it. Feel free to send people this guide, just credit me (:

Gaeli is missing 306 DVDs
1 year, 9 months & 12 days ago
18th Feb 2019 11:26

101 Azuls

13 Wishes

1337 The Movie



Alien Invasion



Ants Life


Bat Attack

Be My Valentine

Beach Party

Bed Time Monsters

Behind the Rainbow

Being Square

Belly Dancing

Between The Realms

Beware the Sewer Fairy

Bill Ike the Science Guy

Bit Brawl The Movie




Broken Eggs



Candy Treats



Castle Defence

Chasing Rainbows

Cheddar Adventures


Chibs on 34th Street


Christmas Luau

Christmas Story

Christmas Time

City Recession

Classic Cartoon Collection

Clown Attack

Dark Fairy

Dark Side of Enpiah

Daylight Dancers

Decorated Christmas Tree


Deep in the Jungle


Dennis the Huthiq

Devastation of Lorius


Dukka Fairy

Dumpster Diggers


Easter 2012

Easter Bunny

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Race

Easter Eggs

Easter in Candyland


Elf Movie

Elf Snow Day

Elf vs Beelzebub

Error 51

Evil Clowns

Fairy in Space

Fancy Felines

Fighting Club

Fire Fairy

Firework Display


First Thanksgiving

Flying Eggs

For Sale

Forest Secrets





Ghost Slayer


Gift Wrapped DVD

Gingerbread Movie

Gingerbread Saga

Giving Thanks

Gleam Team

Glitchzilla Attacks

Glitter Happy

Glowing Feathers



Gobble Trouble

Goblin Rides

Gonk Racing

Gothic Nights

Graveyard Fasoros

Great Depression

Greedy Fairy

Griffin Secrets

Grumpy Old Chibs

Guide to Marasites

Haunted Festival



History of Queen Eleka

Hollow Inside

Holographic Movie

Home School Musical

Honey I Shrunk the DVD

How to Catch Bugs

How to Eyeliner

How to Rave

How to be Insideout

Ice Fairy

Inside the Vortex

Into the Fire

Item Collector

Jack O Lanterns



Journey to the North Pole

Kamilah Desert

Kamilah Pyramid


Krampus Nightmares

Lady and the Doyle

Last Battle

Last Candy

Last Christmas Tree

Late Advent Tree

Learn to Talk

Learning Chess

Legend of Krampus


Light Siders

Lonesome Gonk


Lost in Space

Lost on the Island

Love Again

Love Hurts

Love Story

Lush Holiday

Mad Scientist

Magic Christmas Tree

Magic Tricks

Make a Snowman

Marada at War

Maradan Murder Mystery

Marato Movie

Mega Paffuto

Memory Pets


Midnight Howlers

Mini Flower Collectors

Minipet Island War I

Mission Impossible



Move and Groove


My Journal

Mystery of the Bad Egg

Nature Documentary

Nature Planet

New Years by the Fireplace

Newth Love

Newth Snow Fight

Newth Snowboarding

Nightmare in Puchalla


Oley Escape

Our 8th Birthday

Our 9th Birthday

Over the Rainbow

Painting Rainbows

Painting with Rainbow Fairy

Paradise Island

Pastry Queen

Pearl Skipping

Pearls and Shells


Phantom Follies

Phanty Quest

Pixie Pal Series

Plushie Fairy

Polar Express

Polar Opposites

Pool Party

Popstar Life

Power Station


Prison Break

Puchalla Harvest

Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Jack



Rays of Light

Red Nose Reindeer

Red Planet


Rhinestone Cowboy

Rofling Stamper

Romantic Sunset

Royal Fairy


Saturday the 13th



Save A Gobble Eat A Troit

Scout Video Guide

Seasonal Fairy

Secret Life of the Ants

Secret Santa

Secrets of the Bootleg Pyramid

