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I am Asho, Aparently this account laid dormant for 5 years and finally verified it and started its life activity within september 2018.

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time. This is to show when I usually am up most time and respond to MM and stuff.

I also almost never turn off computer so it will say "online"
but I really may not be at my computer desk at times of sleep. My sleep / absence patterns random so notice any activity via auction bids or pet school stat changes or anything I am here available.

I am a sucker to squirrel tails.

low self esteem

Auctions: If i randomly outbid (usually crappy item) I'm just testing my hand/eye mental skills. Plus if its a Costume or ench. Plushie, If it went to my gallery, Auto assume i'm going to use it eventually.

Regardless weather or not I do drag stuff from here into other places and RL because my mood shows something cataclysmic may have happened here and rl will force it out of me. I try to recover from cataclysmic times here but normally it not successfull.

Favorate color: Blue

For staff: I now have ONE tablet, a cell phone, lap top, and a Computer, nintendo switch.... My Marapets account may be used by those items to log in any time. ALSO forgot to mention I have a nintendo switch which would be most likely never used to access Marapets UNLESS THAT IS THE ONLY DEVICE I HAVE ON HAND/AVAILABLE. ::snickers:: witch will litterally slim to none chance.

Job: Alternate Humane Society. Saving lives 1 at a time since 1977.

Gender: Male

Lessons learnt:
1) never use costumes less your sure you want the color (irriversable) rip Rova....
**Recovered Rova's Color**

2) no tossing worms recently learned what to use them for.

3) Learned that people destroys market value on items for drastically lowering sales on specific items causes marketing problems.


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