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Virtual Pet World of Lush Lake

Places to Visit

Lush Lake is where every marapet dreams to have a holiday at - but only a few can afford to! Lush Lake has fun-filled attractions and entertainment and is based in a relaxing and peaceful part of Marada. Every virtual world has virtual games and activities for you to take part in. Hover your mouse over the places on the map for more information and select the place you would like to visit.
Buy coffee items at this shop for your pet to drink.
 Contact Lenses
Buy contact lenses at this shop to change your character's eye colour.
 Elite Gym
Train your pet for the Olympics at the Elite Gym with diamonds.
Complete goals related to Lush Lake and receive a prize at each level.
 Hair Dye
Buy hair dye at this shop to change your character's hair colour.
Fill your pottery items with water at the lake to water plants in your garden.
Buy lipstick at this shop to change your character's mouth colour.
 Lush Fountain
The Lush Fountain changes the colour of your clothing and shoes.
 Lush Tombola
Play the lush tombola once every 8 hours and you may win a prize.
Your pets can take part in olympic events and win points if you win.
 Olympics Shop
Spend the olympic points you have earned from the olympics at this shop.
 One in a Million
Guess a number between one and one million and you may become a millionaire!
 Personal Trainer
Complete personal trainer quests for sports items and win a prize.
 Photo Parlour
Take a photo of your pet at the Photo Parlour to add to your album.
 Rainbow Fairy
The Rainbow Fairy rewards you for each of your pet's costume changes.

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