Shadow Vampire

Sherlock Huthiq



Singing in the Rain

Slate Pyramid

Slime Ghost

Snookle Electric Storm

Snow Storm


Some Like It Hot






Stamp Collecting

Star Space Documentary

Stolen Christmas

Stormy Pool Party

Story of Dolly Pardon


Summer Love

Summer Romance



Super Heroes Protect



Sweet Eleka Dreams

The Beach

The Brick Movie

The Egg

The Forest

The Howling

The Hunt for the Golden Carrot

The Ice Fairy

The Lava Caves

The Legend of Rhonda

The Leprechaun

The Little Christmas Tree

The Lonely Spider

The Mermaid Tale

The Mummy

The Musical Phanty

The Pumpkin Patch

The Pyramid

The Sewer Queen

The Sly Spy

The Story of Mara

The Three Scavengers

This is War

Tiny Tale


Touch of Frost

Transumption Reaction

Transuranic Curse

Transvaluation Tales

Trick or Treat


Two Wishes


Under the Mistletoe

Under the Sea

Undersea Workout Routines

Underwater Creatures

Undying Fairy

Undying Festivalfc

Undying Minipets

Unhappy Endings


Ushunda Invaders 02

Valentines Day

Villains Assemble

Villains Attack


Vortex Park

Walk of Fame



Whack an Azul

Wild Wild West


Wonky Pyramid

X Factor


Xoi in Black

You Have Maramail


Gaeli is missing 287 CDs
1 year, 9 months & 24 days ago
6th Feb 2019 16:21

8bit Music

9th Birthday Songs

Advent 2011 Music

Advent Tree Music

Ambient Fly Buzzing

Arabic Songs

Baby Bird Songs

Balloon Beats

Basil Beats

Bat Screeching

Batty Tunes

Beach Bop

Bedtime Stories

Bee Music

Blizzard Blues

Bloody Awful Music

Blue Addows Vol 02

Bubbly Pop

Bug Beats

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hops

Burning Hits

Candy Music

Chalk Choir

Checkered Music

Cheesy Tunes

Christmas Carols

Christmas Tree Hits

Classic Jazz

Classic Love Songs

Classical Melodies

Classical Music

Conspiracy Tunes


Creepy Laughs

Cricket Chirps


Daisy Dance

Dance Classics

Dancing Easter Eggs

Dancing Eggs

Dark Dance

Dark Depths Debut

Dark Fairy Songs

Daylight Dance

Desert Dance

Desert Melodies

Discontinued Music

Doll Dance Music

Dragons Dance

Drake Songs

Driving Home for Christmas

Dukka Fairy Songs

Earth Fairy Chorus

Earth Fairy Sonnets

Easter Bunny Carols

Easter Egg Bop

Easter Hunting Tunes

Easter Music

Easter Songs

Electro Music

Elf Hits

Elf Playlist

Evil Clown Music

Experimental Music

Exploring Music

Fairy Bop

Fairy Dance Hits

Festival Music

Fire Fairy Salsa

Fire Fairy Songs

Firework Noises

Firework Sounds

Flaming Hot Summer Songs

Flavourful Music

Floating Music

Flurso Frosted Beats

Foxicle Fun

Frankenstein Fusion

Frilly Songs

Frosty Snow Jams

Funeral Fables

Funky Egg Hits

Geek Remix

Ghostly Christmas Tunes

Gingerbread Songs

Glam Tunes

Glitched Noises

Gnome Music

Gobble Love Songs

Gobbling Gobbles

Goblin Tunes

Golden Desert Hits

Graveyard Dirges

Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls

Greatest Hits by Syn D

Greedy Fairy Music

Green Wrapped Tunes

Guitar Solos


Gurple Songs

Hairy Music

Halloween 2007

Halloween Album 2009

Halloween Hits

Halloween Snowman Music

Halloween Snowman Tunes

Halloween Tunes

Hatsune Miyu

Haunt Classics

