Decadal - Pronounced dek-uh-dl

Decadal are restricted pets meaning that their species is ultra rare and severely limited. Their natural habit in Marada is severely endangered. You cannot create restricted pets but you may be able to earn one. Restricted pets from Account Upgrades are released less often than limited edition, usually a maximum of once per year.

You get Decadal from Account Upgrades. Retired
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1,230 Decadal in Marada
of pets in Marada are Decadal

Decadal can currently wear 105 different Costumes
American Array
American Decadal
Angel Array
Angel Decadal
Aqua Array
Aqua Decadal
Arcade Array
Arcade Decadal
Baby Array
Baby Decadal
Beige Array
Beige Decadal
Black Array
Black Decadal
Blue Array
Blue Decadal
British Array
British Decadal
Bronze Array
Bronze Decadal
Brown Array
Brown Decadal
Bug Array
Bug Decadal
Burnt Array
Burnt Decadal
Calico Array
Calico Decadal
Camouflage Array
Camouflage Decadal
Candy Array
Candy Decadal
Checkered Array
Checkered Decadal
Cheese Array
Cheese Decadal
Chibi Array
Chibi Decadal
Coral Array
Coral Decadal
Cowboy Array
Cowboy Decadal
Cursed Array
Cursed Decadal
Dalmatian Array
Dalmatian Decadal
Daylight Array
Daylight Decadal
Defective Array
Defective Decadal
Digital Array
Digital Decadal
Easter Array
Easter Decadal
Emo Array
Emo Decadal
Fairy Array
Fairy Decadal
Fat Array
Fat Decadal
Floral Array
Floral Decadal
Galaxy Array
Galaxy Decadal
Glass Array
Glass Decadal
Gold Array
Gold Decadal
Gothic Array
Gothic Decadal
Green Array
Green Decadal
Grey Array
Grey Decadal
Halloween Array
Halloween Decadal
Ice Array
Ice Decadal
Icecream Array
Icecream Decadal
Injured Array
Injured Decadal
Insideout Array
Insideout Decadal
Invisible Array
Invisible Decadal
Island Array
Island Decadal
Killer Array
Killer Decadal
Lava Array
Lava Decadal
Leopard Array
Leopard Decadal
Lightfairy Array
Lightfairy Decadal
Lilac Array
Lilac Decadal
Love Array
Love Decadal
Magenta Array
Magenta Decadal
Maroon Array
Maroon Decadal
Midnight Array
Midnight Decadal
Millionaire Array
Millionaire Decadal
Minipet Array
Minipet Decadal
Monster Array
Monster Decadal
Moonlight Array
Moonlight Decadal
Mummy Array
Mummy Decadal
Mutant Array
Mutant Decadal
Native Array
Native Decadal
Navy Array
Navy Decadal
Negative Array
Negative Decadal
Nightmare Array
Nightmare Decadal
Olive Array
Olive Decadal
Orange Array
Orange Decadal
Party Array
Party Decadal
Pastel Array
Pastel Decadal
Pink Array
Pink Decadal
Pixie Array
Pixie Decadal
Plushie Array
Plushie Decadal
Prison Array
Prison Decadal
Purple Array
Purple Decadal
Radioactive Array
Radioactive Decadal
Rainbow Array
Rainbow Decadal
Red Array
Red Decadal
School Array
School Decadal
Seasonal Array
Seasonal Decadal
Sewers Array
Sewers Decadal
Silver Array
Silver Decadal
Sketch Array
Sketch Decadal
Sleepy Array
Sleepy Decadal
Slime Array
Slime Decadal
Snow Array
Snow Decadal
Snowman Array
Snowman Decadal
Sparkle Array
Sparkle Decadal
Splatter Array
Splatter Decadal
Spring Array
Spring Decadal
Starry Array
Starry Decadal
Stone Array
Stone Decadal
Stoneage Array
Stoneage Decadal
Strobe Array
Strobe Decadal
Summer Array
Summer Decadal
Superhero Array
Superhero Decadal
Teal Array
Teal Decadal
Thunder Array
Thunder Decadal
Tiger Array
Tiger Decadal
Toddler Array
Toddler Decadal
Tornado Array
Tornado Decadal
Valentine Array
Valentine Decadal
Voodoo Array
Voodoo Decadal
Water Array
Water Decadal
Werewolf Array
Werewolf Decadal
White Array
White Decadal
Yellow Array
Yellow Decadal
Zombie Array
Zombie Decadal

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