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Plate Collection | Ferris Wheel | Missing Plates

The Mini Fairy is the youngest of all of the Maradan Fairies. She loves Minipets and lives on Minipet Island so that she can meet and discover as many as she can. She rewards you for collecting Plates, which have Minipets on them.

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You have collected a total of Plates

Plates Prize
25 Mini Fairy Potato
50 1,000MP
75 Trapped Mini Fairy
100 2,500MP
125 Mini Fairy Music
150 5,000MP
175 Mini Oats
200 7,500MP
225 Staff of the Mini Fairy
250 10,000MP
275 Mini Fairy Gumball
300 12,500MP
325 Plate Cookies
350 15,000MP
375 Mini Fairy Stamp
400 17,500MP
425 Hulau
450 20,000MP
475 Mini Fairy Book
500 22,500MP
525 Mini Fairy Booster
550 25,000MP
575 Mini Fairy Balloon
600 27,500MP
625 Mini Fairy Pearl
650 30,000MP
675 Mini Fairy Doll
700 32,500MP
725 Mini Fairy Cupcake
750 35,000MP
775 Mini Fairy Ears
800 37,500MP
825 Mini Fairy Flower Plushie
850 40,000MP
875 Mini Fairy Antennas
900 42,500MP
925 Mini Flower Collectors
950 45,000MP
975 Mini Fairy Flower Barette
1,000 47,500MP
1,025 Mini Fairy Skirt
1,050 50,000MP
1,075 Mini Fairy Flower Stamp
1,100 52,500MP
1,125 Mini Fairy Wig
1,150 55,000MP
1,175 Plate Collection Guide
1,200 57,500MP
1,225 Mini Fairy Wings
1,250 60,000MP
1,275 Mini Fairy Glowing Egg
1,300 62,500MP
1,325 Mini Fairy Trading Card
1,350 65,000MP

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