Haunting Melodies

Heartfelt Melodies

Heartfelt Songs

Heavy Metal Music

Here Comes Krampus

Hoppy Tunes

Hot Air Instrumental

Hot and Cool Jams

House Classics

House Cleaning Tunes

Howling Hits

Ice Divas

Ice Fairy Lament

Ice Fairy Music

Iceberg Sirens

Insideout Playlist

Intense Battle Music

Irish Music

Item Collector Soundtrack

Japanese Music

Jelly Tunes

Jinn Songs

Kawaii Beats

Kids Pop

Killer Songs

Krampus Playlist

Late Night Lullabies

Lazy Fairy Hits

Leopard Snarl

Light Fairy Sonnets

Light Side Music

Loser Blues

Loud and Terrible Music

Love Mix Tape

Love Music

Lowlyhood Hits


Maniacal Laughter

Melodic Howls

Memory Pets Soundtrack

Mini Disc

Mini Fairy Music

Minipet Christmas Carols

Mistletoe Melodies

Money Making Music

Monster Mash

Moonlight Melodies

Moonlit Melody

Moving Tunes

Murfin Bat Tunes

Music DNA

Musical Vortex

Native Music

Nightmare Notes

North Pole Opera

Number Ones by Huffix

Oasis Album

Olde Western Hits

Olympic Anthems

Opera Music

Peace Songs

Peaceful Serenade

Phantom Hip Hop

Pixel Pop Music

Pixie Music

Pixie Pitch

Planet Playlist

Polar Tunes

Popstar Playlist

Pride Anthems

Puchalla Hits

Punk Music

Pyramid Music

Queen Eleka Jams

Radioactive Jazz

Rainbow Tunes

Rapunzel Album

Red Wrapped Tunes

Robot Playlist

Rocket Sounds


Romantic Hits

Rotten CD

Royal March

Rudolf Christmas Carols

Safari Hits by Mara

Sakura Sonnet

Scales of Music

Scary Noises

Schnoodle Struddel Hits

School Bus Songs

Scientific Songs

Scout Songs

Seasonal Carols

Seasonal Classics

Seasonal Playlist

Serenade of the Sea

Shattered CD

Simerian Songs

Singing in the Light

Singing with the Stars

Sk8er Boi

Skater Music

Slater Park Hits

Smashed CD

Snixie Songs

Snow Storm Songs

Snowman Dance

Snowman Sing Alongs

Snowman Songs

Songs of Kamilah Desert

Songs of Love

Soul Music

Soul Songs

Sounds of Nature

Space Age Rock

Space Fairy Techno

Splash Hits

Splatter Music

Splatter Tunes

Spooky Tunes

Spring Songs

Spring Sonnets

Spy Sounds

Squelching Noises

St Patricks Day Music

Stars Volume 01

Steampunk Bands

Stoneage Rock Hits

Storm Songs

Sultan Songs

Summer Anthems

Summer Christmas Songs

Summer Hits 2010

Sunlight Sonata

Sunset Playlist

Sunset Sonnets

Super Hero Anthems

Swan Songs

Synthetic Memory

Teatime Tunes

Teen Party Hits

The Beetles

The Best Christmas Carols

The Coin Collection

The Colour of Infinity

Thunder Noise

Tin Hearts

Tiny Tunes

Tornado Tunes

Tow Truck Tunes

Toxik Tunes

Transumption Tunes

Transuranic Tunes

Transvaluation Tunes

Trashcan Tunes

Trick or Treating Tunes

Truffle Shuffle

Turkey Trot Pop


Twindly Tunes

Undead March

Undercover Hits

Underwater CD

Underwater Tunes

Undying Fairy Songs

Undying Tunes

Vampire Attack Music

Villain Music

Walkie Talkie Sounds

War Music

Werewolf Howl

White Wrapped Tunes

Wing Along Songs

Winter Exploring Tunes

Wonky Songs

Zombie Pulse

Gaeli is missing 348 Books
1 year, 10 months & 2 days ago
28th Jan 2019 16:09

10 Years Book

1000 Easter Egg Recipes

101 Summer Bucket List Ideas

300 Million Hits Book

5000th Century Tales

