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  • Safari Chest Items     ~10 Jun 2018
  • Safari Items to get     ~01 Jun 2018
  • Goals to Finish     ~25 May 2018
  • New Socks     ~14 May 2018
  • Noble Chest Items     ~12 Apr 2018
  • New Capsule Machine Items     ~09 Apr 2018
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2018     ~28 Mar 2018
  • Heartless Treasure Chest Items     ~05 Feb 2018
  • New Mummy Dolls and Voodoo Dol...     ~04 Feb 2018
  • 2017 Advent Calendar     ~02 Dec 2017
  • Missing Costumes     ~01 Dec 2017
  • Needed Photos M-Z     ~30 Sep 2017
  • Needed Photos A-L     ~30 Sep 2017
  • Wonderland Chest     ~09 Aug 2017
  • Pet Promotions at level 20     ~02 May 2017
  • New Upcoming Items     ~10 Apr 2017
  • New Avatar Solutions..     ~26 Mar 2017
  • Valentine's Hunt Items     ~13 Feb 2017
  • Missing Trading Cards     ~22 Nov 2016
  • New Sewer Game     ~13 Oct 2016
  • Missing Books for Sun_Goddess     ~20 Sep 2016
  • All Missing Plates- Updated 7/...     ~13 Sep 2016
  • Missing Chocolates for Sun_God...     ~29 Aug 2016
  • Queen Bee Items..     ~28 Aug 2016
  • Missing DVD's for Sun Godd...     ~27 May 2016
  • Missing Eggs     ~02 Nov 2015
  • microwave receipes     ~23 Apr 2014
  • Smuggler Prices     ~27 Jan 2013

  • Safari Chest Items

    Posted on : 10th Jun 2018 13:25   Posted by : ree
    Bird Watching Guide [x]
    Crate of Addows [x]
    Deep in the Jungle [x]
    Jessup Summoning Stone [x]
    Leaf Rolls [x]
    Lion Jacket [x]
    Moonrise Contact Lenses [x]
    Moonrise Wig [x]
    Peacock Skirt [x]
    Safari Bikini [x]
    Safari Boots [x]
    Safari Goggles [x]
    Safari Hat [x]
    Safari Hits by Mara [x]
    Safari Jewellery [x]
    Safari Photos [x]
    Safari Shirt [x]
    Safari Shorts [x]
    Safari Sleeves [x]
    Safari Tree [x]
    Scratchy [x]
    Sunrise Wig [x]
    Sybri Doll [x]
    Waterfall [x]


    Safari Items to get

    Posted on : 1st Jun 2018 10:01   Posted by : ree
    [x] Belt Pack
    [] Binocular
    [x] Blue Gummy Grub
    [x] Cheetah Jacket
    [x] Green Gummy Grub
    [x] Happilo
    [x Jessup Blanket
    [] Jessup Doll
    [x] Jessup Hand Puppet
    [x] Jessup Sugar Cookie
    [] Lafter
    [] Man Bun Wig
    [x] Mara Crackers
    [] Meat Lover Stamp
    [x] Phanty Hand Puppet
    [x] Phanty Sugar Cookie
    [x] Plastic Tree
    [x] Poera Hand Puppet
    [x] Poera Scarf
    [x] Poera Sugar Cookie
    [x] Purple Gummy Grub
    [x] Red Gummy Grub
    [x] Ripped Jessup Plushie
    [x] Ripped Sybri Plushie
    [] Rising Sun
    [x] Safari Badge
    [x] Safari girl Doll
    [x] Safari Boy Girl
    [] Safari Camp Jessup Plushie
    [] Safari Camp Poera Plushie
    [] Safari Camp Sybri Plushie
    [] Safari Camp Tantua Plushie
    [x] Safari Compass
    [] Safari Glowing Egg
    [] Safari Pearl
    [x] Safari Postcard
    [x] Safari Skirt
    [x] Safari Smoothie
    [] Safari Tantua Book
    [] Safari Tantua Glowing Egg
    [x] Safari Vest
    [] Savannah
    [x] Savannah Tales
    [] Snake Print Gloves
    [x] Steak
    [x] Steak Cupcake
    [x] Steak Plushie
    [x] Sunset Sonnets
    [x] Sybri Blanket
    [x] Sybri Book
    [x] Sybri Hand Puppet
    [x] Sybri Sugar Cookie
    [x] Tantua Burger
    [] Tantua Doll
    [x] Tantua Hand Puppet
    [] Tantua Pancake
    [x] Tantua Sugar Cookie
    [] Wild Contact Lenses


    Goals to Finish

    Posted on : 25th May 2018 06:17   Posted by : ree
    Kamilah Desert- complete 200 Hump races
    Simeria, Complete Hector Mission
    City of Marada = Use a Neon Costume.

    New Socks

    Posted on : 14th May 2018 17:13   Posted by : ree
    Thick Striped Socks[x]
    Big Socks[x]
    Mismatched Socks[x]
    Grey and Green Tennis Socks[x]
    Blue and Brown Tennis Socks[x]
    Black and Yellow Tennis Socks[x]
    Red and Yellow Tennis Socks[x]
    Right Sock[x]
    Left Sock[x]
    Figaro Print Socks[x]
    Fluffy Socks[x]
    Male Socks[x]
    Game Socks[x]
    Pikaboo Socks[x]
    Heart Socks[x]
    Skull Socks[x]
    Spades Socks[x]
    Pastel Rose Socks[x]
    Female Socks[x]
    Fish Bone Socks[x]
    Fake Sandal Socks[x]
    Unicorn Socks[x]
    Rainbow Socks[x]
    Mara Socks[x]
    Moustache Socks[x]
    Rose Socks[x]
    Diamond Socks[x]
    Clubs Socks[x]
    Bone Socks[x]
    Angry Socks[x]


    Noble Chest Items

    Posted on : 12th Apr 2018 16:20   Posted by : ree
    Skull Fire [x]
    Assassin Jacket [x]
    Half Armour [x]
    Laced Skirt [x]
    Laced Top [x]
    Gold Flake Dress [x]
    Noble Dress [x]
    Wisteria [x]
    Flower Crest [x]
    Noble Hat [x]
    Assassin Cloak Hat [x]
    Cane [x]
    Royal Sash [x]
    Assassin Cloak [x]
    Messy Braid Wig [z]
    Glam Contact Lenses -[x]
    Bandit [x]

    King Cape [x]
    Poodle [x]
    Assassin Sword [x]
    Headband Wig [x]
    Assassin Contact Lenses [x]
    Gold Chocolate Truffle [x]
    Glam Tunes [x]

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