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    The Space Fairy lives in Enpiah. She used to travel around space looking for adventure until she arrived in Enpiah one day. She likes it here so much that she now refuses to leave and instead of looking for new adventures she is happy to spend her days learning about new places from watching DVDs. You are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with a high DVD list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

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    DVDs Prize
    10 20,000MP
    20 Space Fairy Jawbreaker
    30 30,000MP
    40 Space Fairy Gumball
    50 40,000MP
    60 Space Fairy Booster
    70 50,000MP
    80 Space Fairy Pearl
    90 60,000MP
    100 Guide to the Stars
    110 70,000MP
    120 Sakko
    130 80,000MP
    140 Space Fairy Techno
    150 90,000MP
    160 Moonwalk
    170 100,000MP
    180 Staff of the Space Fairy
    190 110,000MP
    200 Zap Energy Drink
    210 120,000MP
    220 Sakko Plushie
    230 130,000MP
    240 Ball of Space Fairy Yarn
    250 140,000MP
    260 Space Fairy Doll
    270 150,000MP
    280 Space Fairy Glowing Egg
    290 160,000MP
    300 Black Potato Chips
    310 170,000MP
    320 Space Fairy Trading Card
    330 180,000MP

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