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Blogs are the new MaraJourals. You post all of your news, comments or anything you would like to tell others as diary entries in your Games Blog. They are still in beta version and are still really basic, but over the next few weeks we will be adding new features to them. Please read the Forum Rules before posting in your blog, because the same rules apply.

Posted on : 3rd Apr 2013 08:10 PM Posted by : XCRaZycATX
Pet Values Guide

A Guide to Pet Values

Here is an updated pet values list finalized on March 7th, 2013. A costume guide is finalized (March 20th, 2013) and is below the pet values! Also, use Ctr+F and type in your costume and pet species into the search bar (eg. 'Nightmare Mordo' to see if it's price has an exception. Non-LEs without stats are worth nothing, regardless of costume.

Arinya - 2m
Basil - 40m
Chibs - 8-10m
Daisy - 800k *Do not add any costumes on value, unless a very wanted costume*
Dakota - 4m
Echlin - *Trade value* anywhere from 5 - 8m Maker: 18mil
Ercuw - 5-7m
Figaro - 22-25m *Trades for much more*
Gizmo - 750k
Gobble - 3m
Hump - 10m Maker:15-20mil
Huthiq - 800k
Ike - 2m
Justin - 35-38m *Trades for much more*
Kronk - 1-1.5m
Kujo - 5-6m
Lati - 5.5m
Mordo - 5m
Nino - 10m
Oglue - 1-1.5mil
Phanty - 600k
Poera - 600k
Pucu - Trade value: 10mil potion:7-8m
Quell - 5-6m
Rolfing 55m+ *Trades for much more*
Rusty - 1.5m
Sindi - 5-6m
Snookle - 6-7m
Sybri - 8m
Tasi - 6-7m
Troit - 1.3m
Viotto - 4-5m
Vixen - 4-5m
Willa - 7-8m
Yuni - 4-6m
Zoink - 750k
Zoosh - 800k

Pet Costume Values

Add the value of the costume your pet is wearing to it's LE species, and you will have a full and correct pet value (assuming your pet does not have stats or big learnables).
Please note that costumes including Headless, Zombie, Mummy, Mutant, and Prison add NO value to your pet because they are so easy to get for almost free. Same goes with all costumes found in Shop Search (SS) or just out of SS.

