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Sybri Pronounced Sib-ree
The Sybri suffers from claustrophobia and needs a very large garden to gallop in. Do watch your flowers though as they are not careful about where they step!
Sybri are restricted pets meaning that their species is ultra rare and severely limited. Their natural habit in Marada is severely endangered. You cannot create restricted pets but you may be able to earn one. Restricted pets from Account Upgrades are released less often than limited edition, usually a maximum of once per year.

You get Sybri from Account Upgrades. There are 2 DNA Minipets that can be cloned with this pet.

0.0134% of pets in Marada are Sybri
There are a total of 1,113 Sybri in Marada

Sybri can currently wear 94 different Costumes