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The Moonlight Fairy was confident and well travelled but after the Eleka war, she hid in Nimbus . Now she is shy and nocturnal. She stays awake all night reading magazines under the moonlight. She rewards pets who have read lots of Magazines with these prizes she has lying around.

NOTE - you are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with a high Magazine list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

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Magazines Prize
25 10,000MP
50 Moon Glitter Candy Apple
75 15,000MP
100 Moonlight Potato
150 20,000MP
200 Moonlight Booster
250 25,000MP
300 Mysterious Moon Stamp
400 30,000MP
500 Moon Book
600 35,000MP
700 Selene
800 40,000MP
900 Starry Jelly
1,000 45,000MP
1,100 Moonlight
1,200 50,000MP
1,300 Moon Pearl
1,400 55,000MP
1,500 Moonlight Melodies
1,600 60,000MP
1,700 Moon Cupcake
1,800 65,000MP
1,900 Moonlight Vixen Stamp
2,000 70,000MP
2,100 Moon Gumball
2,200 75,000MP
2,300 Moonlight Swimsuit
2,400 80,000MP
2,500 Moonlight Swim Shorts
2,600 85,000MP
2,700 Moon Stamp
2,800 90,000MP
2,900 Moon Cocktail
3,000 95,000MP
3,100 Moonlight Fairy Glowing Egg
3,200 100,000MP
3,300 Ball of Moonlight Yarn
3,400 105,000MP
3,500 Selene Plushie
3,600 110,000MP
3,700 Moonlight Fairy Doll
3,800 115,000MP
3,900 Staff Of The Moonlight Fairy
4,000 120,000MP
4,100 Moonlight Potato Chips
4,200 130,000MP
4,300 Moonlight Fairy Trading Card
4,400 140,000MP

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