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Zoosh - Pronounced Zoo-shhh

This pet has evolved from a sea dwelling only creature to being able to walk around land on its tail. You can often find groups of Zoosh playing volleyball on Maradan beaches. Zoosh are limited pets meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game.

You earn a Zoosh from completing Circus

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1,872 Zoosh in Marada
of pets in Marada are Zoosh
Zoosh can currently wear 44 different Costumes
Angel Array
Angel Zoosh
Anime Array
Anime Zoosh
Balloon Array
Balloon Zoosh
Black Array
Black Zoosh
Blue Array
Blue Zoosh
Brown Array
Brown Zoosh
Calico Array
Calico Zoosh
Chinese Array
Chinese Zoosh
Cupid Array
Cupid Zoosh
Dragon Array
Dragon Zoosh
Elf Array
Elf Zoosh
Explorer Array
Explorer Zoosh
Firework Array
Firework Zoosh
Floral Array
Floral Zoosh
Funky Array
Funky Zoosh
Gold Array
Gold Zoosh
Green Array
Green Zoosh
Grey Array
Grey Zoosh
Halloween Array
Halloween Zoosh
Headless Array
Headless Zoosh
Midnight Array
Midnight Zoosh
Minipet Array
Minipet Zoosh
Mummy Array
Mummy Zoosh
Mutant Array
Mutant Zoosh
Negative Array
Negative Zoosh
Orange Array
Orange Zoosh
Panda Array
Panda Zoosh
Pastel Array
Pastel Zoosh
Pink Array
Pink Zoosh
Prison Array
Prison Zoosh
Purple Array
Purple Zoosh
Radioactive Array
Radioactive Zoosh
Rainbow Array
Rainbow Zoosh
Red Array
Red Zoosh
Seasonal Array
Seasonal Zoosh
Skeleton Array
Skeleton Zoosh
Snow Array
Snow Zoosh
Spacefairy Array
Spacefairy Zoosh
Sparkle Array
Sparkle Zoosh
Vampire Array
Vampire Zoosh
White Array
White Zoosh
Witch Array
Witch Zoosh
Yellow Array
Yellow Zoosh
Zombie Array
Zombie Zoosh

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