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    This government building houses the administrative offices of the town government. The Town Hall in the City of Marada is the only place you can legally renaming a marapet that you own. There is a huge demand for pets to be renamed and therefore the receptionist at the Town Hall will only allow pets to be renamed with a Male Certificate item for male pets and a Female Certificate for female pets.

    Town Hall

    Change Username

    Change Pet Name

    Is the pet name you want already taken?
    We understand that Marapets is very old and many pets might be on 'very inactive' or 'permanently banned' accounts. If there is a pet name you want and you have the Certificate item in your Inventory ready to name a pet, you can send a Support Ticket to us. You must have the item in your Inventory, tell us the pet you want to rename and the pet name you would like. We will do everything we can to see if this pet name is avaliable. If we can make the change for you we will. If not, we will let you know and you can try another name. If you have several names you would be happy with, please let us know in order of preference. Please note that the use of a Pet Certificate is only for names that are avaliable at time of purchase from the Town Hall. Contacting us for pet names already taken is subject to a long list of conditions that only our staff are aware of and this service could be withdrawn at any time. Due to current high demand, we can only provide this service one pet each month per account.

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