8th Birthday Book

Advent Tree Book

Alien Phone Book

Ancient Writing Book

Aquarius Book

Arcade Strategy Guide Book

Armoured Book

Autumn Book

Autumn Rain Book

Baby Photo Book

Baking Gingerbread Book

Bandana Book

Bankruptcy Book

Be Mine Book

Beach Ball Book

Beach Book

Bed Time Book

Beelzebub Summoning Tome

Being Elger

Being a Punk Book

Biala Book

Big Book of Leaves

Biography of Elger

Biography of Fugunzel

Biography of Plushie Fairy

Biography of Sultan

Bird Watching Guide

Book of Candles

Book of Cavities

Book of Cheese

Book of Christmas Cards

Book of Christmas Ornaments

Book of Clouds

Book of Dukka Coins

Book of Easter Eggs

Book of Eggcelent Puns

Book of Explosions

Book of Fate

Book of Fire

Book of Fireworks

Book of Flowers

Book of Gnomes

Book of Heroes

Book of Hieroglyphs

Book of Holiday Poems

Book of Ice Cream

Book of Leo Fashion

Book of Mistveil

Book of Money

Book of Nightmares

Book of Pixies

Book of Pumpkins

Book of Ra

Book of Rollercoaster Rides

Book of Ruins

Book of Secrets

Book of Simeria

Book of Snow Fights

Book of Snow Storms

Book of Sparkles

Book of Spikes

Book of Storms

Book of Sweets

Book of Valentines

Book of Vampires

Book of Villains

Book of Water

Book of Wings

Book of Wishes

Brutal Weapons Book

CD Book

Cake Popup Book

Camp Fire Book

Cancer Book

Candy Guide Book

Capsule Prize List

Chatspeak Guide

Chinese New Year Book

Chocolate Book

Christmas Carol Book

Christmas Cook Book

Christmas Lights Book

Christmas Magazine

Christmas Tree Book

Chronicles of the Dark

Chronicles of the Light

Classic Comics

Classic Love Stories

Clown History Book

Cooking Turkey Guide

Crazy Science Book

Creepy Book

Dark Journal

Daylight Book

Death Spell Book

Decorating a Tree Book

Digital Spell Book

Discovery of Enpiah

Dragon Diary

Dressing Like a Doll Book

Dumpster Diving for Dummies

Earth Book

Earth Fairy Book

Easter 2012 Book

Easter Book

Easter Colouring Book

Easter Eggs Book

Egg Painting Guide

Egg Recipe Book

Eggcelent Jokes

Electronic Book

Elegant Writings

Eleka Book

Elger Cookbook

Enchanted Storybook

Encyclopedia A

Enpiah Book

Enpiah Explorer Book

Enpiah Law Book

Error Book

Eternal Osafo Book

Evil Clown Book

Evil Eye Book

Evil Genius Book

Eye See U Book

Eye of Horus Book

Festival Book

Festival Pop Up Book

Festive Candles Book

Figaro Colouring Book

First Dates Book

Flying Book

Four Leaf Clover Book

Frankenstein Book

Fried Eggs Book

Frosty Adventures Book

Full Moon Book

Full Moon Chronicles

Gardening Book

Gemini Book

Geometry Book

Ghost Book

Ghost Pop Up Book

Gift Wrapped Book

Gingerbread Cookie Book

Gingerbread Pop Up Book

Glass Book

Golem Summoning Tablet

Gonk on the Ranch Book

Grave Digging 101

Greedy Fairy Book

Groovy Book

Grumpy Ladybug Book

Guide to Anatomy

Halloween Book

Haunted Comics Issue IV

Haunted Comics Issue V

Heart Warming Stories

Heartless Tales

Holiday Decorating Guide

Holographic Encyclopedia

Holographic Story Book

Hoofprint Book

How to Build a Snowman

How to Care Less

How to Catch a Leprechaun

How to Farm Book

How to Fish

