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Marapets is mobile friendly
Its rude to not reply to mail. If you had the time to read it then you have time to reply. Its the other persons problem if they don't like your answer.

My only exception to the above statement is if you are rude enough not to bother reading my lending rules and mail me anyway. I will ignore you as well.

Pets and Trades that say "LENDING" are NEVER up for trade all inquires will be ignored.
Hello ... I am an adult player. I have been playing since November 12, 2005. I value good friends and love collecting EVERYTHING :lol: .

I also love helping others so I started my ALC (Avatar Lending Center) back in 2007 and it has since then kept growing. Lending Items are not now nor will they ever be for sale/trade. If you would like to donate to my ALC that is greatly appreciated and you get to be added to my Wall of Thanks.

I am always looking to swap photos/plates/magazines/newspapers for ones I am missing so feel free to mail me if you are interested.

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