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Pronounced You-nee

The yuni is a secretive pet who will never mention its past. It is claimed they were once great warriors who have now chosen a calmer path.

There are currently 78 different colours avaliable for the Yuni.

Yuni are limited pets meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game.

You can click on any of the pet colours below for more information and stats about them.

View Yuni All Items
American Array
American Yuni
Angel Array
Angel Yuni
Black Array
Black Yuni
Blue Array
Blue Yuni
British Array
British Yuni
Bronze Array
Bronze Yuni
Brown Array
Brown Yuni
Burnt Array
Burnt Yuni
Calico Array
Calico Yuni
Checkered Array
Checkered Yuni
Cheese Array
Cheese Yuni
Chinese Array
Chinese Yuni
Christmastree Array
Christmastree Yuni
Cowboy Array
Cowboy Yuni
Darkfairy Array
Darkfairy Yuni
Devil Array
Devil Yuni
Digital Array
Digital Yuni
Easter Array
Easter Yuni
Enpiah Array
Enpiah Yuni
Firefairy Array
Firefairy Yuni
Furry Array
Furry Yuni
Genie Array
Genie Yuni
Goblin Array
Goblin Yuni
Gold Array
Gold Yuni
Green Array
Green Yuni
Grey Array
Grey Yuni
Halloween Array
Halloween Yuni
Headless Array
Headless Yuni
Hero Array
Hero Yuni
Ice Array
Ice Yuni
Icecream Array
Icecream Yuni
Icefairy Array
Icefairy Yuni
Insideout Array
Insideout Yuni
Island Array
Island Yuni
Light Array
Light Yuni
Lightfairy Array
Lightfairy Yuni
Mental Array
Mental Yuni
Mermaid Array
Mermaid Yuni
Millionaire Array
Millionaire Yuni
Minipet Array
Minipet Yuni
Mummy Array
Mummy Yuni
Mutant Array
Mutant Yuni
Native Array
Native Yuni
Negative Array
Negative Yuni
Nightmare Array
Nightmare Yuni
Orange Array
Orange Yuni
Party Array
Party Yuni
Pink Array
Pink Yuni
Pirate Array
Pirate Yuni
Pixie Array
Pixie Yuni
Plant Array
Plant Yuni
Prison Array
Prison Yuni
Prize Array
Prize Yuni
Purple Array
Purple Yuni
Radioactive Array
Radioactive Yuni
Rainbow Array
Rainbow Yuni
Red Array
Red Yuni
Rotten Array
Rotten Yuni
Seasonal Array
Seasonal Yuni
Shaved Array
Shaved Yuni
Silver Array
Silver Yuni
Simerian Array
Simerian Yuni
Sketch Array
Sketch Yuni
Sleepy Array
Sleepy Yuni
Snow Array
Snow Yuni
Splatter Array
Splatter Yuni
Starry Array
Starry Yuni
Summer Array
Summer Yuni
Tiger Array
Tiger Yuni
Toddler Array
Toddler Yuni
Undyingfairy Array
Undyingfairy Yuni
Vampire Array
Vampire Yuni
Villain Array
Villain Yuni
White Array
White Yuni
Witch Array
Witch Yuni
Wizard Array
Wizard Yuni
Yellow Array
Yellow Yuni
Zombie Array
Zombie Yuni

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