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Marapets is mobile friendly
Missions are similar to Quests but with 30-50 levels, each harder than the next. Missions reward you for doing what you are told to do within the time limit. Missions are timed and you will fail if you do not complete it on time and will return back to level one. You can a level of a mission every 12 hours. If you have the Missions Giftbox you can complete a level every 6 hours, so long as its a different mission. You can complete missions as many times as you like and completing them will give you a special prize, usually a Limited Edition Pet. The Peasant Fairy will also reward you for completing mission levels. There is also a Monthly Mission Contest to enter. For a prize list visit this Mission Guide.
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For more information and a prize list for each temple or pyramid, visit this Temple Guide

Bootleg Pyramid
Kamilah Pyramid
Puny Pyramid
Slate Pyramid
Tableaus Temple
Transformation Temple
Transmogrification Temple
Transubstantiation Temple
Transumption Temple
Transuranics Temple
Transvaluation Temple
Wonky Pyramid