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[center]Allorann Avilline, Mefara, Sotz, Neferfret and dreamalotdop are NOT for trade. They will NEVER be up for trade. Anyone else asking me to trade them will be blocked.[/center]
[center]I am a 40 year old mom of four. My mom (scorpio110748) also plays Marapets. I like country, 60s & 80s rock and goth music. I like ghost hunting, mythology & legends, movies and swimming. I also believe spinach is evilness.[/center]
[center]I have a life and can not be at my desk every second. So with that knowledge, please stop offering and canceling offers on my trades. It is a waste of both of our time.[/center]
Epice the Witch Straya
7 years, 2 months & 20 days OldBorn 11th Sep 2013 16:01

Level 2 Entrepreneur earning MP100MP a day