Marapets opened August 15th, 2004 and since then 6,436,695 players have joined and played us. We have an active community, with 440 Players Online right now. This section lists all of the community features of the site - places where you can interact with other Marapets players, be rewarded for playing or help the community to grow.

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Play Game  Account Upgrades
Support Marapets by buying rare items, limited pets and other benefits and rewards.
Play Game  Blogs
Create your own free blog on Marapets that other players can comment on.
Play Game  Clubs
Join or create a Club to meet a group of players with similar interests and make friends.
Play Game  Forums
Talk to old friends and make new ones while chatting on the Forums! Various subforums make for a wide variety of discussions.
Play Game  Friends
Add your friends to your Friend list for quick access to their profiles and username suggestions when sending items or mail.
Play Game  Galleries
Show off your item collections in your very own gallery.
Play Game  Hidden Avatar Collection
Find and collect the avatars that are hidden all around the site.
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Play Game  High Scores
Compete with other players on the high scores list for a gold, silver or bronze trophy!

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King Loyalty Prizes 18,191 
King Baspinar gives you free prizes the longer you have been playing Marapets.

Play Game  Like Us
Visit our Facebook page and 'Like Us' for the lastest news, gossip, contests and freebies!
Play Game  Mail
Mail can be used to chat with your friends, inquire about trades, discuss events, and many other uses!
Play Game  MaraSites
Use MaraSites to create your own free website hosted by Marapets.
Play Game  MaraTalk
A quicker alternative to Forums, you can chat with members in Maratalk similarly to a shoutbox.
Play Game  Monthly Checklist
Complete a list of goals to enter our free prize draw to win Account Upgrade credit.

Contests ends in 10 days, 1 hour and 55 minutes
Play Game  Notice Board
Spend your MP to put up a notice advertising your shop, gallery, club or marasite.
Play Game  Players Online
Look at the Players Online list to see which members are online and how many members are currently playing Marapets.
Play Game  Pot of Gold
Pick up some free items that other players have donated from the Pot of Gold.
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Queen Loyalty Prizes0 
Queen Eleka rewards you free items for the number of days you have played Marapets for.

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Referral System 
Refer new players to Marapets and you'll receive rare prizes including a Rofling.

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Visit the Vault if you receive a secret code by email for a free prize.

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