Advent (retired)- 2mil
American (retired)- ~115k(No Pet Trade Value)
Angel (smuggling)- 30mil
Anime (retired)- 2mil
Armoured (retired)- 7mil
Autumn (AUs)- 700-750k
Baby (retired)- 35mil
Balloon- ~250k (No Pet Trade Value)
Bee (retired)- 800k
Black- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Blitzen (retired)- ~500k on ss (No Pet Trade Value)
Blue- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
British (retired)- 600-750k (No Pet Trade Value)
Bronze-~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Brown- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Burnt- ~25k (No Pet Trade Value)
Calico- 5mil
Camouflage (smuggling)- 12mil
Checkered (smuggling)- 12mil
Cheese (retired)- 10mil
Chinese- ~215k (No Pet Trade Value)
Chocolate- 1mil
Christmas (retired)- 2mil
Christmas Tree (retired)- 1.5mil
Clown- 2mil
Cotton Candy (retired)- 2mil
Cowboy (retired)- 1 mil
Cupid- 800-900k (No Pet Trade Value)
Dark (retired)- 1.5mil
Dark Fairy- 4-5mil
Detective- ~350k (No Pet Trade Value)
Devil (retired)- 2.5mil
Digital- 700k
Earth Fairy (retired)- 7mil
Easter (retired)- ~500k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Eleka (retired)- 4mil
Elf (retired)- 4mil
Emo- 700k
Enpiah (retired)- 1.5-2.5mil
Explorer (retired)- 1-1.5mil
Fairy (retired)- 15mil
Fat (retired)- 1mil
Fire (retired)- 20mil
Fire Fairy (retired)- 2mil
Firework (retired)- 3-3.5mil
Funky (retired)- 3mil
Furry- ~200k
Geek (retired)- 1.5mil
Genie (retired)- 700k
Ghost- 600k (No Pet Trade Value)
Gingerbread (retired)- 10mil
Glass (Rubbish Dump Mission)- ~200k (No Pet Trade Value)
Gnome (retired)- 1-2mil
Goblin (retired)- 2mil
Gold- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Gothic (retired)- 17mil
Green- ~550k if not on ss
Grey- 550k if not on SS
Hairy- 1.5-2mil
Halloween (retired)- 5-6mil
Headless- Random chance at the Guillotine (No Pet Trade Value)
Hero (retired)- 1-2mil
Hobo (retired)- 15mil
Ice- ~450k (No Pet Trade Value)
Ice Cream (AUs)- 750k
Ice Fairy (retired)- 3mil
Injured- 600k (No Pet Trade Value)
Insideout (retired)- 1mil
Island (Hospice Mission)- 1mil
Kamilah (retired)- 750k-1mil
Killer (retired)- 1mil
Leprechaun (retired)- 1mil
Light (retired)- 1.5mil
Light Fairy (retired)- 3-4mil
Lightning (retired)- 4.5mil
Love (retired)- 30mil
Mad Scientist (retired)- ~500k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Mafia- 1-1.5mil
Mental- ~300k (No Pet Trade Value)
Mermaid (retired)- 30-32mil
Midnight (retired)- 600k (No Pet Trade Value)
Millionaire- 1 mil in Millionaire's Lodge
Minipet- 8mil
Mummy- Antiques Shop for 15mil
Musical- ~235k (No Pet Trade Value)
Mutant (retired)- Randomly put onto pet when a pet breeding fails
Native (retired)- 650-750k
Nefarious (retired)- 1-1.5 mil
Negative- 5mil (price will alter as more hit market)
Nightmare- 700-750k
Ninja- ~300k (No Pet Trade Value)
Old (smuggling)- 10-12mil
Orange- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Party (retired)- 17mil
Pilgrim (retired)- 650k (No Pet Trade Value)
Pink- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Pirate- 1-1.5mil
Pixie (retired)- 2-3mil
Plant- 725k
Plushie- 750k
Polar (retired)- 5.5mil
Princess- ~150k (No Pet Trade Value)
Prison (retired)- 2.5k at Jail (No Pet Trade Value)
Puchalla- ~175k (No Pet Trade Value)
Punk (retired) - 2mil
Purple- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Radioactive- 600k (No Pet Trade Value)
Rainbow (retired)- 20mil
Rainy (retired)- 900k
Recycled- 650-750k
Red- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Robot (retired)- 1mil
Rotten- ~250k (No Pet Trade Value)
Royal (retired)- 7.5mil
School (retired)- 1-1.5 mil
Seasonal (retired)- *Trade Value* 75-100mil
Sewers- 700k
Shaved- ~40k (No Pet Trade Value)
Silver- ~315k (No Pet Trade Value)
Simerian (retired)- 3.5-4mil
Skater (retired)- 2-4mil
Skeleton- ~60k (No Pet Trade Value)
Sketch- 650-700k
Skinny (retired)- 1 mil
Sleepy (retired)- 3-3.5 mil
Slime- ~100k (No Pet Trade Value)
Snow- ~550k-600k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Snowman (retired)- 3mil
Space- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Space Fairy (retired)- 1-2.5 mil
Sparkle (retired)- 1-1.5mil
Splatter (retired)- 3mil
Sponge- ~60k (No Pet Trade Value)
Sports (Olympic Shop)- 12.5mil
Spy (retired)- 4.5mil
Starry (retired)- 17mil
Stone- 4mil (Bought in Dukka Caves with 1000 Dukka Coin)
Stoneage (retired)- 1-2mil
Super Hero (retired)- 1 mil
Toddler (retired)- 800k-1mil
Toy (AUs)- 750k
Trailer- ~300k (No Pet Trade Value)
Underwater (retired)- 5 mil
Undying Fairy (retired)- 2-2.5mil
Valentine (retired)- 4.5mil
Vampire (retired)- 2mil
Villain (retired)- 1.5-2mil
Voodoo- 750k
Vortex (retired)- 1-1.5mil
Water (retired)- 18-20mil
Werewolf (retired)- 750k-1mil
White- ~550k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Winter- 700k
Witch (retired)- 5-6mil
Wizard (retired)- 80mil
Yellow- ~525k if not on SS (No Pet Trade Value)
Zombie (retired)- Kill pet, then 50k. (No Pet Trade Value)


