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Marapets opened August 15th, 2004 and since then 6,252,748 players have joined and played us. We have an active community, with 567 Players Online right now. This section lists all of the community features of the site - places where you can interact with other Marapets players, be rewarded for playing or help the community to grow.
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Referral System

Refer your new people to marapets and get amazing prizes for free. Add your link to other sites and refer your friends!

Account Upgrades

You can upgrade your account to gold, silver or bronze which will give you limited edition pets and rare items and help the site!

Like Us

Visit our Facebook page and 'Like Us' for the lastest news, gossip, contests and freebies!

King Loyalty Prizes

King Baspinar, the King of Marada rewards loyal members with free prizes when they have played marapets for a long time.


Add your friends to your Friend list for quick access to their profiles and username suggestions when sending items or mail.

Queen Loyalty Prizes

Queen Eleka, once the Queen of Marada rewards loyal members with free prizes for each unique day that they play Marapets.

Players Online

Look at the Players Online list to see which members are online and how many members are currently playing Marapets.


Talk to old friends and make new ones while chatting on the Forums! Various subforums make for a wide variety of discussions.


Meet and hang out with people who share the same interests while relaxing in your club.

Mara Sites

Create your very own website by using these free Marasites. Extra pages can be gained through Account Upgrades


Use your blogs to write about yourself, things you're interested in, or even just to to keep track of things.


A quicker alternative to Forums, you can chat with members in Maratalk similarly to a shoutbox.


Mail can be used to chat with your friends, inquire about trades, discuss events, and many other uses!


Choose one of the default Avatars or one of the Secret Avatars you've found around the site to display on Forums, Blogs and Friend lists.


Show off your favourite items and collections here for all of Marada to admire.


Use the Preferences to change your profile details and keep your email address up-to-date so you can receive special news and Vault Codes.

Monthly Checklist

Complete the Monthly Checklist to be entered for a chance to win Account Upgrade credits!

Secret Vault

Use one of the Vault Codes sent out in emails to claim special prizes, including Account Upgrade credits, MP and items.

Pot of Gold

Visit the pot of gold and pick up some free items that the generous marapets community has donated.

High Score Lists

See how you rank on the High Score Lists, watch your progress, and earn trophies for placing in the top categories.


Send in your ideas, questions, suggestions and comments to the staff to answer and help improve Marapets!

Notice Board

Whether you want to advertise your Club, Marasites, shop or auctions, use the Notice Board to make sure people see it.

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