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Nimbus is a magical city in the highest point of Marada. Starting out as a puffy, thick rain cloud it soon developed as a dangerous storm cloud and caught the attention of the Royal Fairy. It has been her home ever since and the storm has prevailed. As more and more Fairies appear in other Maradan worlds, the discovery of the city of Nimbus has been inevitable.

Play Game  Balloon Burst
Burst Mango's balloon collection every 3 hours to win the prizes inside.
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Borak's Brew0 
Get Cooking Utensils from Borak's Quests for containers like potions and perfume.

Complete a Borak's Brew quest now

Play Game  Capsule Machine
Insert a Capsule Machine Token and win a prize! You may win a restricted Zola pet.
Play Game  Cloud Nine
Choose 3 clouds to win the MP prize. The storm cloud will then multiply your win!

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Daylight Fairy0 
The Daylight Fairy rewards you for the number of stamps you have in your Stamp Album.

Play Game  Experience Collection
Find and collect new scenery around Marada to change your character's background.
Collected 0 of 18

Play Game  Goals
Complete goals related to Nimbus and receive a prize at each level.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Greedy Gertrude
Complete the Greedy Gertrude missions with your pet's gourmet food collection.
Completed Level 0 of 30 

You can visit Greedy Gertrude now

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Moonlight Fairy 
The Moonlight Fairy rewards you for the number of magazines your pet has read.

Play Game  Pet Lending
Safely lend your pets to another player without fear of it changing or not returning.

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Royal Fairy0 
The Royal Fairy rewards you for the number of quests you have completed.

Play Game  Seven Heaven
Roll two dice to win MP. A double increases the multiplier. Roll a 7 and lose.

You can buy toiletries for MP at this shop in Nimbus.

Toiletries may restock new items in 2 minutes
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Tooth Fairy0 
The Tooth Fairy rewards you for the number of battles you have won.

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Wardrobe Fairy0 
The Wardrobe Fairy rewards you for the number of items in your wardrobe collection.

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