Fairy Chibs = 17.5mil (potion)
Hobo Chibs = 17.5mil (potion)
Mermaid Ercuw = 25mil (plushie)
Wizard Ercuw = 25mil (plushie)
Enchanted Gothic Sindi Plushie = 20mil
Enchanted Love Sindi Plushie = ? but less
Baby Quell = 25mil (Plushie)
Love Lati = 10mil MAX (potion)
Ercuw - 5.5mil Baby Ercuw Potion - 35mil Enchanted Fire Ercuw Plushie - 22mil Enchanted Underwater Ercuw Plushie - 5.5mil Angel Poera - 1-1.25mil (Potion)
Checkered Poera - 850k (Potion)
Ice Poera - 800k (Potion)
Sketch Poera - 800k (Potion)
Cheese Poera - 850k (Potion)
Ghost Poera - 825k (Potion)
Witch Poera - 875k (Potion)
Halloween Poera - 900k (Potion)
Cheese Poera - 5mil (Plushie)
Phanty - 600k Seasonal Phanty - 1.5mil (Potion)
Snow Phanty - 850k (Potion)
Ice Fairy Phanty - 1.25mil (Potion)
Millionire Phanty - 1.25mil (Potion)
Ghost Phanty - 1mil (Potion)
Devil Phanty - 1.35mil (Potion)
Checkered Oglue - 2.5mil (Potion)
Seasonal Oglue - 2mil (Potion)
Plushie Huthiq- 1.4mil (Potion)
Baby Huthiq- 3.5mil (Potion)
Gothic Huthiq- 2.5mil (Potion)
Mermaid Huthiq- 2.75mil (Potion)
Seasonal Huthiq- 2.5mil (Potion)
Skater Huthiq- 2.25mil (Potion)
Witch Huthiq- 2mil (Potion)
Ice Fairy Yuni - 6.5mil (Potion)
Insideout Yuni - 6mil (Potion)
Toddler Yuni - 6mil (Potion)
Witch Yuni - 6.5mil (Potion)
Starry Viotto - 8mil (Potion)
Eleka Viotto - 7.5mil (Potion)
Rainbow Viotto - 10mil (Potion)
Seasonal Viotto- 12mil (Potion)
Minipet Dakota - 5mil (Potion)
Underwater Dakota - 4.5mil (Plushie)
Winter Kujo - 5mil (Plushie)
Sleepy Kujo - 7.5mil (Potion)
Valentine Lati - 8mil (Potion)
Gnome Lati - 7mil (Potion)
Cowboy Lati - 7mil (Potion)
Ice Cream Mordo - 5mil (Plushie)
Nightmare Mordo - 5mil (Plushie)
Cotton Candy Sindi Potion - 6.5mil (Potion)
Autumn Sindi - 5.5mil (Plushie)
Also, all Enchanted Underwater Plushies except for the Enchanted Gobble are cheaper than the Costume. Use plushie price instead.

Pet Costume values by Hiyaa (Please maramail him if you would like to dispute a price).

Pet species values composed by GoldCard and SoWhatImARocker, edited by ChocoShay

Special thanks to Winning25 and BobnCat for support!

Angry Big Grin Mad Blushing Cool Dude
Crying Dribbling Dry Happy Huh?
Laughing Oh My Gosh! Sad Sleepy Ninja
Rolling Eyes Shocked Sleeping Smiling Thumbs Up
Blinking Tongue Out Crazy! Winking In Love

Posted by: venku - 22nd Jun 2013 09:11 PM
[OFFLINE] [Delete]

Its' a good and a very helpful guide...Thnc you =)

Posted by: goodmax - 2nd Jun 2013 03:43 PM
[OFFLINE] [Delete]

very nice web can u add me as friend

Posted by: XCRaZycATX - 3rd Apr 2013 08:51 PM
[OFFLINE] [Delete]

Me too, that's where I got it from

Posted by: Winning25 - 3rd Apr 2013 08:49 PM
[OFFLINE] [Delete]

Yay I am here on Shay's website! Well it's a nice guide.

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