Dakota - Pronounced Dah-co-tah

Dakotas like nothing more than things to chase! A friendly pet who is known to jump out of bushes shouting boo! Dakota are limited pets meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game.

You get Dakota from Account Upgrades.
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1,887 Dakota in Marada
of pets in Marada are Dakota

Dakota can currently wear 91 different Costumes
Alien Array
Alien Dakota
American Array
American Dakota
Aqua Array
Aqua Dakota
Australian Array
Australian Dakota
Baby Array
Baby Dakota
Bee Array
Bee Dakota
Beige Array
Beige Dakota
Black Array
Black Dakota
Blue Array
Blue Dakota
British Array
British Dakota
Bronze Array
Bronze Dakota
Brown Array
Brown Dakota
Burnt Array
Burnt Dakota
Calico Array
Calico Dakota
Camouflage Array
Camouflage Dakota
Checkered Array
Checkered Dakota
Cheese Array
Cheese Dakota
Chibi Array
Chibi Dakota
Coral Array
Coral Dakota
Cowboy Array
Cowboy Dakota
Dalmatian Array
Dalmatian Dakota
Digital Array
Digital Dakota
Eleka Array
Eleka Dakota
Enpiah Array
Enpiah Dakota
Fancy Array
Fancy Dakota
Floral Array
Floral Dakota
Frostfire Array
Frostfire Dakota
Galaxy Array
Galaxy Dakota
Gingerbread Array
Gingerbread Dakota
Glass Array
Glass Dakota
Gold Array
Gold Dakota
Gothic Array
Gothic Dakota
Green Array
Green Dakota
Grey Array
Grey Dakota
Hobo Array
Hobo Dakota
Ice Array
Ice Dakota
Icefairy Array
Icefairy Dakota
Insideout Array
Insideout Dakota
Invisible Array
Invisible Dakota
Lava Array
Lava Dakota
Leopard Array
Leopard Dakota
Lightfairy Array
Lightfairy Dakota
Lightning Array
Lightning Dakota
Lilac Array
Lilac Dakota
Love Array
Love Dakota
Madscientist Array
Madscientist Dakota
Magenta Array
Magenta Dakota
Maroon Array
Maroon Dakota
Mermaid Array
Mermaid Dakota
Midnight Array
Midnight Dakota
Millionaire Array
Millionaire Dakota
Minipet Array
Minipet Dakota
Mummy Array
Mummy Dakota
Mutant Array
Mutant Dakota
Native Array
Native Dakota
Navy Array
Navy Dakota
Negative Array
Negative Dakota
Olive Array
Olive Dakota
Orange Array
Orange Dakota
Pastel Array
Pastel Dakota
Pink Array
Pink Dakota
Pixel Array
Pixel Dakota
Pixie Array
Pixie Dakota
Plushie Array
Plushie Dakota
Prison Array
Prison Dakota
Punk Array
Punk Dakota
Purple Array
Purple Dakota
Radioactive Array
Radioactive Dakota
Rainbow Array
Rainbow Dakota
Red Array
Red Dakota
Safari Array
Safari Dakota
Sewers Array
Sewers Dakota
Silver Array
Silver Dakota
Skater Array
Skater Dakota
Slime Array
Slime Dakota
Snow Array
Snow Dakota
Snowman Array
Snowman Dakota
Sparkle Array
Sparkle Dakota
Staff Array
Staff Dakota
Starry Array
Starry Dakota
Steampunk Array
Steampunk Dakota
Stone Array
Stone Dakota
Stoneage Array
Stoneage Dakota
Strobe Array
Strobe Dakota
Teal Array
Teal Dakota
Thunder Array
Thunder Dakota
Tiger Array
Tiger Dakota
Underwater Array
Underwater Dakota
White Array
White Dakota
Yellow Array
Yellow Dakota
Zombie Array
Zombie Dakota

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