How to Kiss Book

How to Multiply Book

How to Survive the Teen Years

How to run a Power Station

Ice Book

Ice Fairy Book

Island Book

Jenoan Tales

Jewelled Book

Jingle Bell Book

Jinn Book

Joke Book

Kamilah Pyramid Book

Knutt Book

Lati Flip Book

Leaf Book

Leopard Book

Leprechaun Book

Leprechaun Hat Book

Light Book

Light Fairy Book

Lightning Book

Living in Prison Guide

Long Lost Maramail Book

Lorius Racing Book

Love Letter Collection

Lucky Book

Lucky Horse Shoe Book

Mafia History

Mara Manga

Mara Manga Vol 02

Maramail Grammar Guide

Marapets Colouring Book

Marapets Memories Book

Memoirs of a Monster

Memory Book

Mini Book

Minipet Island Travel Brochure

Mistletoe Tales

Moon Book

Moonlight Book

Moustache Book

Murder Mystery Book

My Immortal Love Book


Native Book

Naughty List

Naughty or Nice Book

No Bugs Book

Nutcracker Book

Octopus Book

Old Fairy Book

Old List of Rules

On Fire Book

One Thousand and Two Nights

Party Book

Party Gift Ideas

Peppermint Fancy

Pest Control Book

Petal Book

Phantom Book

Pilgrim Book

Pisces Book

Pixel Book

Pixie Book

Plate Collection Guide

Polar Book

Pool Rules

Popstar Scrapbook

Popup Christmas Book

Possessed Book

Pot of Gold Book

Potion Making Guide Book

Princess Book

Puchalla Village Book

Pyramid Book

Queen Eleka Book


Rainbow Pop Up Book

Rainbow Popup Book

Rainy Book

Raising A Quell Book

Rapunzel Book

Recycling for Dummies

Red Carpet Book

Rocket Ship Book

Roman Numerals Book

Royal Book

Royal Fairy Book

Rudolf Book

Runes Book

Safari Guide Book

Safari Map

Safari Tantua Book

Sagittarius Book

Sand Book

Santas Secrets

Savannah Tales

Scarf Book

Scary Daisy Stories

Scorpio Desert Guide

Scouting 101

Sea Water Book

Seaside Book

Seasonal Fairy Tales

Secret Admirer Notes

Secret Diary

Secrets of Simeria Book

Secrets of the Light Book

Sewer Swimming Book

Sewers Book

Shipwreck Book

Shredded Song Book

Simerian History Vol 04

Simerian History Vol 05

Simerian History Vol 06

Skater Book

Skater Story

Skull Compendium

Smuggler Journal

Snake Book

Snow Flurry Book

Snowball Book

Snowman Hats Book

Soggy Book

Space Fairy Book

Springtime Stories

Spy Guide Book

Starry Book

Starter School Series

Stock Market Crash Book

Storm Book

Summer Book

Summer Vacation Book

Surviving 9 Years Book

Survivor Story

Sushi 101 Book

Swamp Below Book

Sweets Galore Book

Tales Of Undead

Tales of King Baspinar Book

Tales of Queen Eleka Book

Taurus Book

Tea Party Book

Team Maple Leaf Diary

The Big 14 Book

The Death Arena Book

The Frost Princess

The Steampunk Trilogy

The Travelling Pearl Book

Thrill Seekers Guide Book

Tower of Secrets Book

Treasure Book

Tundra Book

Turkey Book

Turkey Tales

Turkey Troubles

Twister Tales Book

U Jelly Book

Ultimate Camouflage Guide

Undying Book

Undying Festival 2012 Book

Valentine Book

Vampire Sightings Book

Vortex Warning Book

Water Fairy Book

Werewolf Book

Whale Tales Book

Wilderness Book

Winter Book

Witch Cook Book

Witch Tales

Wonderland Book

Wonky Pyramid Book

Zombie Stories

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