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Places to Visit

One of the busiest places in Marada, Ziranek is the place to come if your pet is into the latest technology. While you're here you can check out the latest notices on the notice board and make use of the satellite to search the whole of Marada for anything you're looking for.
 Arcade Fairy
The Arcade Fairy rewards you for the number of flash games you have played.
Withdraw MP from the ATM when the Bank is closed in the City.
Buy the battery items you need from this shop to fix broken Robots.
The CD shop restocks with CD items for your pet to listen to and collect.
 Computer Parts
Buy the computer parts you need for Computer Repair quests here.
 Computer Repair
Complete the computer repair quests here by bringing the computer parts needed.
A countdown of how long until you can use site features, games and dailies again.
 Digital Fairy
The Digital Fairy rewards you for the number of Hidden Avatars you have collected.
This shop restocks with DVD items for your pet to watch and collect.
 Glowing Eggs
Buy glowing eggs at this shop to add to your nest.
 Glowing Fairy
The Glowing Fairy rewards you for the number of Glowing Eggs you have collected.
Complete goals related to the Ziranek world and receive prizes at each level.
 Hidden Avatars
View your collection of hidden avatars that you have found around the site.
Visit these MaraSites to start your own free website hosted by Marapets.
Complete quests for cooking time and cook any two items to a certain hidden recipe.
 Memory Saved
Earn 1 memory point for each item you delete and spend the points here.
 Notice Board
Spend your MP putting up a notice to advertise your shop, gallery, club or marasite.
 Robot Repair
Bring batteries needed to fix these broken robot minipets and you may win one.
The Satellite is where you can search the site's members, pets and items.
 Video Games
This shop restocks Video Games for you to buy with your Score Points.
The webcam allows you to take photos of your pet every 12 hours for 2,500MP.

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