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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly

MaraMail for questions about my Trades, Gallery Swaps, or other Marapets related things.
MaraTalk for Mission, Goal, and Avatar lending.
I lend for Trunx, Trotter, Troll, Gertrude, Magazines, Newspapers, and some Temples.

I do not lend for Monthly Mission Contests

See more info on Starletts', Charmayne's, Karazi's, and ParaPara's profiles (visible to mobile users in Landscape or Desktop mode), as well as my Gallery.

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I prefer to chat in forums, but will chat in MM/MT with people I know, or have talked with before.
Please don't mail to chat, just because you are bored -.-

Please don't ask me to vote for you in the Ugly or Beauty Contests. I vote for dolls I like.
If I liked yours, chances are, I already voted for you :)

Please don't ask me to join your club. I am happy in Mara:Force, and have no interest in leaving.

I don't accept Friend Requests, so please don't ask. If I would like to have you on my list, I will ask you.
General rule of thumb, if you have to ask if we're friends, we probably aren't. Don't need a list to tell you that ;)

I don't trade or sell pets, please don't ask. My pets are mine :)


July 1, 1939 - October 6, 2010 Rest in peace grandpa
September 10, 1919 - November 4, 2013 Rest in peace great grandma
June 18, 1962 - August 22, 2015 Miss you mom


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